June 2018
President Trump told the G-7 socialists the best of the best was an otherwise unhampered market where comparative advantage and sheer competitive edge wrought benefit everywhere for everyone. So great his message...so profound its bent...socialists frame wrinkled...its Holy curtain rent. Never could they permit liberation of their subjugated masses...for Trump to envision as much...messianic splashes.
Across the border streamed new Democrats...people wanting the same kind of smothering socialism they fled.

"I want America to be exactly like Venezuela," croaked Alicia Keyes when asked her motive for demanding "open borders".

Another socialist shouted, "We want new voters...and...they come from the socialist south where freedom does not exist...and...we will impose that same enslavement here as they enjoyed down there."

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren,(D.Mass) enticed a crowd of "wet-backs" to sign up to vote Democrat by promising free rent, food, clothing, transport and spending money...the kind of things these wet-backs enjoyed in their home-country until the storeroom grew bare and they needed to move on to the next "pillaging site". And here was "papoose" Warren promising them your assets...your wealth...and...eventually...your home.
Kellyanne Conway was asked about the small park protests over illegal immigrants. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT she said, "So expensive the housing cost for illegal immigrants...President Trump asked the Democrats to contribute 50% of their wealth and salaries to accommodate and sustain their desire to open the borders to all comers. One group of loudmouthed Democrats was cornered in a restaurant and asked to give their wealth to this effort. Of course...Democrats are all about "my tears...your purse"...and...as such...they refused to open their pocketbooks...declaring they wanted other people's money to finance these unwashed masses."
Because the Democrats lack a message of freedom...they're inciting the gullible and unwitting to join with them to abolish I.C.E....the organization responsible for cleaning out MS-13 infestations. Around the country...the handful of ICE-haters have arrived in the parks and on street corners...their mission to keep people interested in Democrats. One Democrat congresswoman was arrested for violating Washington D.C. parade policies. As she was dragged away by her hair...she screamed, "Love live the socialist revolution!"
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez....a rabid socialist...defeated Dinosaur-Joe Crowley to become the Democrat candidate for that New York district. She said she was in favor of Trump-impeachment because he is using his office for private gain...in violation of the EMOLUMENTS CLAUSE in the U.S. Constitution.

When asked if donation of presidential salary undermined her theory...she backed up and said, "As a socialist...I hate freedom...and...Donald J. Trump represents a struggle between the socialists and those freedom-lovers who would attempt to escape our grasp...insulate their storeroom from our plundering...and...deny me the funds I need to create my socialist paradise...the same one Venezuelans and Cubans enjoy."
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When Special Counsel Robert Mueller told Rod Rosenstein the only crimes committed were those committed by TEAM OBAMA and TEAM HILLARY...that conclusion was unacceptable. Somewhere there had to be some illegal activity on the part of President Trump...and...Mueller was sent back to change that conclusion from: NOTHING FOUND ON TRUMP to: STILL LOOKING AT ALL THE SMOKE.
In East Pittsburg...an officer stopped a car that had been identified as the vehicle involved in a drive-by shooting. The driver and the front seat passenger, ANTWON ROSE, exited the car and began to run. The officer fired his cannon and blew 3 big holes in Antwon's back. The distance of Antwon from that cannon barrel demonstrated great shooting skill on the part of the officer. Indeed...U.S. Senator Corey Booker(D.Pa) said it was almost impossible that those 3 bullets struck Antwon.
The Capital Gazette shooter was an avid fan of Bernie Sanders; and had told his neighbors he wanted to make his mark for socialism. Never did they foresee...however...he meant to shoot up a newspaper room thereby demonstrating socialist hatred for TRUTH and JUSTICE. One nosy-neighbor said, "I heard the shooter say he was going to "push back" just the way MAXINE WATERS wanted."
The Maryland Capital Gazette newsroom shooter was apprehended. When asked "why"...he said, "Maxine Waters told me to push back...and...that newsroom was full of pro-Trump writers and I wanted to push back...and...do what Maxine Waters directed me to do."
The shooter inside the Capital Gazette told his captors he knew he would not get any return fire because the area was a GUN-FREE ZONE. He knew he could kill for 30 minutes...reload...and...continue to slaughter...because it was a GUN-FREE ZONE...a place for lambs to be massacred. And to think Jimmy Kimmel has already come out and said he liked the carnage because it helped the GUN CONTROL argument. "All guns must be removed!"...screamed Kimmel...adding in his diatribe: "Under GUN CONTROL...only police and bad guys will have them. Yes...we'll lose people to such shootings...but...we don't mind such losses."
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The meeting between President Trump and President Putin...two Titans...is already being undermined by the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA. Indeed...as every Democrat will admit...OBAMA gave CRIMEA to President Putin fulfilling a promise he made to the Russians that after he was re-elected...he would accommodate them. Hence...the meeting between these two leaders...despite what the MASS MEDIA is skewing...will center around* Middle Eastern peace initiatives and not spilt milk in the Ukraine.
*IRAN has sent QUD forces into Syria...Lebanon...Gaza Strip...Afghanistan...Iraq...Yemen...Somalia...Nigeria...along with a number of other mud-hut areas.
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This BLOG predicted a glut of apartments would manifest since the rent for existing rental units had climbed so high it became profitable to build more. Yes...government restrictions caused the lack of apartments....but...with TEAM-TRUMP leading the way...those restrictions were removed...and...more apartments were built. Indeed...so many have been built that the tenants are now demanding lower rent and other perks...things pre-Trump the landlord would never give. VIVA TRUMP! (WSJ A-2;06-28-18).
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Elon Musk awoke at 5:15 a.m....stretched...stood up...cracked his aching back...and...proceeded to examine the Model-3 production line that hummed all night 20 feet from where he slept. He was getting up to take his turn at the production line...his goal:5000 Tesla Model 3 vehicles per week. VIVA ELON MUSK!
*Hollywood made a movie about a Japanese car company that came to America...and...Bill Murray promised 15,000 per month. The employees stopped. Refusing to be stopped...however...Bill and a few Japs by themselves worked 24/7 to reach that goal. Eventually...all the workers returned to assist. If management were on the floor...they'd be there too. It was the American Way!
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Folks...the "alleged" photos of North Korea do not demonstrate an increase in nuke-building...although LIARS such as the Communist News Network(CNN)...are declaring NORTH KOREA is already cheating on its promise to "de-nuke"...a preposterous declaration...but...one designed to hurt TEAM TRUMP. Going into the mid-summer of 2018...the Democrat-controlled MASS MEDIA is already attempting to undermine TRUMP'S BIG FEAT so that Republicans cannot point to that DE-NUKE PROMISE with conviction. Planted in audiences...just as RUBIO experienced in Homestead at an illegal alien detention center...paid-loudmouths will be on-site to YELL about the RECENT-PHOTOS as if they're  some kind of graphic portrayal of cheating.
U.S.Rep. Joe Crowley(D. NY) was charted for elimination. Against him in the Democratic primary was put a female socialist whose platform that of Bernie Sanders. When asked about her willingness to delete liberty and replace it with socialist "freedom-to-obey"...she giggled and said her supporters love the idea of being enslaved to a would-be master with envious mob. And...because JOE CROWLEY didn't promise as much...he was shoved aside.
President Trump and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,(R.Ky) are considering a 51 vote rule for any choice by President Trump as a replacement for retiring U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse(D. R.I) promised he was going to blockade the appointment-process...declaring what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid did to avoid the Republican blockade...was "right" when the Democrats did it...but...it would be "wrong" now for the Republicans to do it. HUH?
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Suddenly...a woman's right to abort will be entrenched if the replacement for associate Justice Anthony Kennedy declares abortion anathema to liberty...a declaration that will send America back into the Dark Ages...a time when a woman's body belonged to the state not to her. How likely someone found who would say as much isn't known...but...that aspect in the CHOOSING-DYNAMIC will be framed every way possible.
Disgraced former government employee PETER STRZOK appeared before Congress and told them his statements about his feelings of hatred for Donald J. Trump never bled over into his work. Yet...he could not explain "why" he ignored criminal misconduct on the part of TEAM HILLARY during the 2015-2016 election cycle. He couldn't...or...worse...wouldn't admit HILLARY-THE-HAG by him was materially assisted.
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"Full term" clinics were directed to put a FREE ABORTION poster in their lobby. When objection was raised...the matter proceeded to the U.S. Supreme Court where in a 5-4 decision...the court supported the religious liberty of the clinic and that poster could be removed. The 4 votes to kill off the FIRST ADMENDMENT were all devout socialists...with one of them...RUTH BUZZIE GINSBERG...declaring her outright hatred of liberty.
In order to facilitate and expedite the locating of a replacement for associate U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy...President Trump directed Sarah Huckabee Sanders to put a "help wanted" ad in the Washington Post, the Miami Herald and the Los Angeles Times. When asked "why" choose that approach*...Sarah replied, "I doubt they eat at the RED HEN."
*BECKETT'S PUZZLE. When Henry put Beckett in charge of the English church and its vast holdings...never did he suspect that BECKETT would...somehow...become a spiritual being unwilling to serve the world...particularly such an aloof jerk as King Henry....his former BEST FRIEND FOREVER. Might President Trump have that kind of pitfall lurking nearby?
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The MASS MEDIA has left the North Korea issue behind. There isn't any value in trumpeting the success of President Trump in removing Chairman Kim from the THREAT BOARD. Had it been OBAMA...on the other hand...the MASS MEDIA would have serially repeated that INCREDIBLE NEGOTIATION FEAT until he departed the Oval Office. But...because it's Donald J. Trump achieving what OBAMA could not...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA won't continue to mention the event or its meaningful nature.
Associate U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement enabling by such resignation TEAM-TRUMP to nominate another good judge whose mission statement to uphold the U.S. Constitution. The Democrats knew such nominations would come during the 45th presidency and...thus...pushed as hard as possible to defeat TEAM-TRUMP. Fortunately for America...DONALD J. TRUMP prevailed.
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Man-caused climate change gurus told the MASS MEDIA not to dwell on the temperature of America since the world has grown "colder"...not "hotter"...and...that kind of news would only eviscerate the income stream derived from that HOAX. The price of natural gas demonstrated the "coldness" aspect...and...that kind of gas-use...according to GURU computer-models...was not supposed to occur.
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez...a devout Democrat-socialist...defeated a 10-year Democrat to join the other socialists in Congress. "I will do all I can to plunder storerooms and redistribute the loot," promised Alexandria as she looked at how Venezuelans were duped with the same ideas.
*Alexandria likes socialism because it forces people to live in squalor and misery...tow things she needs to retain her power.
Ye Tianchun...a leading technology adviser to Chinese President Xi Jinping...told a cub reporter that China didn't have to steal computer technology from America since Chinese technology* was far more advanced. "Why steal OLD STUFF?" asked Mr. YE when confronted about American technological losses.
*The brakes used on a covered-wagon was advanced technology in the 1800s. Would President Trump attempt to block China from acquiring that kind of "brake" technology?
U.S. Senator Corey Booker(D.Pa) was angry about the ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that upheld TEAM-TRUMP travel ban. "I was hoping for open-borders so the NANNY STATE could absorb those people and create a voting bloc for Democrats. If I can get 100 million illegals into America...they'll support me and my political party forever and I'll be KING," quipped Corey Booker as he held a picture of SHAKA ZULU.
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A 10-year New York U.S. Representative was defeated by a 28 year old female socialist who told her crowd they could vote themselves a "pay-raise"...and...plunder what's left of the storeroom of New York. The voters said they wanted someone to loot for them...to pillage for them...to deliver to them the gifts of government largesse.
Ben Jealous defeated Democrat primary opponent to become the Democrat nominee for governor of Maryland. How Maryland could go completely socialist can be explained by what is taught in its public schools. The students are told to be sheep...to lick their would-be master's boot. No wonder JEALOUS won his political race against another tepid-socialist.
Associate U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor vomited all over American jurisprudence when she said in her dissent in a 5-4 decision that President Trump's travel ban was based on religious discrimination. The Executive Order she opposed did not mention "religion"...just recited countries against which the travel ban would be imposed.
Okay...there's mean...very mean...extremely mean...and...then...Maxine mean. Indeed...U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters,(D.Ca) directed her minions to "push back" and embarrass Republicans and be as mean as they possibly could be. I want "mean" she said to her followers when describing the nasty aspect her ideas would unleash in public. However...Maxine never foresaw herself being the TARGET FOR DERISION. When she piped up and complained about the cadre following her around shouting about her MEANNESS...not anyone listened...not anyone shared. Maxine was getting what she wished for others to suffer...and...bystanders and neighbors simply didn't care.
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The MAGNIFICENT SEVEN such the sobriquet of Trump's innermost circle. Seven people with a passion for liberty...whose genius to bring about liberation of the subjugated...and...whose zeal unbounded for such task. Might the muzzled sheep...those dependent on government freebie and favor...finally sense freedom within their grasp and vote Republican in 2018?
Sarah Huckabee Sanders was directed to depart the RED HEN. The owner hated President Trump and refused to serve anyone connected to TEAM-TRUMP. Although Sarah departed graciously...she told the world there was a place for rudeness but not in a restaurant open to the public. Instead of filing a lawsuit...and...making a big deal out of it...Ms. Sanders simply departed...told the world how she was treated*...and...asked everyone to be civil to each other.
*U.S.Rep. Maxine Waters(D.Ca) was surprised when a TRUMP-LOVER spit on Maxine's new pink dress.
Google and FACEBOOK can deny anyone the use of their platform. It's a private business and as such it can control its content and activity. If a would-be patron does not like the RULES...he or she can use another platform. Yes...GOOGLE and FACEBOOK are premier website platforms...but...if they imposed DISLIKED RULES...it would not be long before a competitor rose up and its patronage grow* exponentially due its offering what the "BIG ONES" refused,(WSJ A-17;06-26-18.).
*History is littered with dinosaurs...businesses which could not adapt quickly enough. The covered-wagon makers fought to keep cars off the road. The politicians erected TRADE BARRIERS to prevent competitors from encroaching on the covered-wagon business. Zoning laws were passed to prevent any local industries from springing up and killing off the covered wagon business. Yet...try as they did...cars overtook the covered wagon business.
Adrianne Todman...CEO of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment...told the world that taxpayer-funded public housing was "good" for America. Naturally...she refused to donate her own salary and worldly wealth to buy a house for a poor person...declaring her purpose was to spend other people's money not her own. When asked why not direct charities and leave taxpayers alone...TODMAN puffed up like a big toad and said, "Socialism creates dependency...and...as a would-be master...I can force people to do my bidding. Once they're dependent...I can direct their vote...and...paint their future as I see fit."(WSJ A-16;06-26-18).
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President Trump...perhaps...didn't sense TRADE WAR wrinkles could very well deliver an economic EYE-POKE. He didn't realize the extent of the grip of European socialism on that region. He thought a few jabs and slaps would get the socialists to open their markets...but...he didn't foresee how much of a grip the would-be masters had on their flock. Unlike freedom-loving Americans...the Europeans are content to live in their squalor and misery...unable or unwilling to break free of socialist miasma and find "true happiness".
Max Boot...another Trump-hating malicious scribbler...said people should not sink to the level of Trump. Although Max Boot has TV time to say such nasty stuff...he's little more than another maggot eating at the Democrat trough.

