Thursday, May 17, 2018

"so long as"

So long as the immigrant did not take government hand-outs that were at the time being given to all parasites and servile supplicants...that immigrant could not hurt America and its welfare-entitlement system...and...that immigrant should be permitted to remain in America. If that immigrant prefers to be shackled and tethered as in the land from which they fled...they are encouraged to return to that miasma of socialist misery and privation and leave the rest of the freedom-lovers alone so they might continue to enjoy paradise.

So long as there's..."

President Trump and his band of freedom-lovers are doing all they can to dismantle the oppressive "victim-making" 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Indeed...people seeking FOOD STAMPS and all the other "socialist goodies" is decreasing as more and more Americans realize the WELFARE SYSTEM is definitely designed to ensnare and reduce the welfare recipient to the level of sheep.

As for the entitlement system...OBAMA...during the OBAMA ERA...put 28 million more Americans on FOOD STAMPS...reduced them to abject dependency...described by U.S. Senator Blumenthal(D.Conn) as slack jaw drool. To get support...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...told the unwashed masses of the world...if you can get across the border...we'll give you a Democrat-voter card and a social security number so you might access the WELFARE SYSTEM.