Sunday, May 13, 2018


Intra-office staff meetings were thought to be leak-proof since those in attendance the most-trusted...the most-loyal...and...the most dedicated. Yet...someone...supposedly...leaked an "alleged" statement another staffer made when Senator McCain's mule-headed obstruction of the DELETE NANNY STATE effort was mentioned. The staffer said, "He'll be dead any way."

When asked about the callous-hateful remark...however...Sarah Huckabee Sanders demurred and said she was not about to discuss such a thing.

It's OBVIOUS the "alleged" remark was NEVER said. The "leak" might not have been there at all. The MASS MEDIA might have merely conjured such a thing so that it could attack TEAM-TRUMP just as the 2018 election season begins to get underway. Or...perhaps...someone at that meeting was deliberately dispatched to tell the MASS MEDIA such a disgusting thing* so that it might be published 24/7 and hurt President Trump.

We're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. President Trump saw America about to be flushed down the socialist toilet...the public schools preaching godless socialism...the politicians promising every interest group their own GOLDEN CALF,(Exodus 32:24)...and...decided it was time to do as Cincinnatus did...put down his business...and...go save America...make America great again...and...then keep America great by continuing to remove stifling regulation and burdensome tax.

Yet...despite such a magnificent effort to liberate America from the grip of the would-be master with envious mob...inside TEAM-TRUMP...lurk OBAMA-moles and CLINTON-cronies...given to base spaniel fawning...inveterate knee-crooking knaves...and...maybe one of them "leaked" that comment another staffer allegedly made. But...unless...another staffer confirms that such statement was made and made in the manner depicted by the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA...the accusation by the MASS MEDIA and Trump-haters will remain simply another "attack on Trump"...all bite. VIVA TRUMP!
*Whatever the purpose of such's OPEN AND OBVIOUS to most Americans that TEAM-TRUMP does not and did not wish any shorter life for John "songbird" McCain...the dude who sang like a bird when the North Vietnamese asked him to reveal America's closest held secrets.