When U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters(D.Ca) told people to attack TEAM-TRUMP...to push back on them...she was inciting violence.

And...while this BLOG...in times past...has advocated public excoriation of Democrats such as Richard Cordray...the ghoul of the so-called Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Elizabeth Warren...the lady who lied about her American Indian heritage...the physical contact aspect was always meant to be a REDUCIO AD ABSURDEM argument...reducing the premises to their most idiotic utterance.
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What if to address BIAS...pollsters concocted a POLL that showed TEAM TRUMP favored by more voters than before? What if that NUMBER were to be used later on as some kind of "set-up" when they come out in September with POLLS showing Democrats ahead...and...voters wanting to be enslaved?

To support that September POLL...the Democrats and the complicit MASS MEDIA will compare(6/18) and (9/18). Their talking heads will tell the world that people want to be enslaved...they want socialism...they want to be like the knaves of Venezuela. They'll have Hispanics on TV wanting to open the borders so entitlements can be passed around to entrants as they enter. They'll have Afro-Americans saying they didn't get as much as they were promised by TEAM-TRUMP. They'll even have Hollywood actresses saying they enjoy being dependent...quiet...and...cud-chewing-ignorant.
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As long as a charity pays for the illegal immigrant...there isn't any trouble since the taxpayer is not burdened. However...TEAM-OBAMA created the "magnet" wherein the unwashed masses of the socialist south were told another storeroom awaited them...and...all they had to do to get that bounty was to cross into the United States illegally. They were told by the Democratic National Committee that once on American soil...they could disappear into America and grab all the free stuff from the Democrat cities where they were encouraged to go so they could VOTE DEMOCRAT and keep that BENEFIT flowing.
U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, (D.Ca) encouraged her small audience to confront TEAM-TRUMP...embarrass them in public...spit on them...key-their-cars...throw dung-bags...and...loudly excoriate and denounce. When Rep. Waters was asked about this aspect...she screamed to her supporters, "I want you to spit on those freedom-lovers. How dare TEAM TRUMP try and delete our beloved NANNY STATE. We want more entitlements....more freebies...and...TEAM-TRUMP is trying to force us to stop grabbing...to stop taking...and...begin "making"...commence producing...how dare they ask me or you to work for what we get. It's so anti-American. So...let's spit on those freedom-fighters and tell them we want enslavement...we want Democrats spending and taxing and sending this blessed land into the socialist toilet."

Hearing this Waters-call to attack...roving bands of miscreants began strolling the sidewalks watching for a chance to pounce. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi...before she could enter a theater...was surrounded by people heckling and snarling....threatening glares...and...clenched fists. Frightened and quite surprised...never did she suspect she had been "watched" and the crowd surrounding her...was an organized crowd...paid-for jerks...dispatched with the MASS MEDIA present to capture the event.

PAM BONDI and others were victims of a nasty campaign* to threaten TEAM-TRUMP and any other freedom-fighters. However...despite this clever assault...BONDI-IN-FLORIDA...she's a freedom-fighter and she'll continue to fight for liberty...and...to make the Sunshine State better than best. Even if such hurdle and hassle as what Maxine Water sent her way in front of that theater.
*Sarah Huckabee Sanders at the Red Hen in Virginia where the owner asked her to depart.
U.S. Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) is a socialist and a framer-hater. Instead of deleting the farm-killing estate tax...BILL NELSON wanted the estate tax increased...so more farms would be destroyed. "I want government to control the food supply just as it is controlled in Cuba and Venezuela" confided Bill Nelson when he was asked about his preference for taco salad.
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Ever since OBAMA issued his Executive Order known as DACA...the flood of humanity has been staggering...caravans organized by Democrats...the customers told they can disappear into America once across the border.

These travelers are told the Democrats have prepared a table before them with free food...free rent...free clothing...free transport...and...spending money.

