Sunday, April 8, 2018


What if there were a team of experts...a cadre of sorts...who were dispatched to unleash deadly NERVE GAS?

What if that team were hired as part of a plan that was hatched some time back wherein serial gas attacks would be unleashed...and...the GAS ATTACK would then be used to augment...or...push some theme.

Recall a Syrian GAS ATTACK was unleashed and it drew from OBAMA the infamous RED LINE declaration...locking Uncle Sugar into a military response should another GAS ATTACK occur. And...within weeks of Donald J. Trump ascending to the Oval Office...he used cruise missiles in reaction to a GAS ATTACK. President Trump is about to depart Syria...withdrawing troops and equipment...somehow...another GAS ATTACK is attack that is being used by the MASS MEDIA to demand President Trump remain in Syria and get our troops outcome the Democrats would love to see.

President Trump is too accept the OBVIOUS...and...knows there is much afoot. Hence...his experts are already on site and have reported the GAS ATTACK was perpetrated not by the Assad Regime but once more by that "team"...that "cadre"...known* only as OMEGA.
*In the movie CANADIAN BACON...the President dispatches the OMEGA TEAM.