Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Rod "I need to hide too" Rosenstein put Robert "stooge" Mueller into the position of special counsel, and dispatched this jackal to investigate RUSSIAN COLLUSION but to ignore any illegality uncovered where Hillary-the-hag and her bunch were implicated.

So far...Mueller has done as directed...overlooking the "pay-to-play" scheme Hillary conducted during her tenure as Secretary of State...ignoring her $12 million payment to Fusion GPS to concoct a NASTY STORY about Donald J. Trump...and...dismissing the sale of URANIUM to Russia in exchange for big bucks.

However...instead of confining himself and his Trump-hating staff to that "directive"...Mueller is attempting to destroy President Trump through what in times past was called a "witch hunt". Mueller sent a GOON SQUAD...for vacuum the offices...home...and...hotel room of MIKE of Big Don's personal lawyers...and...the one who sent $130,000 to STORMY DANIELS so that she would not tell the world about the alleged 2006 tryst with Donald J. Trump