Monday, May 14, 2018

willingness to tolerate dishonesty

Scumbag-Bloomberg...the jerk who imposed the ban on BIG GULP drinks...those 32 ounce monsters of ice and sugar bubbling and satisfying on a hundred degree no-shade Bronx afternoon...that maggot stood at a podium at the University of Houston and vomited all over those seniors...telling them not to tolerate dishonesty...using TEAM-TRUMP as his examples of perfidy and deception...never mentioning the list of Democrats-lying...never revealing the racketeering of Hillary-the-hag...or...the $12 million Democratic National Committee pay-off for the CHRIS STEELE DOSSIER...the 35 page slam-book used by Rosenstein and Comey to get the FISA WARRANT enabling TRUMP-HATERS to spy on TEAM-TRUMP during the 2016 election...gathering DIRT...that "insurance policy" about which McCabe, Stzrok and his consort, Lisa Page spoke and joked during the final days of the 2016 presidential election...when the likelihood of a TRUMP PRESIDENCY was tossed back and forth.