Thursday, May 10, 2018

a "Radio" moment

In the movie, RADIO...a new cop arrests RADIO while RADIO is delivering gifts...putting him in jail...and...then...having to drive RADIO around so that he might complete delivering his gifts once this new cop's told about RADIO.

The NEW YORK TIMES "nasty" about a "missing Pompeo" is a RADIO MOMENT. When NYT discovered POMPEO was in North Korea extracting 3 Americans who had been detained by the North Koreans...their hatred of TEAM-TRUMP was too obvious to hide.

Instead of congratulating President Trump for achieving the IMPOSSIBLE...however...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA in chorus fashion said such liberation would only bring IRAN closer to developing and deploying a DOOMSDAY DEVICE...a nuke so big if planted and detonated at the GOD-WAD FAULT...the entire world would be blown into bits and pieces.