Sunday, April 8, 2018


While some years ago Americans were easily duped by the would-be masters and the complicit MASS MEDIA...nowadays...they're hard core doubting Thomas types...demanding "wound-poke" before accepting the news story.

Take for example the MASS MEDIA "lie" that Syrian President Assad unleashed another gas attack on Syrian rebels. Just when President Trump is departing that meat grinder and bring the troops home...somehow...President Assad decided to "GAS ATTACK"...inflame the world...and...thereby compel BIG DON to elect to "stay in Syria".

That is "idiotic"'s the TALE the American MASS MEDIA is pushing. Somehow the MASS MEDIA believes it can push President Trump not to depart Syria but leave Americans there to be butchered.

Then when Americans get slaughtered...that same bunch of MASS MEDIA "go and stay there"...will instantly declare President Trump was WRONG to remain in Syria...and...then...reveal that much publicized GAS ATTACK was really perpetrated by the rebels against some other rebels so that it could be made to look like...seem like...and...President Trump was not smart enough to see through that kind of "pull us back" gambit.