Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Somehow...freedom-haters of all stripes and pedigrees are singing and dancing that PAUL RYAN has decided it's time to go home and be more than a weekend father. They foresee gaining 30(+) seats in the U.S. House of Representatives...their candidates professed socialists...Eco-fascists...and...all dedicated to eradicating liberty and replacing it with what North Koreans call "freedom-to-obey".

With the MASS MEDIA selling enslavement as a virtue...these maggots might very well succeed in eating away what remains of freedom.

Because the MASS MEDIA is pro-NANNY STATE...and...supports anyone demanding enslavement of the producer...the Republicans will have to marshal their talent and send forth FREEDOM-LOVERS as their candidates...people unafraid to speak about freedom and the horror of socialism.

If these Republican candidates come face to face with doubting Thomas-types...they can always use VENEZUELA as a primal example of how socialism works...describing that South American toilet as a PHOTO of what the Democrats envision for Americans. They can tell these crowds that if the Democrats prevail...they'll reduce Americans to status of herd...clipped and culled as the would-be master sees fit...and...totally unable to fight against the PUSH AND SHOVE of the unwashed masses.

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