When they arrive and discover they're TOOLS in a bag of 2018 election stuff...however...many are so disillusioned they vow to join MS-13 for some "payback". JORGE...for instance...a 16 year old Honduran...was told he had to go back and cross legally...and...then...once entering legally...then...he could access the GOODIES AND FREEBIES. So miffed was JORGE that he could not get what he wanted on demand...he vowed to join MS-13...and...do something bad to "THE MAN".
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Insurance exists if a suitable pool of risk-takers combine to spread risk. Customers pick insurance companies that can perform in accord with risk-expectations. The consumer and the insurance company bargain for premium and coverage. If an otherwise unhampered market exists...then...everyone who wants insurance can get it. The price for the insurance will be negotiated between consumer and the insurance-seller...each vying for the best balance...but...everyone can access insurance markets.

However...OBAMA-CARE entered and out-lawed negotiation of premium and  coverage insisting that all applicants despite pre-existing condition had to be absorbed. In the same manner that hospitals were directed to treat all comers...even those who could not or would not pay...OBAMA-CARE imposed a "take everyone" mandate thereby infecting the insurance pools with people who were looking for ways to force other people to pay for their medical services. That DRAIN has been the source* of the PREMIUM RATE HIKES.
*Following the tenets of tribal socialism...the "healthy" under OBAMA-CARE were compelled to pay for the "sick and needy"...a weird "forced-pooling" of sorts wherein needy people could get health insurance coverage and drain the insurance pool...forcing premiums of the "healthy" to increase. If the risk-pools were permitted to be larger...across state lines for example...perhaps...including Canada...and...Mexico...those enormous pools could accept "pre-condition" customers...but...the pools would have to be immense,(think 200 million patrons).
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When Kellyanne Conway was asked about the incredible tactics of President Trump...she primped with her IVANKA FACE KIT...and...then replied, "Edward didn't sense Bannockburn was "prepared ground" despite the pitfalls spotting the approach to Sterling Castle...a fortress that was about to be turned over to Robert the Bruce if Edward didn't come and break the siege. Edward dispatched his team in two waves...1st wave was the mounted knights...the 2nd wave was foot soldiers. The 1st wave was slaughtered...the 2nd wave was massacred as well. Edward was defeated because he didn't understand "prepared ground".
Why did Loretta choose to border-jump? Answering this obvious question...Loretta said, "Juan hated taco salad and when I...Loretta...offered as much one night...in a drunken rage...Juan grabbed a butcher knife and has been chasing I...his fearful wife...ever since. He lost me in the desert for a while...watching for circling buzzards...and...looking for fresh track...always saying aloud how he was going to take me down so that never again must he fear TACO SALAD...not in his house...not on his street...not in his world...no taco salad...and...his anger unquenchable...unrequited...and...boundless in pursuit."

Such was the story Loretta told U.S. Rep. JACKIE SPEIERS who asked if the lady's husband were the one with a bib standing on the south side of RIO GRANDE with a butcher knife chanting mystical incantations about taco salad.
U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier(D. Ca) was shocked to see children separated from their mothers as the mothers were processed for crossing the border illegally...a federal crime. Once processed...the mother and child will be bused backed across the border...let out...and...told not to come back to America unless through a lawful port of entry...a fate JACKIE SPEIER says is 'cruel'.

Hearing the cries of illegal immigrant children...Jackie said, "I want the American taxpayer to pay for this flood of people. They need our wealth and they're here to grab it. And...as a Democrat...and...as a proud practicing socialist...I know everyone of these illegal immigrants will vote Democrat...thereby guaranteeing themselves a benefit-stream just as they had back home before it dried up and the shelves became bare. I know they come to America to take whatever...to siphon and grab...hungry locusts...but...voting-locusts who will choose the "feeding hand" of the Democrat."
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Nicolas Tesla fashioned a huge static electricity generator. If there were many stationed throughout the region...the lights would luminesce without need to be hooked to wires...and...cars would operate on electric motors with capacitors designed to absorb that energy as the car travels from one obelisk to another receiving the energy emitted therefrom...no wires...no instrumentalities of transmission. Such was the vision of Nicolas Tesla. But...of course...the copper wire team won the toss...at least for now.
Adam Putnam is likely to be Florida's next governor. He's ready to make Florida great....and...with power-paste...keep the socialist grip off Florida's throat of prosperity. Yes...there are socialist counties...but...fortunately...in spite of the socialist public schools...these "enslavement-counties" are few in number...the freedom-loving counties not only out numbering them but also stepping forward...standing up...and...declaring there is another way. Perhaps...Adam Putnam wants Florida to bubble and blossom. At least his advertising* says as much.
*Unlike Adam Putnam...U.S. Senator Bill Nelson wants to increase government footprint in education and pensions. In contrast...RICK SCOTT asks, "WHY HAVE ENORMOUS PENSION BURDENS?" Indeed...most Floridians agree with RICK SCOTT. We need to jettison government pension yoke and let the employees have pensions, if any, similar to what the private sector enjoys.
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Kellyanne Conway was asked about how President Trump was going to leave an American footprint in Afghanistan. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "On every Afghan street corner...in an out-of-the-way spot...will sit a guard of sorts...part of WAR-BOT(tm). It'll sit inert as do the 20 million others...not bothering anyone...mute...but...ready to spring into action and delete Taliban whenever such person nears that spot. So feared WAR-BOT(tm) that Taliban will be disbanded. It's members will seek peaceful solutions to the socialist miasma BUSH-CHENEY imposed instead of Islamic ardor and allegiance...so emblematic of the Taliban brand. Eventually...the NANNY STATE will be abolished...and...a viable 21st Century otherwise unhampered market economy will manifest."
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Socialism necessarily creates a pool of dependent elderly wretches...most of whom were told socialism would fetch paradise. Never were these ignorant-gullible voters informed that socialism also begets misery and privation particularly among the elderly. Nowadays...in keeping with this horrific outcome...never are young adults told that the socialism they support today will be the capstone on their poverty when they are decrepit and unable to handle the dip and duck of every day life...unable to gather the wealth required each day to sustain...and...dependent on a government whose mission statement to create the pool of misery they now find themselves so much a part,(WSJ A-1;06-23-18).
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If they came and did not seek entitlements and government this and that...came to work and not to siphon...came to be self-supporting and not to be a parasite...then...Americans would open their arms and charity. On the other hand...if...the illegal immigrant has brought children and plans on siphoning and using socialist wealth of America...draining the brimming coffers here as she did in her own country before moving on towards America...as would LOCUSTS moving on to new fields...then...America cannot afford such an infestation* of GRABBERS AND TAKERS.
*Everyone of these illegal immigrants is told to vote for Democrats.
They demanded an Executive Order. When President Trump delivered...they accused him of flip-flopping...never once saying thank you. Not ever once acknowledging Big Don was reversing an OBAMA-ERA LAW. The hatred of Trump is obvious and odious...but...the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA and its Democrat-allies never really cared about the unwashed* masses border-jumping...only how they could be exploited...used for their nasty political purpose.
*Paul Begala admitted the Democrats were using children in a cruel manner.
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President Trump decided to use an Executive order to alleviate the OBAMA-ERA PROGRAM of separating child from parent if the parent enters illegally and asks for asylum...a two-headed beast the Democrats manufactured. Uniting children with those parents post-separation hasn't been easy...however...since employees of the Department of Health and Human Services have intentionally secreted children so that finding and reuniting them made much harder to accomplish thereby creating more NOISE on the IMMIGRATION ISSUE.
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The OBAMA-era separation of kids from parents...by Executive Order...was stopped on 06-20-18. President Trump directed his people at the border to bus these parents and children southward towards whatever place they wish to attack next. A REVERSE CARAVAN...so to speak...with the people headed south telling those ..still...headed north that the Democrats were LYING and there is not any socialist paradise to be plundered in America...at least...not under the hegemony of TEAM-TRUMP.

What isn't understood is "why" the MASS MEDIA isn't praising Big Don for that Executive Order...the one the Democrats said President Trump should implement. How is it the Democrats are refusing to support an Immigration bill working its way through Congress? Why are Democrats demanding these unwashed* masses from wherever be given the wealth of America?
*Clothing...food...shelter...spending money...and...transport...are all given to these illegal aliens...granted to them...no strings attached. As Senator Schumer(D.NY) underscored, "All they had to do to get such bounty was cross the border illegally...and...agree to vote Democrat.
While smaller website sellers might escape the SALES TAX crunch...big companies...such as AMAZON and ALIBABA...won't. They'll be mercilessly attacked. SALES TAX teams will descend...grab...attach...and...generally hassle and hinder. The problems the Supreme Court in the Wayfair decision unleashed will be monumental in scope and intractable in resolution.
Instead of telling socialists that GUYANA will remain a capitalist nation...open to trade...little in taxes...with most amenities provided by entrepreneurs. Because Guyana is so poor...the boom and bangle will expose them to the riches of the world. As Chris Ram...a Guyana lawyer said, "We can ruin prosperity with socialism...or...we can proceed into a 21st century otherwise unhampered market wherein never can be found an able-bodied pauper."(WSJ A-8;06-22-18).
Obama was overheard telling a Russian leader that after his reelection...he would be able to deliver what Russia wanted. Of course...CRIMEA was forthcoming. The MASS MEDIA...ever since...has worked diligently to delete that OBVIOUS LINK between what Obama said...and...the loss of CRIMEA. Had it not been for President Trump telling the MASS MEDIA the loss of Crimea was Obama's fault...few would recall this dastardly betrayal of Ukrainians by Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey. VIVA TRUMP!
Timothy Puko...a malicious Wall Street Journal scribbler....was informed that 10,000 concerned-scientists signed a consensus letter declaring with spoon and bucket one might dip the ocean dry and cause worldwide catastrophe...and...to avoid such calamity...all buckets and spoons had to be forbidden. Hearing such passionate resolve...PUKO added, "We can also outlaw methane and carbon dioxide...and...save Mother Earth otherwise into flames about to burst. Man-caused global warming...is just as feared as that bucket-spoon event. Mankind must delete fossil fuel and return to the romantic time of tent and mule."(WSJ A-5;06-22-18).
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An Alaska website seller was directed to appear in a New York City courtroom and answer to the charge of REFUSAL TO PAY SALES TAX. The Eskimo-defendant was served with court appearance papers by a dude traveling a fortnight by 20-dog sled.

