Saturday, April 14, 2018


Unlike New Testament Christians ready to turn the other cheek...most Muslims...especially the ones who rule Syria...believe in revenge as depicted in the Old Testament: EYE-FOR-AN-EYE. When that 3-star that White House briefing this morning...was asked about Syrian retaliation...he said the Pentagon was prepared for anything. Hearing that endorsement...HOMELAND SECURITY went to DEF-CON 5...ready to interdict any bomb-carrying rag head who wished to blow up an airport as a protest to President Trump's attack on gas-making facilities in Homs and Damascus.

As Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis told a cub reporter, ""We know the rag head believes in eye-for-an-eye...and...they will attack. Where and when are two puzzling features of this "intell-game"...but...we feel confident we will interdict and stop that attack long before it can unleash whatever destruction and desolation envisioned thereby. We should be glad the Muslim doesn't know our "sweet spot".