July 2018
Instead of a massive wall...string razor wire...a few hundred feet deep. Not anyone ever challenges RAZOR WIRE...and...it's such a nasty thing few people ever wish to draw near it in fear of somehow getting sliced and diced. Even an ABRAMS M-1 TANK cannot penetrate 200 feet of that stuff. It gets bogged down...its tracks snarl and snare...and...forward progress...halts. It's cheap...the North Koreans have a billion miles of the stuff for sale...and...it would in a matter of hours seal the entire border...mountain...valley...city...village...desert...all adorned with a formidable Razor wire barrier.
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With a 12 member jury picked...Paul Manafort knew he was about to be lynched* in a railroad prosecution. During the brief jury selection...his lawyer asked some of the jurors if they could be fair. They all said, "Sure...kid...we'll give him a fair trial...then...we're going to hang him."
*In London...the TYBURN JIG was the dance the person being hung did as he struggled to get a gulp of air.

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Recently...books sales have given MASS MEDIA some doubt the Democrats will defeat Republicans in the 2018 mid-term election. The authors who are pro-Trump are reaping big profits...while the malicious scribblers pumping out "hate-Trump" books can't give them away. James Comey book died as did Hillary's silly excuse-sheet...while pro-liberty...pro-Trump writers told a 2nd printing needed to accommodate the interest.
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President Trump...intrigued by the idea of robot warfare...directed Secretary of Defense James Mattis to commence construction of WAR-BOT(tm). Alarmed by the directive...President Putin asked his underlings what was meant by WAR-BOT(tm). They declared they had never heard of such a thing but it might be some kind of space attack system. Assuring Vlad they'd find out...they departed the meeting looking for ways to access WAR-BOT(tm).
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Paul Manafort...on federal trial for tax evasion and bank fraud...might testify and tell the 12 member jury he's not guilty...explaining each aspect of the indictment...undermining thereby the government's flimsy case-in-chief. Should Manafort be found NOT GUILTY...the Mueller investigation would probably terminate within 90 days of that outcome. But...the jury will be picked from a pool of potential jurors...whose general disposition is TRUMP-HATER...even if they say they're not when asked during "jury selection".
Plastic gun...plastic bullets...plastic projectile...totally non-metal. Such the vision of the metal-detector avoidance squad.

However...to-date...these innovators have failed to construct a plastic bullet.

MACK-MOOD...one of these erstwhile inventors...complained that there had to be some metal but what metal there had to be he could not find. "Everything I've tried sets off the metal detector. If I am to get a gun aboard a jet and kill millions of people...I'll need to find a way to create a totally plastic experience," drooled MACK-MOOD as he chewed on his camel dung jerky stick.
As it now turns out...the TRUMP TOWER meeting was a "set-up"...a carefully orchestrated "hit-job"...not with guns...but...with cameras...microphones...a well-rehearsed cast...and...a script designed to attack candidate Trump. Hillary-the-hag...and her cohorts...playing with the ideas of ART OF WAR...concocted this attack...funded the project...and...dispatched her minions to unleash torment and intrigue.

Nowadays...that TRUMP TOWER meeting has taken on dramatic significance. Were the Trump people there to get "dirt" on Hillary Clinton...dirt that had been stolen* from her secret computer servers? And...were they there to pay for such "dirt" should there be any "dirt" to be sold?

The DEMOCRATS' RE-TAKE THE HOUSE AND SENATE plan envisioned a 24/7 attack on Trump. That attack used whatever "nasty-bad" that could be used...and...that included the TRUMP TOWER meeting. Did President Trump...then candidate Trump...know about the TRUMP TOWER meeting before that meeting?

Somehow that question has taken on incredible import and meaning. Feeling somewhat penitent about this kind of EVIL ATTACK...MSNBC Chris Matthews whispered, "It's a real difference ignoring what Hillary and Obama did...and...focusing on something I happen to know never happened. That Trump Tower meeting was a set-up...the Trump people spotted the snare...and...departed quickly. But...I'd lose my job...lose my berth at Martha's Vineyard parties...and...probably be accused of sexual misconduct MOONVES-STYLE...if ever I said as much."
*When Trump-supporters ask if the "dirt" had been found and "why" was not that "dirt" used to prosecute Hillary and all her scurvy crew...they're told to mind their own business...that the focus is on something TEAM-TRUMP did...not...on the criminal misconduct of TEAM-CLINTON and TEAM-OBAMA.
Meeting with Iranian President Rouhani without conditions was something President Trump mentioned as a possibility. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo...later on...though...added there would obviously be framework glow. Big Don rejected the OBAMA-NUKE DEAL because it was flawed and idiotic...and...any agreement he might forge with the rag heads had to be beneficial to America. As Kellyanne Conway said, "If President Trump had not rejected that idiotic NUKE DEAL...in several years...those maniacs in Tehran would have possessed not only nuclear weapons but missiles capable of striking Manhattan."
Mr. Lu Wei...one of the promoters of 3-D gun printing...and...head honcho of the omnipotent CYBERSPACE ADMINISTRATION...disappeared after his arrest on charges of corruption and bribery. Reacting to the strict house arrest of Mr. Lu...3-D gun printers are frantic to find out which plastic to use...a secret Mr. Lu never divulged. "If I do not use the right plastic...my 3-D gun will explode and kill me," quipped MACK-MOOD...a rag head with terror on his agenda.
Jack Ma and his ANT FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP are managing $8 trillion. JACK MA filled the space the state-directed banks could not access. Unlike America where JACK MA could never create such an empire due to the envious bureaucrats whose mission to stomp anyone trying to become great and powerful in business...in CHINA...JACK MA was allowed to show the world what anyone can do if they simply imagine and persist. VIVA JACK MA!
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When BUSH-CHENEY not invaded Afghanistan and Iraq...America would be much better off. But BUSH-CHENEY elected to keep the industrial-military complex operational and hence our team was dispatched into those Islamic toilets...a meat grinder of sorts...to be absorbed,(WSJ &-30-18).