Apparently...this Eskimo had sold a billion bucks worth of Alaska whatever in New York State and socialist Governor CUOMO wanted that $12 million in "due sales tax".

Of course...FLYING SEAL...the Eskimo who was served such esteemed court papers...took and tossed them away into a dung heap telling the federal marshal he was out on the ice by himself and it would be a miracle for him to make it back.

Taking the hint...that marshal bid FLYING SEAL "good hunting"...and...quickly departed headed back to civilization. As the law enforcement official was leaving...he observed FLYING SEAL disappear into a 5 miles square underground bunker-like complex.
Melania Trump flew to Texas to inspect OBAMA-CAGES...detention facilities used during the OBAMA-ERA. The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA were incensed when they saw First Lady Melania get off her jet with a jacket with logo, "I DON'T CARE" HOW ABOUT YOU? The MASS MEDIA talking heads were apoplectic. They were almost drooling venom. "How dare Melania wear a chic-jacket with the I DON'T CARE logo emblazoned on its back," chided MSNBC Chris Matthews...himself still recovering from the FREEUSFLORIDA.COM attack he suffered in Chicago in 2014 as he sat on stage with a Democrat loser.
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In a 5-4 decision...the U.S. Supreme Court* told the states they could impose sales tax on products that somehow electronically pass through their borders. Justice Kennedy said the states were losing $33.9 billion per year and the states could now grab that money...demand web sites deliver...and...prosecute millions and millions of such web site sellers...millions and millions of web site buyers and sellers...millions and millions of them. And...somehow...Tallahassee government employees are going to chase those people. It's preposterous...it's idiotic...and...because of that...it's an obvious American Supreme Court decision,(WSJ 06-22-18)..
*The U.S. Supreme Court framed the topic in terms of what it "costs" the state governments by their inability to impose a sales tax...an excise tax on internet-sales and force the sellers thereof to remit the relevant sales tax. Because there are over 1000 different sales taxes around America...that burden will be monumental. Hearing the cry of the unwashed masses...this BLOG created software,(click here), that crunches all "relevant sales taxes" from the point of origin to the point of destination and all the states in between...and...delivers a TICKET PRICE for the ITEM + TAXES.
Charles Krauthammer, (1950 to 2018). He jumped into a pool...broke his C-2...and...severed his spine. It was horrific. But...he worked* to get through medical school. And on April 01,1983 he coined the phrase: REAGAN DOCTRINE. On 09-11-01...he was a mentor to the families of those who had lost their lives in the World Trade Center calamity. At one point...in his chair...he told a friend, "Baseball by God was created late on the 6th day." He lost his fight to consumptive cancer. He did so much...and...leaves a legacy of scholarship and tenacity...a blazing emblem to those who are somehow faced with a hurdle. God speed, Charles.
*They said it couldn't be done...but...Charles...with a chuckle ...replied...that maybe it couldn't...but...he wouldn't be one to say so until he tried.
Qud Force...an extension of IRANIAN ISLAM...has been caught slaughtering Sunnis...mass graves full of Sunnis. One Qud Force member said, "The smell of rotting Sunni flesh makes my left leg tingle." Because of the danger Qud Force represents to Middle East peace...President Trump has sought to delete any way for Qud Force to get U.S. dollars and thereby finance its nefarious battles in Sunni areas. Thwarting his goal...German Chancellor Merkel told OIL-BUYERS to continue to use SWIFT (society for worldwide inter-bank financial telecommunications)...even though Big Don can attack SWIFT participants picking off low hanging fruit* for violating American sanctions,(WSJ A-17;06-21-18).
*The Isle of Tobago is watching this effort by TRUMP. If TRUMP can slow down SWIFT...then...TOBAGO will pass a law declaring ...perhaps...VENEZUELA...off limits...and...attack SWIFT the same way TRUMP has told the world he plans to do to interdict IRANIAN FUNDING of TERRORISTS.
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Peter Fonda...a 78 year old actor...with unbridled anger...told the world, "Why not throw Barron into a cage with pedophiles. Maybe that might make Melania say something to her ASSHOLE husband." SO vicious...so nasty...that the Communist News Network,(CNN) chose repeatedly to show Lowendowsky and some Democrat-stooge berate each other instead of showing Peter Fonda lift a weight.
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Understanding the Democrat-mind perhaps the best tool President Trump has in his quest to make America great again. He knows the Democrats are freedom-haters. Their mission to enslave Americans...to reduce them to sheep...and...flooding America with mongrels and miscreants is one of the quickest ways to destroy a culture and impose a new order...one based on fear...one where government is used to attack people...one where government...when caught...slow-walks the revelation so people forget and go on their way.

Recently...the border crisis...created by the MASS MEDIA...was quickly addressed by President Trump with an incredible executive order that grabbed the MEDIA by surprise and delivered to the Republicans a great way to push the Democrat aside when debate commences. The Democrat message will be one of socialism...big taxes...big burdens...more freebies...and...more bureaucrats...while the Republican...in contrast...will offer better economy...better security...and...if Republicans can sweep aside the obstructionist Democrats...the Republicans can delete the last vestiges of the oppressive 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE.
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President Trump hearing so much furor over border guards separating children from parents...he stepped forward to overturn a BUSH-OBAMA policy...a policy OBAMA imposed strictly.

But...when OBAMA did it...it was a Democrat doing it...so nothing was said. However...when TEAM-TRUMP continued the policy of BUSH-OBAMA...all of a sudden...it was TRUMP-POLICY and it was "immoral and cruel".

Folks...you're being played hard by the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA and the lying-Democrats in Congress.
Mona Hanna-Attisha refused to be pushed aside and eventually exposed the Democrats as the people who poisoned Flint's water supply attempting to create an environmental catastrophe that could be blamed on the Republicans...thereby helping a "green" Hillary defeat a "businessman" Trump.

From Mona's standpoint...the Democrats knew lead-in-water would happen if (i) river water were used and (ii) a $140.00 per day treatment that could have been used to prevent lead-leeching were intentionally not used. While Mona saw so much EVIL behind what the Democrats did...there was much her mind never gathered,(WSJ A-15;06-20-18).
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When U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions told the world there was ZERO TOLERANCE for border-jumpers...the Democrats began to organize a flood of humanity...with cameras rolling...and...ZERO TOLERANCE being imposed. At one point...a mother with a Downs Syndrome baby was found and sent to the border to cross illegally so that cameras could video border agents removing that drooling idiot from her clutches. She told a cub reporter she was paid $1500 to come to America and border jump with her sister's drooling idiot she was told to claim as hers when asked by American MASS MEDIA.
A Downs Syndrome baby* was taken from its mother who had illegally crossed the border. That combination was difficult to find but with a 2018 election at stake $1500 was not that much to spend to get that mother and defective-child to cross the border illegally so that cameras could capture the moment. Lowendowski knew about the set-up and when it was mentioned...he poo-poo'd the scenario since he knew it was contrived. Of course...the Democrat-open-border dude began to come unglued as he berated Lowendowsky for such a crude comment.

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Off Yemen is found a World War II aircraft carrier reconditioned to produce WAR-BOT(tm). As the "engaged" War-BOT(tm) encounter opposition* in Yemen...additional robots...modified to address whatever circumstances "engaged" WAR-BOT(tm) are presently facing...are dispatched to overcome the obstacle with the new weaponry and/or tactic. So feared is WAR-BOT(tm)...even its mention causes entire Houthi camps to disappear.
*The Houthi are Shiite and have the backing of IRAN. Yemen's home team is supported by Saudi Arabia...a Sunni stronghold.
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Goofy-Galston as he's known in socialist circles said market power is obtained through corporate concentration...and...such concentration must be broken and dispersed. When he was asked about the wagon-making industry that had only 1 maker of covered wagons...and...should not that industrial giant be broken up...Goofy-Galson said: "YES...it's a danger to commerce."(WSJ A-15;06-20-18).
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OIL. It's a commodity. In the marketplace...supply and demand...strictly control price. The more oil...the lower the price. At some point the price of oil is so low it's not worth producing. The lack of production quickly entrenches that glut until a dearth arises...and...as the lack of OIL is discovered by more and more users...the price of the "now-rare" OIL causes producers to return to production to chase that price spike all the way down again to the lowest level where the process begins all over again. People make money going up...and...others make big bucks as OIL...for example...plummets. And so long as there isn't any government interference...the consumer benefits in all directions...a benefit only an otherwise unhampered market* can deliver perpetually.
*Following along with this idea of "let alone-leave alone"...in the tome, HUMAN ACTION...Ludwig von Mises candidly exposed the horror and evil of socialism...and...all the other contrivances would-be masters with envious mobs impose on an otherwise unhampered market,(OUM). In HUMAN ACTION...von Mises pointed out the OUM delivers the best of the best for the most people; and to the extent the OUM is fettered...to that extent poverty and wretchedness are found. Indeed...von Mises would instruct the governments to step back and permit consumers to have the benefit of the vagaries of the market place.
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"I want her fired!" shouted Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Mass) when she heard the Homeland Security Secretary told the world that if someone enters America illegally and seeks asylum in America...their children are...by law...removed from them until such decision is made as to asylum. The parents who bring suckling babes are told they must depart or face separation. Due to their mentors' directive...they demand asylum and then scream loudly when their "at risk" babe is removed pursuant to DEMOCRAT-LAW.
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On Tuesday...Peter Strzok was escorted from the government building. He was not "fired" for his effort to undermine TEAM-TRUMP and "rig" the 2016* election...simply told to depart the area.  As Senator Schumer said, "Had Bernie been the Democrat candidate...America would now be in the benevolent hands of socialists with paradise waiting  5 miles from wherever you are."


