Saturday, April 7, 2018


When BERNIE SANDERS was demanding "free medical care' during the 2016 presidential campaign...the audience cheered and screamed with adulation. Here was a real scumbag who would kill his own mother to advance the cause of tyranny and it made them giddy with the thought of being enslaved.

Yet...few of these cheering attendees ever considered what BERNIE SANDERS really wanted. He was envisioning DEATH CAMPS...GAS CHAMBERS...CRUELTY...AND...OTHER WONDROUS ASPECTS OF SOCIALISM all brought to bear in America...stomping out liberty and replacing it with "freedom-to-obey".

Some years ago...a similar pied piper arose in Venezuela. CHEVEZ told the Venezuelans about a SOCIALIST PARADISE. And to receive such munificence all the voters had to do was support SOCIALISM. And...of course...a majority of Venezuelans chose "freebie and favor" hoping Chevez was able to deliver his promised "pot of gold".

Nowadays...with people dying from starvation and lack of medical care...the PARADISE aspect has faded and all that remains is the IRON FIST...and...DESTRUCTION.

Take Marta Soloranzo for instance,(WSJ A-6;04-07-18). She supported Chevez and Maduro. They promised "free medical care"...and...she fell for that TRICK pushing aside any misgivings about losing her FREEDOM and becoming a SLAVE.

Nowadays...though...with her GOVERNMENT ALOTMENT OF PILLS running out...and...bureaucratic knaves chuckling about their power to kill her anytime they choose...MARTA regrets having stood behind SOCIALISM.

 "Had I but stood up and said SOCIALISM is idiotic and will lead to horror...I could have stopped SOCIALISM* and done something thereby to make my life better. But I was tricked. I was promised freebie and favor...and...would RECEIVE what others had...and...because I was envious...I fell for that trick...and...I supported BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT...the same bunch  of scumbags who at my own predicament...a bed I made for myself,I guess," whispered MARTA as she reflected on what she had done to herself.
*Socialism: everyone sits in a circle with hands in each others' pockets thinking they're getting rich. In socialism...the PIE is divided as MASTER with envious mob sees fit.