Nowadays...however...President Trump examined and concluded Afghanistan was a losing proposition and America needed to exit as soon as possible. Reflecting on the coming departure...Big Don mused that had Afghanistan been remodeled into a 21st century otherwise unhampered market...America could have departed long ago. But BUSH-CHENEY saddled the Afghans with a socialist template...big grab government...intrusive*...nasty...and...all powerful...a bad combination in a country where tribal liberty is sacrosanct.
*BUSH-CHENEY attempted to eliminate the drug-trade and kill off the income of 3 million Afghans. Of course...the Americans were killed when they made their move to eradicate.
BRUCE OHR...a scoundrel operating* inside the U.S. Injustice Dept...received the CHRIS STEELE DOSSIER...an unverified-salacious 35 page Trump slam-book. OHR received that stuff from his wife who worked for FUSION GPS. Using that 35 page batch of nonsense...BRUCE OHR was able to insert MOLES and SPIES into TEAM TRUMP.

Unfortunately...TEAM-TRUMP was not aware of the evil afoot around them. The TRUMP TOWER MEETING was one of these EVIL "plot-lines"...envisioned...scripted...and...only in need of ingredients. One such ingredient: the TRUMP TOWER MEETING. To bring about the TRUMP TOWER MEETING...the "bait" had to be worthy of their interest...and...after much back-and-forth...it was decided to tell them HILLARY DIRT was available...real dirt...criminal misconduct kind of dirt...the stuff by which dreams are found smothered.

ERIC TRUMP and PAUL MANAFORT were lured into the trap...a necessary meeting and one called for by the PLOT-LINE. That meeting had to occur...to be used later, if need there be. And...its this "if-then" aspect of the overall plot that reveals planners...skilled soldiers...jackals such as BRUCE OHR...whose opposition unable to consider the extent and breadth of their EVIL.
*There was a meeting between FUSION GPS and CHRIS STEELE wherein he was paid $12 million to RIG the 2016 presidential election and that meeting...if ever revealed...had to have a VEIL...another story the complicit MASS MEDIA could publish.
THE TRUMP TOWER SET-UP. What if the meeting at Trump Tower were part of a plot to ensnare TEAM-TRUMP in some kind of Russian-collusion miasma...bolstered by the actual meeting itself...a necessary ingredient...and...one that was brought about by some very clever MOLES stationed inside TEAM-TRUMP...people one would not ordinarily suspect of being a TURNCOAT?

At that meeting...when Eric Trump heard the Russian lawyer say her goal was to undermine the MAGINSKY ACT...Eric quickly terminated the discussion. He was there to find out if the Russians had those 30,000 missing emails...and...was there anything in them that could be used to besmirch Hillary-the-hag...thereby reducing her chances of defeating Big Don. When Eric detected "set-up"...he ended the meeting...and...departed.

President Trump said he didn't know about that meeting before it happened. That denial is the TRUTH...but...MIKE COHEN says President Trump not only knew about that meeting...but...was eager to hear what the Russians had on CROOKED HILLARY. It was OBVIOUS President Trump didn't know about the meeting. Paul Manafort...also present at that meeting...has always maintained Big Don was told later after the meeting...a meeting that had been FALSELY represented...a meeting designed to be a "SNUFF JOB" on Donald J. Trump.

Eventually...the TRUMP TOWER GAMBIT will be exposed as an attack on TEAM-TRUMP by government officials in violation of federal law. As always happens...one of the players on the other side...the pro-tyranny side...one of them will break* ranks and reveal TRUTH.
*It's as likely as not...the BOOK by this PATRIOT is already being written...but...not yet completed...because the outcome is not yet known. Some of the most involved crooks might escape condemnation. For example, it would not sell if the book described the indictment of Hillary Clinton when it never happened.  Indeed...Democrat Jon Corzine stole $2.0 billion from his clients and was never prosecuted. When asked why he was not chased...Democrat Jon Corzine replied, "If they bite...I bite back!" It might very well be the biggest culprits will escape prosecution in the HILLARY-OBAMA SCANDAL.

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President Trump promised a weekly effort to deliver Congress to the Republicans so they can dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE. "Once we're 60 days out...I'll be  doing a great deal of campaigning...speaking about liberty...and...why freedom-hating Democrats must be defeated. Yes...in Florida...11 million voters wanted BERNIE-the-socialist as President so they might sit at his table and enjoy the fruits of his "socialist" gathering...but...maybe...those 11 million didn't understand the "WHIP AND CHAIN" Bernie and his scurvy crew actually intended.
There is not any such thing as "free health care". Somebody somewhere had to pick up that tab. The Democrats sell their "FREEBIE and FAVOR"...though...by never telling their victims(voters) that they'll be reduced to the level of cattle...culled and tended as their would-be master sees fit.

Indeed...U.S. Senator BILL NELSON told a crowd he envisioned Floridians in long lines waiting for free medical care delivered by doctors who don't speak English. When asked "why" would Floridians accept such enslavement...BILL NELSON chuckled and said, "It's free and Floridians can be trapped quite easily by saying: "It's free!"
If RON DESANTOS preaches liberation...promising to remove the "hinder and hassle" that is stifling Florida and preventing it from becoming the wealthiest state and...perhaps...the richest place on Earth...eclipsing China and Switzerland...if RON does preach as much...he'll defeat the DEMOCRATS who are offering Floridians FREE MEDICAL CARE...FREE FOOD....FREE TRANSPORT...FREE CLOTHING...and...spending money. When GRAHAM...the leading Democrat for governor...for example...was asked about "paying for it"...she said her TAXES AND RULES would grab as much wealth as she needed to accomplish this destruction of liberty.
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Selling democratic socialism won't be hard. It's taught in every public school in America. Indeed...when a capitalist attempted to teach liberation over subjugation at a Vero Beach high school...the national socialists appeared to picket and protest. "How dare a freedom-lover attempt to preach liberation to the next generation of sheep!" shouted Senator Bill Nelson who arrived to march in protest.
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To stop the forest fire...trees must be cut. Around the houses trees must be cut...the underbrush cleared away. Such is how forest fires are fought and prevented. A 70 mph wind in California combined with environmentalist TREE LAWS that prevent tree-cutting...and..."Green" rules preventing underbrush clearing...however...guaranteed cataclysm. A great grandmother put a wet blanket over her great-grand children...and...hunkered down...finally....understanding the EVIL embedded in ECO-FASCISM.
U.S. Senator Menendez(D. NJ) demanded to know what President Trump and President Putin discussed in their private meeting wherein 2 interpreters translated back and forth. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo politely informed the senator he was not entitled to such data. The rebuke was cold...solid...and...fabulously effective. Menendez quickly changed the subject since the more fool he appeared by the time he lingered there.
Democrat Sheldon Silver was sentenced to 84 months in federal prison for taking $4 million in bribes from developers who wanted to build something that otherwise could not have been erected.

