Saturday, April 7, 2018


GROCERS are miffed that President Trump would wish to reduce FOOD STAMPS...a big ticket item in grocery parlance nowadays. "If we did not have that government "freebie" we'd be looking at a depression in grocery chain viability," quipped U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass)...admitting her biggest donations come from "interested food purveyors".
*The 20th Century NANNY STATE must be dismantled. The grocery stores will have to find ways to meet their needs without UNCLE SUGAR'S input. As for FOOD STAMP RECIPIENTS...they will need to find a charity or form* their own "private entitlement charity".

*They can seek donations from socialist-scumbags such as U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) and George Soros...two socialists who will prove to these pathetic supplicants that socialists only spend other people's money...never their own.