*When Big Don told his jubilant crowd the Democrats were trying to "rig" the 2016 election...he was correct. The MASS MEDIA knows what happened...knows rigging took place although unsuccessful...yet...they hate TRUMP so much that they'll ignore what the Democrats did...overlook the criminality...and...avoid dwelling on the EVIL of the Democrats. Their purpose by refusal to speak about such things is to get America off the Republican side of the ledger. And...if...they were to reveal Democrat-evil...the Republicans would sweep the 2018 elections...a fate the socialists now fear most.


Democrats say a proliferation of the "health plan associations" would imperil the individual market by attracting healthy people which could raise the costs for sicker and older consumers and leave people with inadequate insurance,(WSJ A-3;06-20-18). When Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D. Mass) was asked about her charitable donations to help with buying adequate insurance...she refused to answer saying she didn't believe in giving money to buy health insurance for "needy" people.

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SEDITION. The crime of sedition was afoot in 2016 and 2017 and is still kicking in mid-2018. A coup de tat...so to speak...was launched against TEAM-TRUMP. It was the "insurance policy" of which Strzok spoke and McCabe concurred. And...it almost worked. Except...the Republicans asked for a "look-and-took"; and from the resultant Inspector General's Report...the DEEP STATE attacked TRUMP and is still attacking...and...won't cease until all the scoundrels are identified and plucked.
SEDITION: words or actions that make people rebel against government
Raised in socialist wretchedness and squalor...illegal immigrants border-jumped because they were told across the border were rife storerooms ready to be plundered. All they had to do was cross the border...disappear into America...and...vote socialist-Democrat when directed.

According to Democratic National Committee reports...the Democrats promised free food, shelter, clothing, entertainment and spending money if these travelers would border-jump instead of attempting entry through legal ports of entry...a pathway for which the Democrats told these would-be border-jumpers they would not pay.

As outlined by Michael Zeldin...one of the designers of this ELECTION TACTIC...to get DEMOCRAT-HELPER money...these border-jumpers had to be dramatic in their illegal border-jump and make big-noise when apprehended....suckling bade on breast fetched a $1000 bonus...an offer that attracted thousands of Central American parents...while an unaccompanied child could make a family an additional $3000 if that child made it to the border...successfully was caught...and...was able to say Guatemala....along with DADDY...MOMMY...AND...LOTS OF CRYING.

Even Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) admitted he was surprised the Democrats were so brazen and ostentatious in their funding of these travelers...and...in handing out scripts to be recited once apprehended. One such pamphlet described the sounds the CHILD should make so it might be better caught on AUDIO for republication: "We need good...clear sounding...crying...blubbering is too confusing...just crying...and...screaming for MOMMY or DADDY."

Michael Zeldin...a confidant of James Comey...admitted TEAM-TRUMP was not only spied upon but also attacked. Zeldin pointed to the attack that involved Roger Stone meeting with an FBI informant...a meeting that had been organized by CAPUTO...a likeable...gullible chap with connections to TEAM-TRUMP.

As one line-agent with the FBI anonymously confirmed, "Stone was so unwitting...so naïve...that the observing FBI agents had to report STONE rejected the DIRT FOR CASH...and...had left that "contrived meeting" having rebuked the FBI'S operative."

Nowadays...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA has framed that REBUKE as somehow pluperfect proof of RUSSIAN COLLUSION. Never does the MASS MEDIA add...for example...that STONE rebuked the FBI informant...an operative, STONE did not know...at that time...to be a FBI ghoul. When STONE was asked* about any meetings with RUSSIANS...Stone denied any interface with RUSSIANS working for RUSSIA.
*That statement was true since the informant...while Russians...was a FBI stooge...a ghoul...a dripping...festering slime-slug kind of whatever...but not a representative f the Russian government.
Folks...even though 4 attempts were made to gather the texts and emails of Peter Strzok...nonetheless...there are...still...things that best attempts cannot expose and Peter is not giving passwords for such extraction. He can't. He has something to "sell"...and...its value depends on his skillful use thereof. Indeed...Peter knew about Democrat Jon Corzine...a scumbag who stole $2 billion from clients...who threatened to bite back. As did Democrat Jon Corzine...Peter threatened to reveal his DATA...and...take out 90% of the U.S. Injustice Dept., the FBI and the Democrat caucus in the U.S. Senate. Such threat is "why" this EVIL-DOER is...still...employed by the federal government.
Here came the Inspector General Report...a scathing commentary on Democrat governance...and...there had to be a bigger noise in the room lest the I/G Report be center stage for the summer...a position that would be hurtful in the 2018 election cycle.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez...understanding the damage the Report could inflict...decided to use CHILDREN to get Democrats elected.

Hence...a flood of children was dispatched to the border...not through legal entry-portals...but...through tunnels...by rafts...and...border-jumping...50,000 children running through the desert screaming for their parents who sent them to do that very thing.

Perez enlisted the MASS MEDIA to help reduce the impact of the I/G Report. MASS MEDIA cameras followed along gathering the "crying"...absorbing the "tear and scream"...so that Americans... gullible...ignorant...POS...Americans might sense TEAM-TRUMP was trying to defend America...something the Democrats did not want him to do. Perez knew TEAM-TRUMP wouldn't back away from and would fight to protect the borders. By embroiling the border with crying kids...and...MASS MEDIA publication power...TOM PEREZ fashioned a bigger noise than the I/G Report.

"How dare TRUMP try and defend our borders!" shouted Beto O'Rourke...a Texas socialist and one of Tom Perez's closest pals.

As Beto was overheard off-camera whispering, "The Republicans must be defeated so Democrats can open the borders and turn America into a socialist miasma of misery and privation...a goal our esteemed leader Senator Chuck Schumer said was his primal want and God-given desire."
How is it that suddenly the BORDER ISSUE is now a crisis...a huge problem? TEAM-OBAMA was doing the same things TEAM-TRUMP is doing and the MASS MEDIA was quiet...the loudmouth-Democrats were silent. WHY? They were silent because it was not a useful political tool. But..in summer of 2018...it has become a TOOL...a TOOL to be used...a TOOL* to be magnified by a complicit Trump-hating MASS MEDIA,(think CNN).
*The Democrats have paid people to flood the southern border with unaccompanied children. The idea is to create a CRISIS with a complicit MASS MEDIA aboard...never telling Americans the baby-flood is a DEMOCRAT-TACTIC...a horrific one...but...nevertheless...a DEMOCRAT TACTIC.
The CNN editorial staff wanted "crying sounds"...so these CRYING SOUNDS could be played for Senator Kamala Harris(D.Ca). As called for by the Democrat script intended to groom Kamala for a run for president in 2024...the crying sounds would be played for her and she could demand "open borders"...and...thereby...reduce America to little more than migrant camps and refugee holding centers. When CNN was asked 'why" they did not play the 'crying sounds' of Americans who lost loved ones to murderous illegal immigrants...a smug CNN big shot replied, "We really don't care about the POS that is the typical American."
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Governments argue...people trade. Extract government intrusion from commerce...and...peaceful co-existence bubbles forth...since few...if any...ever kill their banker or baker. With courts to handle contract and tort disputes coupled with a stable money supply based on GOLD...an otherwise unhampered market fetches prosperity and benefits beyond imagination.

President Trump wants "open...unfettered...otherwise unhampered...trade. Of course...the government-run economies can't permit competition to go unchecked because America would out-sell...out-build...out-invent them...leaving them in second place...a position their hubris won't countenance.

The so-called "tariffs" which President Trump is imposing will have a dramatic effect on world trade for a few weeks until adjustments are made...the hassle assessed...and...circumvention pursued. Of course...MASS MEDIA talking heads...pretending to want "open trade"...are lambasting TEAM-TRUMP for its insistence that other countries open their otherwise restricted markets.
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When OBAMA was ripping suckling babes from feeding breasts...the MASS MEDIA and fellow-Democrats were silent. However...when the same process is performed by TEAM-TRUMP...the howls of anger are heard 24/7 in the complicit MASS MEDIA...the Democrats are shown on TV fighting to make America a migrant camp...or...a refugee holding facility...such as most of Europe is now becoming. President Trump said that fate would not befall America on his watch. VIVA TRUMP!
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Assistant U.S. Attorney General ROD ROSENSTEIN must be evicted from his niche. He's protecting THE ESTABLISHMENT from inspection and punishment...an unwarranted and unacceptable undertaking. TEAM-OBAMA must be examined and imprisoned where the knaves are found out to have committed criminal acts including OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. Indeed...the manner in which the Hillary-scandal was handled smacks of conspiracy to obstruct justice,(Inspector General Report page 385, footnote 181).
When the Italians turned away a shipload* of refugees aboard the MS ACQUARIUS...European leaders exploded in anger. How dare the Italians not take into their country such people....people they must feed...house...and...clothe...giving them whatever needed...draining whatever wealth left so that these people can have a "good Italian life" with the native Italians having to do without so that these "new arrivals" can have so much. Pope Francis called upon Italians to become poor...give up their bed to the refugee...give their dinner to the refugee...and...become poor and pathetic in order to enjoy the same kind of misery.
*The refugees were coming from a socialist miasma and many were pregnant. The Italians know these people will congregate in neighborhoods rendering them untenable to Italians and only usable by the "new arrivals". These enclaves are well-known in Germany with Germans being told to stay away from those areas due to danger of violence. The Italians do not wish to have their country Balkanized in the same way...so to speak.
Mr. Caputo...a 2016 Trump campaign operative...looking back on what happened...concluded he had been attacked. He'd been approached about "dirt on Hillary" in 2016. The Clinton-agents knew who to pick to attack Trump. Caputo didn't suspect the FBI and the U.S. Injustice Dept. were colluding and conspiring to put Hillary-the-hag into the Oval Office by luring Trump-people into "bad scenes"..."created scenes'...and...therein video-tape "buying Hillary dirt". They knew Caputo would never suspect "set-up"...and...would send an underling to make the deal.

