Thursday, May 3, 2018


Sarah Huckabee Sanders limited her comments about the Guiliani revelation that President Trump has been repaying Mike Cohn for the $130,000 Cohn paid to Stormy Daniels to avert the extortion game...badger game" which Daniels and Avenatti unleashed. Extortion is a crime...but...DANIELS played her cards well and grabbed $130,000 in exchange for "silence about Trump-tryst"...a promise she breached when she told the world about her 2006 sexual encounter.

MSNBNC jackals and jerks were quick to pounce on Ms. Sanders. They proclaimed she was dodging and ducking because she was too stupid to handle her assignment. Speaking about this MSNBC callousness...CHARLIE ROSE...a CBS maggot...declared, "It's obvious the socialist media is anti-woman unless that woman is a screaming freedom-hater...then...and...only she tolerated."