Thursday, May 3, 2018


Environmentalists around the world joined hands and symbolically celebrated the death of 19,345,771 malaria victims. "When we heard the number...we were giddy...bubbling with joy," whispered U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren...a well known loudmouth environmentalist. Of course..."papoose" Warren was referring to the fact once the spraying of DDT ceased*...malaria returned to slaughter...leaving a path of misery and horror so dramatic it made her left leg tingle.(WSJ A-16;05-03-18).
*JUNK SCIENCE was used to discredit DDT as a useful but harmless-to-humans pesticide. The assertion that DDT made egg shells thinner and hence birds could not reproduce was a LIE. The "study" underlying that assertion dealt with birds in a cage deprived of calcium. The researchers never disclosed that aspect until years later when there was not any way they could get into trouble. Indeed...they were commended not condemned for their LYING when their trickery was revealed.