 At the sentencing hearing before Judge Valerie Caproni...SILVER pointed out he deserved mercy. Speaking slowly and candidly SHELDON SILVER recited all the CRIMES committed by HILLARY CLINTON and her nefarious crew...all exonerated...all never prosecuted...with Hillary receiving a pardon from the inglorious FBI.

"Why must I be pilloried* and not Hillary? Your honor...in the course of justice...none of us see salvation...yet we all pray for mercy...and...it is in this prayer that teaches us all to render the deeds of mercy. Might this court overlook my deception...my stealth...my criminal acts. My shortcomings are equal to those of Hillary-the-hag...yet has not she been condemned."
*Before his downfall...though...as the all-powerful New York Assembly Speaker...SHELDON SILVER engineered the election of Cuomo and Schumer. When asked to help him out...these two erstwhile pals refused noting they could not sully their hands with such nasty aspect.
Despite threats and intimidation...HARVARD UNIVERSITY finally revealed the HOAX underpinning the myth of man-caused climate change. Speaking on condition of anonymity...EDWARD BLUM said the CHARLATANS "cherry-picked" their data*...disguised it...dressed it...and...presented whatever was needed to support that HOAX,(WSJ A-3;07-28-18).
* BLUM cited example after example of DECEPTION. For example...to show ocean acidity and temperatures were rising..."tests" were done in areas where underwater volcanoes were erupting without ever reporting the exact location where 'samples" were taken.
Had a "short-selling" investor been reading this BLOG...a fortune was made recently when the predicted FACEBOOK stock plummet occurred. A short seller borrows stock and sells it...and...then...buys that same stock back when the stock price falls...returns the "borrowed stock" and pockets the sizable difference. The short sellers were told to be on the look out for any Zuckerberg sightings once the marketable FACEBOOK model changed to accommodate the would-be masters of the INTERNET(think Democrat politicians). And...of course...when ZUCKERBERG was spotted a few days ago chatting with such politicians...the "borrow stock and sell it" alert went out. If an investor did the "borrow-sell"...then...that investor reaped huge profits when the stock of FACEBOOK plummeted as predicted.
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It's doubtful in the history of TV broadcasting there has been so much hatred and animosity exhibited by the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA than what has been unleashed against Donald J. Trump and his family. Even little Barron Trump has been singled out and besmirched...a violation of an unwritten understanding long respected by the MASS MEDIA.

When asked about such contrast...such different treatment and handling...WHOOPIE GOLDBERG...a CNN apologist...said she wanted to assassinate the entire family...RUSSIAN REVOLUTION style. While disgusting and pathetic...WHOOPIE was commended for expressing the feelings of socialists...Eco-fascists...and...other freedom-haters.
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U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill,(D.Missouri) told the world the Russians had invaded her computers and had grabbed data. When asked if that stuff LINKED Claire to Hillary's "pay-to-play" racket...she refused to answer stating she didn't have to admit to criminal activity and she wasn't about to start now. Yes...Claire is a socialist...a freedom-hater...and...obviously...a politician about whom the Russians aren't interested. As YOR-GAY said, "That hag is yesterday's rice. We...Russians...would not care about such an ugly woman as that."
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The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA knows the latest economic figure of 5.2% is better than even Reagan could do. But...to his credit...Big Ron had a Democrat-controlled U.S. House of Representatives. The MASS MEDIA was caught napping...and...the Republicans by 1986 were turning America around after a disastrous JOHNSON-NIXON-FORD-CARTER era...a time when America actually went backwards not only culturally...but...economically as well.
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Today...the remains of American soldiers who died inside what is nowadays North Korea were returned by Chairman Kim. President Trump thanked Chairman Kim on behalf of all those families who can lay their loved ones finally to rest on scared soil*....American soil. VIVA TRUMP!
*The hateful news...never once recognized this extraordinary achievement. Instead...they lambasted Trump on what those remains represented. How dare TRUMP get back what BUSH and OBAMA couldn't accomplish.
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On 07-27-18...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA told the world to ignore the fabulous economic news about America...noting that in 3rd quarter of 2014 the economy was blistering at 5.3%...a figure the MASS MEDIA never acknowledged was "too high".

However...after 60 days of exploiting that spectacular figure...the MASS MEDIA quietly downsized that number to 3.2%.. While designed to TRICK the voter...such plot failed.

Indeed...OBAMA conceded the Democrats were defeated profoundly...their message of tribal socialism rejected absolutely.
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Okay....according to the two systems of justice now in America...it was OKAY for Hillary-the-hag to scrub her hard drives and destroy emails...and...otherwise hide her racketeering....but...WRONG...for TEAM-TRUMP...through Mike Cohen...to pay off an extortionist masquerading as STORMY DANIELS so that Donald didn't have to contend with more than the ACCESS HOLLYWOOD imbroglio wherein Billy Bush and Donald J. Trump discussed groping women.

Allen Weisselberg...Trump's trusted money-man...was summoned to appear before a grand jury to be asked about the EXTORTION PAYMENT Mike Cohen made to Stormy Daniels and her lawyer, DAVIDSON.