When Roger Stone...out of sheer honesty...however...after hearing what the "scripted-informant" had to say and what the "scripted-informant" wanted in return...rejected the offer of dirt...that rejection was not publicized...and...still...is not being publicized since that rejection of dirt for $2 million was the honest way to have dealt with that FBI informant...and...such honesty does not fit the hate-Trump narrative.
Roger Stone was approached by a FBI informant...a 17 year informant...and offered "dirt on Hillary"...in exchange for...$2 million. Of course...Roger Stone rejected that nonsense. Stone had been sent to meet the Russian-FBI-informant by CAPUTO...an unwitting Trump operative who was interested in revealing the CRIMINAL MISCONDUCT of Hillary-the-hag.

That meeting was PLANNED by the FBI and the U.S. Injustice Dept. They were attempting to ensnare TEAM-TRUMP. They were rebuked by TEAM-TRUMP...however...when Stone told the RUSSIAN he wasn't about to pay for data. That REBUKE...that "no thank you"...nowadays...though...is not being publicized or emphasized since to do as much would only hurt the hate-Trump narrative...something the MASS MEDIA won't do.

Across town...during this same period of time...Hillary and the Democratic National Committee(DNC) were busy funneling $12 million...real money...funneling those funds to foreign interests so they might create the RUSSIAN COLLUSION DATA needed to attack TRUMP...thereby taking the "heat off" Hillary. According to this plan...the MASS MEDIA would focus 24/7 on the TRUMP MATTER and leave her and her EMAIL SCANDAL alone...enabling her in the last weeks of the election cycle to repair the damage* the EMAIL IMBROGLIO had inflicted.

Unfortunately...except for this BLOG...and...HANNITY...the American people are not being told the TRUTH. They're not told TEAM-OBAMA attempted to "rig" an election and put Hillary in the Oval Office. And when SPIES...recently...were revealed to be inside the Trump-campaign organization...specifically placed to help rig the election...the MASS MEDIA said that such accusation was LIE...even though JAMES CLAPPER admitted such informants were deployed.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The NANNY STATE operatives were caught attempting to RIG the 2016 election. The Special Counsel has been sent to attack TEAM-TRUMP when the real culprits were TEAM OBAMA and TEAM CLINTON. As JOHN PODESTA noted when told about the FBI ignoring Hillary's criminal activity, "Make enough noise in the room...and...while everyone is looking at that disturbance...you quietly depart leaving a complicit MASS MEDIA to thwart question."
*The MASS MEDIA won't focus on HILLARY'S CRIMINAL ACTS and "how" TEAM-CLINTON worked to keep the focus off of them. The Inspector General Report..for example...is a mere scrape in the veneer of EVIL...under which are found scoundrels and knaves so vile...so disgusting...that once they are identified and exposed...most people will shun them or spit on them.
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A rag head in Afghanistan was killed by a WAR-BOT(tm). Because this rag head was not only a terrorist but was also leading a crew of murderers...it was incumbent on President Trump to delete this miscreant. And...using WAR-BOT(tm)...this rag head was identified and eliminated with a small rocket designed to kill only the target. VIVA TRUMP!
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Investigating the flood of unaccompanied children on the border...officials discovered the Democrats organized the flood with the hope the hassle such flood created would deliver the 2018 election to them. The Republicans know the Democrats are sending these children...but...are reluctant to accuse them since the PROOF is based on border-jumpers who...when caught...tell their story about how they were recruited in their own country and paid to make the border-jump.
Although the MASS MEDIA is making a big deal out of a process that TEAM-OBAMA pursued...nonetheless...most Americans know Trump is fighting to make America great again and to achieve that goal he does not want a flood of ne're-do-wells demanding freebie and favor...the same stuff that they consumed in their country until there was not any more...and...as if locusts...moved on to plunder America.

President Trump told the world that America wasn't about to become a migrant camp or a facility to house refugees. The policy of splitting children from parents...the policy the Trump-haters say is a TRUMP-POLICY...that policy was hatched by BUSH and pushed by OBAMA. It's a policy which...nowadays...has become muddled by the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA whose purpose to give the Democrats some kind of political message that might play to enough gullible voters that the otherwise barren Democrats prevail in November.

Folks...if a person enters legally the children are kept with parents. If the parents enter illegally and demand asylum...then...by OBAMA-LAW...by DEMOCRAT-LAW...the children are separated...and...are released within 20 days...but...the asylum-seeking parents are still detained...a detention the parents are "paid by Democrats" to accept so that the children can be photographed being removed from the parents and a crying fit be observed* and video-taped.
*One such lady admitted she was paid $600.00 by U.S. Rep. Beto O'Rourke to demand asylum and to have suckling babe on feeding breast ready for photo-op,(click here for video of lady confessing).
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When Peter Strzok discussed the likelihood of Trump defeating Hillary...he mentioned there was an "insurance policy" just in case that happened. At another point...the same scumbag when asked if Trump might prevail...he rejoined with: ""We'll stop it". Nowadays...Americans are asked to believe the Special Counsel Mueller investigation is "unbiased". As Horowitz finally admitted...that so-called investigation by Mueller might very well be what was meant by "insurance policy".
Senator Richard Blumenthal(D.Conn) criticized President Trump for Big Don's assessment of the Inspector General Report that the Report "exonerated" Trump. "How dare he say as much," scolded Blumenthal. After the hearing...Horowitz told Blumenthal while he didn't react "on-camera"...he was prepared to rebuke Blumenthal. "How dare you...yourself...a laurel's thief...how dare you impugn Mr. Trump without any proof. We know you tried to steal the laurels of a warrior...that we know, eh Dick?"
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Because Hillary-the-hag knew how in depth forensic examination can be when it comes to finding data on computers...she destroyed her hard drives. That activity was a criminal act since those hard drives had been demanded to be revealed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI). Yet...she was not prosecuted. Her email activity while labeled reckless was not grossly negligent and hence not a criminal act. But...Hillary had to be exonerated or else they had to prosecute and accept Trump as President...something THE ESTABLISHMENT was not prepared to do. Hence...Comey...relying on a HIGHER JUSTICE...went forth on 07-06-18 and declared Hillary was innocent...a declaration he emitted outside of accepted protocols.
Roger Stone was approached by a Russian who was operating on directions from TEAM-OBAMA. It was imperative STONE discuss the $2 million. Stone accommodated the "set-up" but defused the BOMB by rejecting the "set-up" offer...an offer that was video-taped just in case STONE got stupid.

Fortunately for Stone...Stone rejected the proffer of "dirt on Hillary"....saying President Trump would never pay for such stuff...a rejection the MASS MEDIA simply refused to popularize since that rejection was the correct response...and...that kind of refusal couldn't be publicized...it would undermine the hate-Trump narrative.
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Democrats and the complicit MASS MEDIA are trying their best to foment unrest and incite anger over the treatment of border-jumpers...people entering illegally. "How dare American border guards impose American law!" shouted U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingle...a Democrat who knows illegal immigrants will be very expensive for American taxpayers.
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Exposing NANNY STATE a little bit through the Inspector General Report wouldn't have occurred had Hillary-the-hag been elected. All the machinations...all the racketeering and money laundering...all that misconduct would never have been seen...all covered-up...left unmentioned...never investigated...anyone asking would have been told to mind their own business. Such the import of the I/G Report. It exposed a little bit of the overall evil afoot inside the NANNY STATE.
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Former First Lady Bush said splitting families at the border was "cruel and immoral". Yet her husband never tried to change that rule...and...never came forward when OBAMA was doing the very same thing. Why wait until TRUMP is in office to bark? The jealousy and envy the BUSH family entertains for Donald J. Trump seems oddly askew in a family supposedly Bible-taught.
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Before TEAM-TRUMP began separating children from their law-breaking parents...the DEMOCRATS were doing as much but the MASS MEDIA and the complicit Democrats said nothing about it. Rip-away was done as a matter of course...and...they were silent. But...once Team-Trump continued that exercise...all of a sudden..it was NASTY AND UNACCEPTABLE.
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The TRUMP WALL ends in the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Both bodies of water are easily traversed enabling the illegal immigrants to flood America. "I am here to get free food...free shelter...free clothing...free transport...and...spending money. I was told to vote for the Democrat if I wanted such free stuff...socialist-stuff...the same kind of stuff that I was in the habit of getting in my home country. But I'm here because I heard this was a new socialist paradise...ready to be picked clean...ready to give up its wealth for the locust horde...of which I am proud to say I am one," whispered an illegal immigrant wearing a CHUCK SCHUMER FOR PRESIDENT button
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Most of the flood of people arriving at the Southern border come from caravans organized by Democrats for this very purpose: FLOOD THE BORDER. The goal of the Democrats is to overwhelm...and...create a mess at the border right about election time. Perhaps...gun fire...maybe bombs detonated...but...some big deal will be hatched around November 01, 2018.

These pathetic puppet-people are being used by such nefarious Democrat-planners. As one border-jumper admitted, "I was given a script: I FLEE VIOLENCE...AND...FEAR FOR MYSELF AND MY CHILDREN. I was instructed that when they captured me...caught by overworked border guards...I was told to recite that phrase: I FLEE VIOLENCE AND FEAR FOR MYSELF AND MY CHILDREN. Indeed...I was told to refrain* from speaking until the camera crew is in place and the tears and horror can be best captured."

