Monday, May 14, 2018


Mike Cohn...shortly after Big Don stomped Hillary-the-hag...wrote big companies touting his "insight" into what makes TEAM-TRUMP tick. FORD MOTOR COMPANY...for example...was told there were big bucks long as FORD paid MIKE some big bucks for that "insight".

That letter FORD received was similar to the ones received by the other FORTUNE 500 companies...each one told MIKE COHN had "insight" for sell.

But why would COHN think his "insights" were valuable? As everyone now knows...COHN attended a "how-to-do-it" seminar where HILLARY CLINTON was featured...her many each funneled and to interface with such a needful world lawfully AND profitably...all in seminar format presented.

So enamored was MIKE COHN with the brilliance of the HILLARY-PROJECT...he even copied HILLARY'S "power-letter"...changing only a few words so it framed himself as the "insightful guru" big shots needed so they might profitably connect,(WSJ A-1;05-14-18).