 Somehow...the extortionists have not been arrested...and...only the victim's reaction has been called into question.

Had Big Don lost to Hillary-the-hag in 2016...though...such investigation would not be occurring. But...because Donald defeated Hillary...anything that can be used to hurt Trump...even payment of extortion money...will be used to strike another blow. "If the MASS MEDIA never relents...and...continues its 24/7 barrage...TEAM-TRUMP will wither away," bragged MSNBC Hardball Chris Matthews.
When asked about the latest revelation from Mike Cohen that Big Don knew about the Trump Tower meeting in 2016....KELLYANNE CONWAY looked at the Trump-hating reporters and declared, "Two riders were approaching...and...the wind began to howl.  Did President Trump...during that action-crammed time...know that there was to be a meeting at Trump Tower wherein HILLARY-DIRT was to be delivered by a Russian lawyer? The entire matter was a "set-up"...part of a plan to ensnare Big Don and his merry band of helpers and soothsayers in some terrible plot...a plot designed to hurt his chances of defeating Hillary-the-hag."
MASS MEDIA is down-playing the greatest economic boom in recorded history by saying in 2014...midway through Obama's 2nd term...America's economy was booming just as much as it is in 2018. Such juxtaposition promotes a LIE.

During the Obama regime...producers were stifled...their shackles too much...their future too bleak...and...they refused to deliver their wealth to that dung-throwing monkey and his scurvy crew.

It was only after Big Don arrived that producers knew their time to strive had come and grab they must...for the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA and Democrats...if not vigilant...will return to take their wealth with horrid lust. VIVA TRUMP!
Former cricket star Imran Khan was chosen in a disputed Pakistani election upending the political landscape in a fragile democracy,(WJS A-1;07-27-18)...and...finally offering voters a fresh approach...a path to prosperity...devoid of socialist grip and grab.

Before the election...the socialists and their cadre of idiots and experts in chorus fashion declared such an offer to liberate the subjugated would not fare well at the ballot box with few wishing to be free from the stomp and chomp of the NANNY STATE.

Fortunately for Pakistan...the socialists didn't arrive and vote for more enslavement...something the "experts and global analysts" predicted would happen. Instead...a majority of Pakistanis chose freedom over socialist misery and squalor. "We want freedom not some nasty bureaucrat telling us what we like and don't like," asserted Imran Khan as he watched the election map turning PURPLE...Imran's chosen COLOR.
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Economic growth in response to Republican repeal of DEMOCRAT-ERA tax burdens and stifling regulation has been astounding to those freedom-haters who cannot accept capitalism and its fruits...and...predictable to those freedom-lovers who knew hurdle and hassle under Big Don would be removed. VIVA TRUMP!

Despite such lucrative improvement in the OBAMA-ECONOMY...however...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA is telling the world the improvement and newly created wealth was due to the stifling policies and programs of the Democrats. They're attempting to assist the Democrats in the 2018 mid-term election cycle by LYING about how involved* and necessary the Democrats have been since January of 2017.
*U.S. Senator Bill Nelson did not vote for tax cuts in 2017. He wants Floridians to pay more taxes and to lick absurd pomp with candied tongue.
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Throughout Michigan...Wisconsin...Minnesota...Illinois...Ohio...and all  the other socialist states...voters are bring told they want to be reduced to the status of cattle... herded...and...culled as the would-be master might determine best. While most voters will ignore that offer of "free stuff"...there are voters who will believe they can vote themselves a "pay-raise" and choose enslavement. Fortunately...real POLLING DATA show voters want liberty not socialist" freedom-to-obey".
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Maybe you don't realize it...but...the POLLSTERS are LYING to you when they declare President Trump's approval rating is below 40% and dropping fast. Of course...by November of 2018...the POLLSTERS will be telling voters they had best choose Democrats lest they lose their NANNY STATE...and...have to rely on their own efforts to survive. "If you want more from government...you must choose Democrat. Yes...you'll be reduced to a slave...but...it's all be free...free medical care...free rent....free food....free transport...and...whatever spending money your would-be master might decide best. Makes you want to vote Democrat, does it not?
European Union leader Junker told President Trump the EU was ready to bargain...open up markets...and...compete mano-e-mano...nose-to-nose...efficiency and enterprise the pole stars of production. Instantly...the naysayers and Trump haters...a/k/a...the MASS MEDIA and freedom-hating Democrats...said what President Trump did for America was weaken it...and...give Americans more freedom...something they thought despicable. "I was looking forward to the "whip-and-chain when we regain power," sniffed U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) as he chided President Trump for delivering bigger benefits to America.
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Hillary-the-hag drew $2.0 million from the coffers of the Democratic National Committee...along with $10.0 million from other "sources"...and...with that $12 million bought Chris Steele's dossier...4 FISA warrants...and...a batch of hounds ready to pursue anything that could in any way hurt Big Don. Such was all spent to "rig" the 2016 election. While her activities and those of her underlings and those situated in the highest offices of administrative governance constitute CRIMINAL MISCONDUCT...nevertheless...such MISCONDUCT has not been condemned...and...in some respects by ignoring it...has been commended.

Indeed...looking back at 2015-2015 for ways to explain what unfolded...the CLINTON TEAM thought they could create an appearance* of NASTY AND PRIDEFUL...and...with that AFFIXED to Trump...prevail in 2016.

The STEELE DOSSIER...for instance...was intricately inserted into the MASS MEDIA through Hillary-operatives: JOHN BRENNAN and BRUCE OHR. The intention was to add this NASTY STUFF to the BILLY BUSH imbroglio...and...mix in some accusations of ADULTERY and misbehavior...and...with a 24/7 attack using such HATEFUL CONTENT...deliver the Oval Office to Hillary-the-hag.

After Hillary lost...though...another level of attack had to be launched. The #METOO movement was funded by GEORGE SOROS to be a platform for victims-of-Trump(VOT) to speak out and be heard worldwide.