*"We want fear...disgust...and...anguish. And...if that person can't muster such visage...then...photo another who can," instructed RAUL...a Democrat operative whose caravan notorious in Honduras for rape and robbery.
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U.S. Rep. Beto O'Rourke...a socialist-Democrat...said he wanted "open borders" and everyone entering given a social security card and granted freebie and favor. "As A socialist-Democrat...I want the producer enslaved. What better way than to flood* the zone with the dependent-masses of the world whose support** can be demanded.
*...a knave is born...a knee-crooking knave given to base spaniel fawning."
**Senator Bill Nelson agreeing with O'Rourke...told a crowd, "You vote for us...or...lose your entitlement...lose you seat aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...a seat that fetches free food...free shelter...free clothing...free transport...and...all given in exchange for VOTER-LOYALTY

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When Democrats held power in 2009-2010...they chose to pass OBAMA-CARE and not reform the IMMIGRATION LAW. When President Trump was asked about the border issue...he said Democrats are to blame....and...his border personnel were doing exactly what TEAM-OBAMA was doing. The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA could not accept that clever "push-back"...and...have used the last 72 hours attempting to undermine and defuse that declaration. VIVA TRUMP!
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If you want to be free from the grip and grab of the 20th century NANNY STATE...you're labeled by the Democrat-led MASS MEDIA as a "cultist"...not in the mainstream where people long to be cared for and culled as their master sees fit...to be part of a feudal manor...a cog in some machine...and...as such...another 'hive-part"...to be dealt with and handled as the would-be master sees fit.
*And...while that kind of labeling is used to stop liberation of the subjugated...in Florida...that sentiment...that desire to become sheep...is challenged 24/7 by every freedom-lover who knows how to fight back.
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President Trump drew his prey into a group...their hatred and greed amplifying and compounding...until...the Trump-haters were shouting questions and refusing to permit answer enabling Big Don to maneuver and deliver what will be studied for years as one of the most brilliant moves a President has done.

He lured them to open their cameras and TV stations to his declaration...and...then...he pounced. He said the DEMOCRATS were to blame for what was happening at the border...that OBAMA had directed such rip-away of suckling babe from feeding breast...and...it was the DEMOCRATS who were to blame for any misery inflicted at the border. Instantly...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA had a turd in their punch bowl without any way to extract discreetly. VIVA TRUMP!
Eric Rignot...a climate guru...received an envelop containing $56,845.00 in cash from a person wearing sunglasses and a pink hoodie in a Starbucks' bathroom. The next week...RIGNOT came forward and said, "Mother Earth into flames was about to burst. The ice caps were melting and shorelines were disappearing...and...the only way to stop it was to quit using fossil fuel and return to a time of tent and mule. Of course...his pronouncement was hokum...but...it was well-bought nonsense...and...the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA was ready to receive such LIE and publish it as if TRUTH.
The Democrats know people who receive government welfare are dependent and cannot extricate themselves from its grip. These would-be masters know they can count on this dependent vote simply by telling these slaves their sustenance will stop if the "other party" gains power. The Afro-Americans for years fell for this TRAP...with millions of them stuck on a FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...their food...rent...clothing...transport...all given by their would-be master...gifts they simply could not refuse...their fear so powerful...the psychological dependency so great...they licked boot when directed.

During the 2016 campaign...in Detroit...for instance...Big Don asked his curious audience, "Hey...what do you have to lose?".

At the time...he didn't know the crowd to whom he spoke was dependent and enslaved. Yet...he took the chance and offered KEY to their NANNY STATE CAGE.

And...miraculously...some Detroit-slaves did choose Trump-Pence. Nowadays...with the economy booming...and...almost all Afro-Americans employed...the Democrats are lost for a message that might attract these prior-supporters back...draw them back into the grip of slavery.
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President Trump pointed out the I/G Report was incorrect in its conclusion that "bias" did not play a part in the attack on Team-Trump. When Obama scumbags were labeling Americans as Pieces of S---(POS)...that feeling was the emotion of "bias"...and...the I/G Report to claim otherwise is nonsense...but...because it's a government report it can't undermine the integrity of the system even though that is exactly what that report reveals happened.
Stephen Hawking...an Oxford scholar and black-hole expert...before he died...told the world that man-caused climate change was nonsense...although lucrative for the charlatans who profit from the LIES told to the gullible. He thought it reprehensible that mankind would permit such junk-science to kill off innovation and invention in favor of a new Dark Ages...a horrific place where wizards and gurus raised up as idols. Indeed...before Hawking died...he sent a secret message to Timmy Titler...the official expert on climate-change...and...told him to stand up and speak out against the MYTH,(WSJ A-9;06-16-18).
*The message about climate-change hokum was also sent by radio into space towards black hole 1A 0620-00.
Yesterday...President Trump made it a point to tell the world that the IMMIGRATION PROBLEM at the border is a Democrat-caused issue. It was a Democrat Law that was used to rip a baby from its mother's breast. It was OBAMA who imposed that strict "rip-away".

But...when it was done while Obama was in office...it was called WONDROUS and ENLIGHTENED. Nowadays...that same activity is condemned by the same maggots who were applauding Obama for such merciless imposition of a federal border law...a law the Democrats created.

As Maria Cardona...an Obama acolyte...admitted, "In 2009-2010...the Democrats chose OBAMA-CARE and left the IMMIGRATION problem* alone...even though they could have made the law any way they wished."
*As BIG DON said, "I am only enforcing a DEMCORAT LAW." BOOM!
Elizabeth Holmes and Ramesh "Sunny" Balwani were charged with bilking $100 million from Theranos investors .

Able-defense lawyers are wondering what defense best.

Hearing the question...Timmy Titler stood forth and said, "Hey...extremely careless is not intentional. Why not use the HILLARY DEFENSE?"

As if water had fallen on parched lips...the defense squad cheered and began to erect their "RECKLESSNESS IS OKAY" approach...a path that almost delivered the Oval Office to one of the biggest crooks America has seen since Ma Barker led her infamous Ma Barker Gang,(WSJ A-1;06-16-18).
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When President Trump said the I/G Report completely exonerated him...he was speaking in a much larger sense than the mere words contained therein. The Report is about how the administrative state became weaponized...and...was adroitly used to attack TEAM-TRUMP.

When Hillary failed to defeat Big Don...however...PLAN B...the "insurance policy" was inaugurated...a plan that was recited by Strzok in an email to his paramour: Lisa Page.

What Big Don was framing when he said "total exoneration"...was that taken as a whole...the witch hunt that was launched by THE ESTABLISHMENT has been exposed...and...freedom-lovers of America need to petition for its cessation. VIVA TRUMP!
Except for a few brave souls...everyone else on the national stage took the opportunity to denounce or belittle President Trump and his effort to stop a nuclear war with North Korea. If it weren't for this BLOG...even those who stepped forward in support would have found their spine like jelly...their courage a vagrant gone mad. Yet...emboldened by the intrepid stance of this mighty BLOG...there has been a warm cheer for what Big Don has begun to do. VIVA TRUMP!
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President Trump and Chairman Kim met and made an agreement. The import of their interface was lost on the Trump-hating Democrats and their cronies in the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA...however...since the MASS MEDIA could never accept Big Don did what Obama could not accomplish. To praise Big Don would have called into question their worship of Obama...known to world leaders as a dung-throwing monkey.
President Trump is correct when he says the I/G Report exonerates him completely. Although Trump-haters won't grasp the import of the Inspector General Report...most Americans who wish to help make America great do understand what was framed. The administrative state undertook to skew and rig an election...and...then...once caught...once the gambit failed to produce Hillary as victor...the conspirators...then...met at the Senate so to speak to slash and stab with the COMPLICT MASS MEDIA inflicting the most unkindest* cut of all.
*Maybe...the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA can push gullible Democrats away from this conclusion...copious teat on which to suckle....but...others will ask about the "maybe"...wonder about the so-called "what if"...as in: "Maybe they could do that to me"...or..."What if that were I in the cross-hairs".

Kellyanne Conway was asked about the two tracks of justice...one for Trump and company...the other one for Democrats-in-power. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...and...wondering about feckless epithets...she replied, "Had Stormy Daniels threatened to expose U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) if he did not pay her $130,000.00...the MASS MEDIA would be defending Chuck Schumer for his transfer of money pointing out Schumer had to give that money to avoid being exposed. That same MASS MEDIA would have gone on to defend Schumer framing Stormy Daniel's threat as a bad instance of the old BADGER GAME. And...Daniels and her erstwhile lawyers would all be in jail facing EXTORTION CHARGES."
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President Trump shoved back when a "fake news" maggot shouted, "How dare you take suckling babe away from feeding breast!" President Trump heard the accusation...and...said, "Democrats created this law...and...I have pleaded with them...but...they won't relent...they don't care." So great was Big Don's candid assessment...it caused many in that feeding frenzy to back off sensing they were being "used...exploited...grabbed". VIVA TRUMP!
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Because President Trump makes himself available to the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA...the news-people must be ever-ready to stand-up...speak out...and...get that nasty-question asked and answered. Today...Big Don permitted the entire bunch to fight for his attention. They shouted and cussed each other...pushed and shoved...with the men stepping in front of the ladies and the ladies grabbing neckties and yanking for position. So ridiculous and offensive...the MASS MEDIA confiscated all VIDEO lest some Republican PAC use it to show American-voters how "bad" the Democrats and their complicit MASS MEDIA really are.

