Sunday, April 15, 2018


Fool multitude learn no more than fond eye doth teach...while...those who choose not by view chance as much and choose as true.

Should the Republicans offer a message* of liberation...inviting voters to back their march to make their effort to dismantle the grip of the dreadful 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...the Democrats will lose their BLOCKADE in the U.S. Senate...permitting even more shackles to be removed.

Hearing these incredible words...a crippled child without mom or dad...crawled to the podium...propped himself on one elbow and said:

   "ALL the precious people...praying for Jesus to rise up again...but...all of these folks...these holy-    cloaked folks...never took me on as a friend. And crippled in ain't worth a anyone really in need...why not treat the same as you would you own name...the next time your heart starts to bleed."(JOHN PRINE).
*The Republican candidate must not voice a personal opinion on ABORTION, however, since ABORTION is the ONLY ISSUE the Democrat-candidate has in his or her corner. If the Republican simply says: ABORTION is a choice to be made by the mother and the busy-noses of the world need to find unwanted children and care for them...adopt them...and...if they do not...perhaps...they are the ones who talk the talk but never walk the walk.