Thursday, April 12, 2018


The musk ox will encircle their young...and...any wolf pack knows such encircling is meant as a warning that to the death the young will be protected. Most wolves know as much...and...wait for that circle to subside...then...attack. Until then...the pack waits far enough away to seem less threatening...yet...close enough to implement.

Might the musk ox circle be forming around TEAM-TRUMP? Certainly the Trump-devouring MASS MEDIA hunger for such do the maggot-Democrats*. They're attacking right's only been the effort of this BLOG and a few other Republican mass media outlets who have been able to deflect and stave of a mortal wounding of our esteemed president.

But by November of's the determined belief of the editorial staff of this BLOG that the Republicans will hold on to their majorities...but...the next time around...that 60 vote wall will be removed so that the complete dismantling of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE can finally be accomplished VIVA TRUMP!
* has already been forecast...the Democrats plan to have "paid-for" hecklers at every Republican Party event...all intended to attack at the moment when the MASS MEDIA can video the effort...thereafter to be used to support the buy-line: people want Democrat politicians in Washington DC so that taxes can be raised and spending can continue unabated.