Sunday, May 6, 2018


What about Robert Mueller? What in his past would disqualify him from conducting a fair investigation into supposed RUSSIAN COLLUSION?

To his shame and ever-lasting damnation...Robert Mueller knew 4 prisoners were wrongfully imprisoned. They were innocent. Instead of revealing that HORROR and releasing these 4 innocent people...however...Mueller remained aloof and refused to reveal the exonerating information. Two of those men died in prison...they other two received a small payment for the TORTURE. They languished in prison while Mueller ran around free...never telling people of the EVIL he had worked on 4 innocent people.

FOLKS...we're in a time of EVIL...and...President Trump is the target. THE ESTABLISHMENT chose a nasty---unprincipled...immoral maggot when they picked ROBERT MUELLER and gave him a mission statement to eliminate Big Don. U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer said, "If Trump can be deleted...the Republicans will fall into line...and...socialism can be imposed on America."

The would-be master with complicit MASS MEDIA wasn't about to be shoved easily aside. When MUELLER was not raised up for public scorn...when he escaped public flogging for what he did to those 4 innocent was OBVIOUS "truth and justice" had been pushed aside in favor of tyranny. Such is "why" Mueller was hired to chase Trump. His handlers know he'd kill his own mother to advance the cause of big grab government.

It's a public imperative that a petition* be sent to all Americans to choose: "KEEP"...or "KILL"?

DO you support keeping Mueller? Or...DO you support killing that investigation and focusing the temper of the U.S. Injustice Dept. on itself...the so-called FBI...and...the Democrats starting with Hillary-the-hag?
*It's the belief of the editorial staff that a majority of Americans know Mueller is a scumbag and the Russian-collusion investigation nothing more than a politically-motivated "witch hunt" deserving of ridicule and closure and nothing else.