Friday, April 6, 2018
Why did President Trump answer the TRAP QUESTION about Stormy Daniels and that $130,000 payment by Mike Cohn? Michael Avenatti...Stormy's slithering lawyer...was singing in the to speak...when he heard Big Don...aboard Air Force One...answer a question he should have SNUBBED...and...AVOIDED.

Why the President erred and answered that question seems to reveal a lack of good lawyers surrounding him.

Never should a reporter have been permitted to ask that question or broach that topic and a "buffer-mouth" should have been interposed to insulate and move the topic off the stage instantly. Where was his team of protectors?

*Mike Cohn is one of Donald's many lawyers. The $130,000 payment that was mentioned in a nondisclosure agreement wherein Stormy Daniels agreed never to tell anyone about the 2006 sexual event she had with David Dennison,(WSJ A-4;04-06-18).

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