Wednesday, May 16, 2018


SUGAR QUOTAS protect sugar production in Palm Beach County, Florida. Remove government protection...remove the protective mantle...and...expose American consumers to worldwide commodity pricing...and...almost all sugar will be imported...produced elsewhere. To protect that ancient industry from market-deletion...the federal government over the decades has continued its umbrella...permitting a few growers to profit mightily at the expense* of the sugar-consuming public.

Perhaps...the Democrats and Republicans have common ground when it comes to perpetuating the grip of the 20th century NANNY STATE. The politicians who support SUGAR QUOTA get well-funded campaigns...while those freedom-lovers who ask that all growers and producers be uncovered are left to beg donations at the local county fair. Might some with all interests and explain that a new way could be fashioned? Might there be someone who invites people to march to make salt?
* The cost of a pound of white processed sugar at the grocery store is $1.85. Remove the SUGAR QUOTA and that same package would cost $1.00. For that 85 cents...the American consumer gets a guaranteed supply of domestic sugar...never having to depend on communist Cuba or socialist Argentina.