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Lazy...uneducated P.O.S.? Yet...the MASS MEDIA isn't focusing on that "insult"....an insult found in the emails of federal government employees who were referring to Trump-favoring voters. Had President Trump said it...though...P.O.S. would be mentioned 24/7 as was the alleged reference by Big Don to lackluster places as s---hole countries. However...because P.O.S. was said by a Democrat worker bee...the MASS MEDIA won't focus on it since it would cause voters to consider the Democrats unworthy of their continued allegiance since how could Democrats ever hope to overcome that stain: P.O.S.?
Patrick Kennedy was told to keep his busy-nose out of other people's business. Patrick heard the injunction but continued to stick his busy-nose into other people's business. Suddenly...Patrick pulled back...his hand holding a bleeding nose. Someone had punched that busy-nose. When asked about the confrontation...Patrick admitted he was sticking his nose into another person's business and that person objected in a way Patrick thought too surprising to contemplate,(WSJ A-15;06-15-18).
Paul Manafort had his bail revoked. Somehow...he contacted a witness and such contact violated the WITNESS TAMPERING rule. Why Manafort would do such a thing isn't well explained. Perhaps...he was "set-up"...actually sought after...and...not suspecting 'string"...grabbed...and...now...he's in jail awaiting a nonsense-trial.
The U.S. Injustice Dept. and the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation are...still...infested with miscreants and knaves. Deleting infestation...though...is difficult since the CIVIL SERVICE ACT insulates and protects so that "firing" is almost never imposed. The EVIL becomes more embedded...the EVIL PEOPLE more in number...and...the outcome of that kind of packing somewhat framed in yesterday's Inspector General Report. STILL INFESTED!
Obama gave away CRIMEA. He lost Crimea. It was his fault President Putin took Crimea. Such the declaration by President Trump...a statement that was obviously true but one the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA could not accept. Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...was not respected by President Putin so Putin took Crimea. It was a weak presidency and the Russians took advantage of it. However...the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA cannot accept that obvious TRUTH.
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The Democrats need an IMMIGRATION issue for 2018 since they lack any way to confront the GREAT ECONOMY that TEAM-TRUMP has delivered in spite of their obstruction. The suckling-babe event has been shown 24/7 by the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA where a suckling babe is removed* from the milking breast.
*Never does the MASS MEDIA talking head...though...explain that the lady violated federal law and knew when she did it that her child would be taken. Never does the talking head tell the audience that she did as much because TOM PEREZ...the chairman of the Democratic National Committee...sent money to her to carry out the task. And...never does the talking head tell viewers that she didn't mind offering her crying child as a sacrifice to help DEMOCRATS retake government and impose socialist misery and privation...the things the lady missed most about her native land.
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Folks...the genesis of the flood of unaccompanied children attempting to sneak across the border can be traced to a secret memo Chairman TOM PEREZ authored directing Democratic National Committee operatives and agents to stir up and send forth: (i) children without parents...(ii) parents with suckling babes...and...(iii) people with a pathetic and haggard look.
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James Comey did all he could to deliver the Oval Office to Hillary. His effort didn't fetch the intended result...but...his activities were commendable. He ducked and dodged protocols...stepped over hurdle...and...ignored bottleneck...and...all done to defeat TEAM-TRUMP...a force of considerable magnitude...and...one the MASS MEDIA had been unable to undermine.
New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood...poster child for UGLY WOMAN MAGAZINE...laughed when accused of being a Democrat lapdog. Underscoring the ridiculous nature of the suit...Underwood found it reprehensible to take in $18 million and pay out $19 million to other charities pointing to the Clinton Foundation where 90% of the receipts was dedicated to operating expenses and not to funding other not-for-profit organizations...as CHAIRTY-TRUMP did.

"I sued TRUMP because I wanted to hurt him. He plans on dismantling my beloved NANNY STATE...a place wherein critters such as myself have awesome power and not anyone brave enough to stop me," drooled Underwood as she looked at her preposterous complaint against the TRUMP CHARITY.
When MODA HEALTH PLANS,INC. was told by this BLOG to avoid OBAMA-CARE because it's based on LIES and EVIL...MODA ignored the warning. They believed OBAMA when he said people could keep their doctors and their health insurance plans. They believed Obama when he told them he would see to it their funds they were volunteering would be repaid. Despite this BLOG telling them that OBAMA was nothing more than a dung-throwing monkey...they continued to RELY on OBAMA...to repose trust in that simian scumbag...and...continued to fund their OBAMA-CARE INSURANCE PLANS.

Nowadays...though...MODA is reviewing the serial alerts this BLOG dispatched and wondering who in the organization was so determined to impose socialism that the BOTTOM LINE didn't matter any more. Indeed...MODA...recently in a court ruling...was informed it had been betrayed by TEAM-OBAMA...that there wasn't going to be any "backdoor" payments...and...the $12.4 billion MODA and other similarly-situated whiners lost was just "too bad"...they should never have trusted a DUNG-THROWING MONKEY,(WSJ A-2;06-15-18).
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Unlike America chugging out of its downward socialist spiral...the rest of the socialist world is slowing down once more as socialist-government* grabs and grips...stifles and stymies...until the producers refuse to kneel and lick boot. The front page of the Wall Street Journal confirms what this BLOG has said for the last 9 years: SOCIALISM BEGETS MISERY AND PRIVATION.(WSJ A-1;06-15-18).
*The infusion of "cheap credit and worthless paper money" wrecked Venezuela as its socialists replaced production with "printed money" and more government diktat.
After the Inspector General Report...FBI Director Chris Wray said he and his team had learned they had better find ways to hide their misconduct better. He was miffed the I/G had been able to discover anything although he smugly felt most of the criminal misconduct was overlooked or intentionally ignored...and...that WHITEWASH had left the FBI intact...and...its reputation salvageable.

However...most Americans know the FBI and the U.S. Injustice Dept. are just as knavish and evil as ever...and...scumbag Wray...himself a stooge-like ghoul...is willing to keep his mouth shut...and...praise the FBI despite his knowledge to the contrary.

As U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, (D.Ca) disclosed, "The FBI is scoundrel-packed...and...they need to be culled...each FBI employee tested for treason...and...then...fired just to be as nasty as they dished out when they had power."
Ah...yes...TRUMP could not...but...according to the New York Attorney General...CLINTON could. As where TEAM-TRUMP could not consult with or use the TRUMP ORGANIZATION...Hillary-the-hag could use the CLINTON FOUNDATION...and...the Democratic National Committee coffers to fund an attack on TEAM-TRUMP. She could launder $12 million through a law firm to pay Russians and an ex-British MI-6 spy: MIKE STEELE to fashion an attack*...an assault that would deliver the election to Hillary-the- hag. The difference in application of the so-called LAW is nauseating....but...in New York State...miscreants and knaves inhabit almost every facet of government.
*a CHRIS STEELE dossier adroitly placed...and...skillfully revealed to a Clinton-loving MASS MEDIA.
Ignoring fact and factor in ways embarrassing even to an unrepentant fool...the Inspector General concluded FBI Director JAMES COMEY did not do what he did with any kind of political bias. That conclusion is nonsense...yet...CNN is telling its small audience that such "NOT BIASED" means James Comey was fired without* cause by Donald J. Trump.
*The MASS MEDIA overlooked all the nefarious acts of scumbag-Comey as if those things were inconsequential.
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And so it was...Democrats orchestrated confrontation at the border by dispatching ladies with suckling babes across the border...running across carrying their child suckling on bared breast...done in such manner as to be the photo-op the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA needed to push their "hate-Republican" meme. How dare TRUMP take suckling child from breast-feeding mother! How immoral to remove suckling child from the crime-committing mother!

The scene is manufactured. Indeed...the problem could have been solved long ago. The Democrats in 2009-2010 had a Republican-proof majority and chose not to change the IMMIGRATION LAW. Instead...the scumbag Democrats pushed OBAMA-CARE.

Nowadays...though...with a 60-vote blockade...a blockade U.S. Senate Republican majority won't remove...the Democrats are refusing to address the IMMIGRATION LAW preferring to send suckling-child Impresarios into the fray so that the gullible-voter along with the low-information crowd can be shown as much by a complicit MASS MEDIA.
When discussing the difference between a TITAN such as President Trump and the Lilliputians the Democrats have put forth as 2018 candidates...the speaker usually ends with this frame:

"True,  Trump's elegances are within. He does not dress up like a pretentious dandy when he goes out. But he'll tell you this: he groom myself more thoroughly than you. He would never venture out in public with a soiled conscience, a tarnished honor, or scruples grimy and dull. he does not adorn himself with gems and ribbons, like you. Instead, he decorates himself with truth, independence and a clean soul. He's not ornamented with tassels and lace but with proud and brave exploits instead. Trump's spirit is sharper than your stiff whatever. When he walks among the crowds and chattering groups, he makes Truth ring bravely out like a clash of spurs!"
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In order to help address congested traffic...cars in China are affixed with an I/D transmitter,( REVELATIONS 13:17). Traffic control people can use computers to change lights and thereby deliver better to/from experience. As an added benefit...if a car is stolen...that same locator can be used to find that vehicle within seconds cutting car-theft to virtually zero. As Gordon Chang...the foremost Asian expert...pointed out, "China is ahead of America in almost everything...and...probably will become the big noise in less than a decade." VIVA XI DADA!
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Folks...had Hillary-the-hag defeated TEAM-TRUMP in 2016...then...the effort of James Comey would have been determined to have been "election-rigging"..."politically-motivated"...according to the "just-released" I/G Report whose* conclusion: Comey violated protocols but such misconduct was not politically-motivated.
*The I/G conclusion is one which could have been completely different had Hillary defeted Trump since the effort of Comey and his scurvy crew have been framed as such conspiratorial enterprise.
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Folks...despite the whitewash embedded in the so-called Inspector General's report on the 2016 election...nonetheless...there is sufficient factual data from which a voter might draw the conclusion the 2016 ELECTION was RIGGED against Bernie Sanders and Donald J. Trump.

But...because the MASS MEDIA and the Democrats failed to push hard enough...Hillary lost.

Somehow...the use of the FBI and the U.S. Injustice Dept. to rig an election was not illegal at least not illegal for the Democrats.