Sunday, May 13, 2018


Listen closely to the Democrats as they hide their true intentions inside "fire phrases" such as FREE MEDICAL CARE...and...SOAK THE RICH,(MATTHEW 4:8).

The Democrats' message smacks of socialism...but...that approach has even been rejected in such places as Venezuela...once the richest country in South America until the socialists arrived...and...shackled the producer for the common good. Nowadays...Venezuela can be described as "empty shelves and hollow eyes"...the misery and squalor so pervasive only fools would wish such a thing for America.

As for the 2018 election cycle...unless the Republicans have some support from the MASS MEDIA...though...the voters will believe their best day is to support the socialists...receive that promised freebie and favor...and...devolve into be cared for and culled as the Democrats see fit. They'll be told the common good requires them to sacrifice and accept the yoke and chain of socialist bondage. The public school teachers will tell their minds-of-mush that freedom is "bad"...enslavement is "good". And the MASS MEDIA will tell voters they're better off kneeling and worshiping whatever idol the Democrats might forge, (Exodus 32:24).
*Matt. 4:8 Jesus was promised kingdoms and glories if he but licked boot.
  Exodus 32:24...Aaron tells an angry Moses that gold was collected to construct the idol.