And come forward they did. Karen McDougal had a diary...a journal of sorts...wherein she wrote about her daily activities and nightly excursions with Big Don. While sparse in content...nonetheless...her DIARY depicts a love affair with a dynamic businessman...someone she admired...and...who would PAY BIG BUCK to keep their romantic aspect insulated from the world.
* Due to the help of PECKER...the KAREN McDOUGAL story was out there in 2016 as unconfirmed rumor...with Karen doing what she could to attract interest...and...monetize her story of intrigue and sex...a James Bond kind of thriller...busty playmate...tycoon with wants. According to U.S. Senator Blumenthal,(D.Conn), "Had KAREN been able to bring her story to the HILLARY-WANTING MASS MEDIA in October of 2016...HILLARY would have defeated Big Don."
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And...the hate goes on...and...the hate goes on...untrammeled...unfettered by remorse or twinge of conscience spawned. The vehemence...anger...acrimony...and...dripping venom bubble from the lips and mood of the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA...as if silk were slapping denim.

Nowadays...so hated is Big Don...for example...the typical secret meeting between two heads of state...something Obama did many times...such meeting with President Putin...is not presented as "normal"...but...a brooding discussion about how to betray America to the Russian bear. So secret and despicable is said the insulation that the talking heads are insisting that President Trump reveal the innards of his executive-power discussion with President Putin.
If an investor were a daily reader of this BLOG and educated in the art of  "short selling"...a billion bucks could have been made off of ZUCKERBERG'S ignorance. FACEBOOK users reacted to the INTRUSION by ZUCKERBERG and his crew. They joined in an exodus from FACEBOOK...an exodus...by this BLOG predicted...yet...a surprise to everyone else. Not anyone predicted this 19% precipitous stock price plummet except this BLOG.
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Even if you have the best BLOG on Earth....without a FAN BASE...the effort will not make a difference. While it might blast away socialism if it were widely read....nonetheless...without such patronage...without such subscription....without such FAN BASE...it might as well be a RED HAND on some big rock in the middle of a continent so bleak...so barren...few eyes would ever see as much.
In a sudden outburst of anger...Kaitlan Collins...a CNN nobody...screamed opprobrious epithets framing President Trump in the most bleak and horrid of terms as she left the White House having had her credentials "pulled". So many nasty names labeling Big Don were uttered...even Collins' supporters thought she had said too much.
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According to computers models...there was not any way there could be WATER on Mars. Indeed...10,000 climate scientists signed a letter declaring that MARS was without water. The same 10,000 scientists had signed another letter declaring mankind was causing Mother Earth into flames to burst...and...the MASS MEDIA championed that declaration since it was an affront to capitalism...and...an endorsement of BIG STIOMP GOVERNMENT.

However...recently....WATER was found on MARS...and...Mother Earth hasn't burned up...and...in fact...since the year 2000...there hasn't been any appreciable increase in temperature although the world's economy has almost doubled. Although it might be quite foreign...somehow a breach in IGNORANCE'S WALL...nonetheless...carbon dioxide(CO2)...the alleged greenhouse gas...hasn't done much other than what it has done since time began. Plants eat it...trace gas volume has been it...and...Mother Earth will continue to flux and flow...no matter if humans are in it.
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According to the same pundits and pollsters who said HILLARY-THE-HAG would defeat Donald J. Trump in a landslide victory...are...in 2018...declaring TEAM-TRUMP is losing support in the Midwest as well as the agricultural South. due to imposition of tariffs.

Why should anyone accept such an assessment from Trump-haters? Might the TARIFFS and the reactionary foreign tariffs be used to support this PREDICTION that the Republicans will suffer mid-term election losses because voters want socialism...freebie and favor...along with the misery and privation such idiocy fetches? Or...will voters sense President Trump is negotiating and the tariff stuff is another tool in his wonder bag?
Yesterday...as if slapping those sneering jackals disguised as Democrat Senators...Mike Pompeo told the world that America did not accept the absorption of CRIMEA by Russia...and....wished that Russia would return that patch of Mother Earth to the Ukraine. Surprised and perplexed by such a flanking maneuver...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA conceded Pompeo had put them into the proverbial wet-paint corner.  So angry were the socialists and their MASS MEDIA allies that they flooded into the White House news briefing area* ready to shout socialist slogans.
*Newspaper reporters and TV reporters banned together when TEAM TRUMP rebuked one of the snotty White House correspondents working for CNN. Indeed...Ms. Collins was evicted from a berth and seat at the White House news briefing room. "How dare Big Don exclude CNN!" exclaimed U.S. Senator Blumenthal(D.Conn) as he drooled over the FAKE NEWS that CNN had prepared to unleash to hurt PRESIDENT TRUMP once this reprobate had been ejected.
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Toronto police ignored the Islamic State claim that it had motivated a 29 year old Middle Eastern transplant to open fire and kill 18 Canadians. Faisal Hussain's family told reporters their son was a quiet child with demons bouncing in his dome. Yes...he drooled venom...spoke of killing...and...cut paper dolls without heads...but...he was a quiet boy...a child of clay...shaped and molded out of earth...they used to say, "Who's to blame for this child of clay."(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6n8ZTFFHVQ)
Lanny Davis...a vicious Hillary-apologist...said his client-MIKE COHEN was going to sing like a bird and tell the world what a scoundrel Donald J. Trump has been during the time COHEN was his lawyer. When Donald found out Mike was secretly tape-recording their conversations...he was surprised* and mortified.
*There was Lanny Davis...a Hillary-advocate...in front of a TV camera...delivering biting sarcasm about President Trump's efforts in 2016 to prevent LIES and INNUENDO from hurting his chances to defeat CROOKED-HILLARY.
While the freedom-hating Democrats quizzed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about the Helsinki meting between President Trump and Russian President Putin...demanding to know what was discussed...POMPEO demurred and politely told them they were due only what Big Don chose to expose. As for speculation...while free to indulge in bitter supposition....nonetheless...confirmation would not be forthcoming. As Senator Robert Menendez,(D.NJ) said after the hearing, "Mike basically told me to go pound salt."
U.S. Senator Tom Udall(D.N.M.) demanded revelation of all data from Trump's businesses...tax returns...and...all business relationships with Russia so that some nobody like UDALL can drip and vomit all over it. When did it happen that a businessman cannot run for president of the United States without some vulture such as UDALL demanding revelation of data to which he's not entitled. Folks...according to UDALL...a jackal whose checkered past and wealth have been the subject of many investigative articles...only a priest...someone without income...or...business relationship...could be president. As UDALL said...I can connect TRUMP* to Russia the same way I win the game 5-steps-to-bacon.
*In the game...the contestants in 5 steps connect some movie or other actor or actress to Kevin Bacon in some way. A knowledge of movies and personnel featured therein an obvious requirement for competing effectively.
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Okay...in America...in 2018...paying off an extortionist to stop a NASTY STORY from reaching the MASS MEDIA is a crime...but...the act of EXTORTION...if it's aimed at Donald J. Trump...is not a crime. AND...Hillary's payment of $12 million to foreign nationals to help "rig" the 2016 election and derailing Bernie Sanders's primary challenge is not a crime.

