Friday, May 11, 2018


"Getting to know TEAM TRUMP cost Novartis AG $100,000 per month for 12 months," whispered CEO Vasant Narasimhan as he looked at the 35 page dossier* Mike Cohn had prepared outlining the ways Vasant's company might benefit from TEAM-TRUMP.

In exchange for $1.2 million...Vasant's predecessor had expected a blue print and map so the company might navigate the shoals and deadly reefs most medical-businesses expect from a fascist regime...a/k/a...crony** capitalism.

When Vasant arrived and saw what COHN had delivered...though...this conscientious doctor wrote shareholders and apologized for the "mistake". He said the dossier was just another bit of nonsense flooding America since Mr. Trump defeated the freedom-hating Hillary-the-hag. He didn't expect any benefit from the $1.2 million and as far as he could see not any benefit had been derived so far.
*When Mike Cohn saw Chris Steele receive $12 million for a 35 page SLAM BOOK on Donald J. commended not condemned...COHN began to ask big companies if they wished to receive "data".
**A 21st century otherwise unhampered market is insulated from such "interference" matter who pays to get an "edge".