Tuesday, May 15, 2018


In the commercial music-song business...a "derivative" is a song that sounds like...and...but for different words...is the same as. Such profundity is discouraged since it's usually a big waste of time and energy better spent creating "new songs".

And...yet...in politics...the gurus have been caught doing such knavish things.

When U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY was assassinated...the assassin felt sorry for the lad and left something that could be traced all the way into the Oval Office. The bullet that killed this young patriot came from a gun that had once been in the possession, custody and control of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Agency(ATF). The assassin used that gun so that if someone wished to know from whence the bullet came...it could be TRACED all the way into the Oval Office!

Once it was discovered the assassin...while carrying out the snuff order REMO WILLIAMS style...had left behind that TELLTALE bullet...to cover themselves...FAST AND FURIOUS was taken off the shelf...a "canned" explanation TEAM-OBAMA issued to explain this border guard's death...a death that occurred 72 hours after he had delivered his report to his supervisor about blacks ops activity along the Mexican border...activity directed from the Oval Office itself.

Just before Ambassador Stevens could reveal game-changing data delivering the election to McCain-Ryan...he was assassinated in a Benghazi embassy compound on 09-11-12. To cover the obvious "snuff-job"...TEAM OBAMA issued the infamous "VIDEO EXPLANATION"...that a grainy video published on the INTERNET had incited Islamic purists to attack America through an embassy compound. Although preposterous...the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA sold that TALE as hard as possible even featuring Samantha Powers and Susan Rice almost in tears describing how dastardly and horrific such a VIDEO was to the otherwise peaceful sheep of Benghazi.

And...most recently...we have the derivative of the MUELLER RUSSIAN-COLLUSION INVESTIGATION. This "canned approach" is now being used to hide the evil and criminal activities of TEAM-OBAMA and Hillary and her scurvy crew of miscreants and knee-crooking knaves.

TV-time and social media time have been spent chasing TEAM-TRUMP...the proverbial chimera in a closet  instead of examining the real culprits and their otherwise OBVIOUS misdeeds...horrible things not ever forever hidden by derivative screed.