Unlike other countries...where crime by big shots is accepted*...in America...WRONG cannot be tolerated. Not ever! America is a blessed land...free from fault...and...sin is not overlooked...not accepted...and...the perpetrators must account for their EVIL. Such is "why" eventually Hillary-the-hag and her scurvy crew will be exposed and prosecuted...perhaps not in a court of law...but...in the court of public opinion...the most important forum.
*AND...Donald J. Trump will be completely exonerated and his attackers exposed as biased and hyper-demented. Not any crime by Big Don was committed...and...eventually...even the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA will have to acknowledge such...even if to do so hurts and hurts and hurts.
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Perhaps with commodities...fungible...generic...one size fits all...such labeling works. However...with respect to human beings...the GENERIC never works as "frame"...everyone different...everyone capable of doing whatever they do best.

Capitalism is the ONLY FORMAT wherein each human can experience their own power and proclivities...free from intrusion from busy-nose government...with the only restriction being that human action cannot interfere with another's similar right to act within the Socio-economic context. Hence people can exercise their right to act...free from fear that their neighbor will intrude using force...direct(gun)...or...indirect(fraud). In the capitalist approach...the POLICE are there to protect and serve...ferreting out those who would unleash FORCE within the socio-economic context. Similarly...the courts...civil...and...penal...are there to handle disputes between citizens.

In contrast...Socialism takes away this power to produce as one sees fit...and...replaces that liberty with "freedom-to-obey". Socialism imposes on the individual and compels that person to accept the future as painted by the would-be master with vicious-envious mob. And...because the HIVE and its "common good" are sacrosanct in the socialist state...the would-be master never permits* individual excellence lest the entire HIVE SYSTEM be undermined.
*Yet...when it comes to ideology...the belief system of the human...it's remarkable to see how people will align themselves with their leader no matter how despicable...no matter how tyrannical...since to choose otherwise would put rebellion and discord where compliance and peace were found. Such might explain "why" the North Koreans accept their predicament...and..."why" Elizabeth Warren...Bernie Sanders....or...Alexandria Ocasio-Cortiez might become America's president.
TRUMP-COHEN TAPES RELESAED. And...the world of the voyeurs came alive as they peeped through the window to hear how Donald J. Trump was addressing an alleged tryst with Karen McDougal...a Playmate of the Year in 2006.

Why she came forward in 2016 to demand MONEY in exchange for her SILENCE was explained by the debts and unpaid bills chasing her. When she was approached by TEAM-HILLARY with the EXTORTION PLAN...and...was shown how she could avoid EXTORTION CHARGE...should there ever be one...and...receive BIG BUCKS...Karen McDougal decided to throw rocks at Donald's GLASS HOUSE.
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What if the DEPT. OF INTERIOR intentionally permitted revelation of what otherwise was supposed to be redacted (blacked-out)? What if the reaction of the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA were so predictable...a gambit of sorts was unleashed?

 Suddenly...the INTERIOR ASPECT of TEAM TRUMP "accidentally" revealed the entire debate over what to do about the idiotic OBAMA monument-imposition nonsense...nothing redacted...all revealed...and...the MASS MEDIA is dripping with venom...telling the world how despicable TEAM TRUMP for their desire to delete federal monument designation for a host of OBAMA-ERA regions.

Now...comes the proverbial TRUMP-DUMP. What if the INTERIOR REVELATION was smply a trial-balloon so to speak? What if President Trump elects to drop all classification and reveal to America...and...indirectly...to the world the EVIL lurking inside the DEEP STATE...and...the complicit DEMOCRAT PARTY?

HMMMM?  What if?
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Senator Burr....a Republican big shot...disagreed with U.S. Rep. Nunes when they were asked about the nefarious aspect embedded in the FISA WARRANT APPLICATIONS (4 of them)...each warrant adroitly used to SPY on the 2016 Trump campaign.

Burr told the world that TEAM-OBAMA was correct to conduct such an attack in 2016...and...when used against Democrats...say in 2018...or...2020...the Democrats would not be able to cry FOUL...but have to accede the point. Following this obvious Republican buy-line...Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) noted that the same lousy basis in the TRUMP WARRANTS will be found in the FISA WARRANTS issued to spy on the Democrats in 2018 and 2020. Giggling about how the Democrats would have to accept the SPYING...RUBIO said Democrats were the only ones caught in 2016 actually attempting to RIG an election.
Twenty nine year old Faisal Hussain...a recent arrival from the Middle East...was not only disturbed but dangerous and psychotic. His family understood the danger but never informed their neighbors about FAISAL-THE-FREAK. And...because of their silence...Faisal was free to grab a GUN and shot people. When asked about their silence...they told the world: while they observed odd behavior...they never thought his verbalizations were anything more than WEIRD DELUSIONS....not real statements about how he was going to get a gun and make Toronto cry.
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Kellyanne Conway was asked about the 2018 mid-term election cycle. Will the Republicans attract voters in the 2018 mid-terms? Can the Republicans bring forth their voting bloc and defeat the socialists...the Eco-fascists and the other freedom-haters posing as Democrats? To such questions...after primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...replied, "Impatience of child...night before festival...such excitement bubbles and erupts vestibule."
OPEN THE DOOR...MYSTERY DATE. Such was the commercial for the game: MYSTERY DATE. Might the closed door session between President Putin and President Trump in Helsinki be so much mystery that TRUMP-HATERS are loudly asking why won't Big Don reveal what was discussed. So miffed are Trump-haters such as CNN and MSNBC that they can't say enough "bad" about the mystery and what could have been discussed. Jeffrey Sachs...himself a socialist jackal...for instance...portrayed Trump's silence about what was dsicused as tyrannical.
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HONG KONG...is the closest mankind has come to an otherwise unhampered market...a/k/a CAPITALISM...and...that island has so many people...so many billionaires...so many producers...it is used as an example of what can be achieved by individuals when government is removed from the factors of production. VENEZUELA...on the other hand... is used as an example of what SOCIALISM fetches...the wretched Venezuelans once a proud and wealthy people...now...miserable...deprived...and...forlorn.

And to think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez...Bernie Sanders...Elizabeth Warren....and all the other Democrats running for office in 2018 are preaching SOCIALISM. How out-of-step these jackals are won't be observed until after the 2018 votes are counted. Maybe the MASS MEDIA...assisting the Demcorats...can convince voters that urine running down their backs is really gentle rain from heaven to this place beneath.
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On April 07, 1988....after much soul-searching...Caterpillar CEO George Schaefer told U.S. Trade Representative Clayton Yeutter that he wanted all tariffs on all goods removed so that there would spring forth a 21st century otherwise unhampered market. At the Canada G-7 meetting...in 2018...President Trump reiterated* that simple proposition: GET OUT OF THE WAY!
*At the NATO meeting...President Trump noted how silly it was to practice defense when Russia was the supplier of German energy...a supply at a good price...and...reliably delivered. NORD STREAM 2 is a blessing. President Trump knows as much...but...saw it ridiculous to plan for a Russian invastion. The last thing Russia would ever do is try and take on Frenchie or the Italians...let alone the feisty Swiss or the bellicose Belgians.
The BLACK HILLS...sacred to the Indians...was INSULTED when into the sacred rock was blasted and etched white man stuff...Mount Rushmore brought forth...smooth from rough.

Countering that insult...the Indians agreed to etch CRAZY HORSE into another sacred rock so that white man can see Indian still there. Unlike white man effort...though...Indian effort has stalled as Indians gave up on financing a big etch job memorializing an Indian few of them even liked.

In Alaska...Indians saw what happened in IDAHO...and...have arrived to stop oil drilling and deny Alaskans more wealth in their pocket each year as oil profits are divided.

President Trump...brilliant...and...somehow able to see what will be...told the world that Alaska would be another oil producing spot. Behind the scenes...Kellyanne Conway told her friends that Big Don was shown remarkable forecasts of an Alaska getting warmer as the SUN delivers more gamma rays and more plasma blasts.

The Indians who are setting up their protest camps in Alaska were asked why they picked that spot for their camp. They looked at their leader...and...said...they didn't know. They were told there was land...their job to row.

The cub reporter chuckled and said that allusion was great...WATER WORLD and Dennis Hopper's command...telling the gullible about a dream...and...pointing the way to land.
"Behind that black-out...there were words. Words to be read...but...of course...now...blacked out...redacted so to speak," whispered Rudy Giuliani as he examined the 400 page FISA WARRANT APPLICATION of which 375 pages were blacked-out.

To the cub reporter he then added, "What if President Trump were waiting for the right moment to DUMP...to remove the BLACK-OUT...waiting until that most propitious moment?"

Rudy...in his gleeful manner...pointed out, "What if President Trump were giving the players a FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY? As if gathering all players into one place...after gathering all the incriminating data...after having each one tell their story...a story they believe can't be breached since the stuff was REDACTED...President Trump simply dumps?"

Laughing heartily...Rudy noted that even the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA would be obliged to examine and report...and....in that instant...President Trump would be able to defeat the socialists who by the time 2020 rolls around will be in control* of the Democrat Party...and...the MASS MEDIA.
*The U.S. Supreme Court removed 80% of the overall socialist BATTLE FUND when it decided in a 5-4 decision that government employees cannot have UNION DUES taken from their wages unless the employee consents.
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Obama...last week came forth to denounce President Trump. In reaction...the most prominent radio show in the world, (FM 107.9 Mondays 11:00 till noon EST), referred to OBAMA...after last week's attack on Big Don...as a DUNG-THROWING MONKEY. So powerful and accurate the description most of the world not only agreed but said it was too gentle a slap.
Stephen Sestanovich...a former ambassador to Russia...was livid that President Trump would deliver world peace when he was unable to get such discussion going when he was involved. Envious...nasty...and...disturbed by such display of excellence...STEPHEN said he'd rather be stripped of his flesh than support Big Don and his dream of world peace and blossoming prosperity.
John Brennan...former head of the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA)...involved himself in the 2016 election doing what he could to assist Hillary-the-hag. He was instrumental in generating the so-called RUSSIAN COLLUSION PROBE...an attack on TEAM-TRUMP the goal of which to bring about a coup de tat. The fact that BRENNAN has continued in this nefarious effort smacks of treason.
no image
While freedom-hating Democrats...and...some hawkish Republicans want a war with RUSSIA...President Trump know such battlefield confrontation is preposterous. And...because Big Don is a TITAN...he will ignore the Chihuahuas of the MASS MEDIA and deliver world peace and prosperity...an accomplishment few soothsayers...except the editors of this BLOG...foresaw.
JOHN KERRY...a nobody with a political "has been" past...came forward to denounce President Trump and to urinate all over the Helsinki summit wherein Big Don and Vlad reached an understanding...secretly forged. "How dare TRUMP not reveal what was said!" screeched Kerry...one of the idiots who negotiated the so-called IRAN NUKE DEAL.

After the interview...KERRY was told President Trump had negotiated the return of the HOLY GRAIL...and...the SWORD OF CONQUEST...two relics the Russians deployed to retain their world-class power. As such gift was revealed...KERRY became visibly upset...his lips thinned to a tight grimace.

Although hearing such joyful news would have delighted most Americans...KERRY demanded to know "why" President Putin had not given such power to TEAM OBAMA...a bunch ready to sack America and drive what was left into the tribal socialist toilet.
no image
Former Secretary of State JOHN KERRY admitted TEAM-OBAMA knew about the Russian meddling in the 2016 election...and...chose not to alert the TRUMP CAMPAIGN. Somehow...Big Don knew TEAM-OBAMA was 'rigging' the 2016 election and told the world he feared Hillary-the-hag would escape prosecution. So far...as acknowledged by JOHN "Jackal" KERRY...CROOKED HILLARY has escaped* indictment.
*Wild Bill held aces and eights when he was shot in the head from behind.
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Hillary-the-hag...at OZY FEST...told the audience she wanted to impose socialism...delivering free medical care...free college tuition...free rent...free food...free clothing...free transport...and...spending money. The crowd cheered her munificence...and...demanded to know "how" she would accomplish such a feat. What magic to make the loaves and fishes greater?
MAX BOOT...knew about racketeering of crooked-Hillary...yet...because of his own flawed character...kept quiet. When he was asked to use OBVIOUS LIES and attack President Trump...however...MAX BOOT...himself a jackal and snare...gladly accepted the task and has been "bad mouthing" Trump ever since...raising every mean thought possible...while...at the same time...denying he's "partial and biased"...a denial only the gullible and unwitting would accept.
Ever since man climbed from cave...he's been attacked by the would-be master with envious mob. Villages would be attacked...its women raped...its children enslaved...its menfolk slaughtered...and...that kind of barbarism in all its forms and formats continued up until 1776 when a group of men chose to delete the grip of the tyrant...and...impose a form of government that would protect freedom.

As if foreseeing the mid-term election of 2018...Ben Franklin...one of these Founding Fathers...pointed out the flaw of such a PROTECTIVE MANTLE: if Americans didn't appreciate freedom and protect it against all foes...it would soon be lost and America would devolve into another morass of envy and fear. Indeed...ole Ben was predicting the advent of BERNIE and ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ...two socialists bent on pushing America* into the proverbial socialist toilet wherein the would-be master decides: who lives who dies who laughs who cries.
*Capitalism is another way of saying FREEDOM TO ACT in the socio-economic context devoid of initiation of physical force...either direct(e.g. murder) or indirect(e.g. fraud). In a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...there isn't the hurdle and hassle found in America nowadays. TEAM-TRUMP is attempting t remove as much HINDER and pitfall as possible...permitting the OUM to blossom..
no image
The socialists led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders are forming into a voting bloc hoping freedom-lovers won't sense their liberty is in jeopardy...choose not to vote...thereby permitting freedom-haters to gain power and end the escape from the grip of the would-be master with envious mob. Might the MASS MEDIA be so powerful* it can keep the would-be escapees inside the CAGE?
* In one of the PLANET OF APES series...an illusion is used to keep the monkeys from coming too close. Might the MASS MEDIA be erecting an ILLUSION to keep liberty-lovers at home and away from the ballot box?
no image
Tom Steyer...a billionaire environmentalist...told the world it was time to impeach President Trump and stop America's ascent from Steyer's beloved socialist toilet...a place where TOM is part of the ruling elite...able to direct the unwashed masses using MASS MEDIA propaganda.

Of course...at this rally...TOM avoided questions about his beliefs since they didn't hold up well to critical scrutiny. However...try as he might to duck and dodge...he was cornered...a wet paint kind of corner...one where to depart tracks left...and...therein he was asked about his socialist bent.

The interrogator was a paid-helper of this BLOG whose mission to ask loudly a question about enslavement. It was already foreseen that STEYER would lack answers to such questions as: WHO WILL PAY FOR YOUR PARADISE?...and...WHY SHOULD ANYONE WISH TO PERMIT SOMEONE SUCH AS YOU TO PAINT THEIR FUTURE?

President Trump opened Alaska to oil exploration...a feat the environmentalists wished didn't happen. "We want America to return to a romantic time of tent and mule...dispensing once and for all with fossil fuel," shouted Gina McCarthy...leader of the Environmental Destruction Agency during the oppressive OBAMA era.

When asked if she were not the one who POISONED the children of Flint, Michigan...and...POISONED the pristine ANIMUS RIVER SYSTEM...she laughed and said she did as much but it was done to force America away from fossil fuel.

Looking around at all her fellow travelers and feeling safe to comment...Gina opined, "Yes...people die...but...a big body count means socialism and Eco-fascism are doing what they were designed to do."
In Kansas...Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told an enthusiastic crowd it was time for America to become a socialist paradise...free medical care...free food...free shelter...free clothing...free transport...and...spending money. They pointed to Venezuela and Cuba as two countries where everyone was equally miserable and forlorn...a way of life that these two socialists told their audience was best of the best. To be cared for from cradle to grave by the likes of them brought the crowd to its feet...here were two jackals willing to impose NANNY STATE spank and diaper check...and...that kind of tyranny* made their left legs tingle.
*Pinocchio climbed aboard with Butch headed as they were towards CANDYLAND.
Lanny Davis...the lawyer for Mike Cohen...engineered a "leak". The leak was of a tape recording Mike had secretly made of when he spoke to TRUMP about paying off KAREN McDOUGAL...another extortionist. The idea was to sully President Trump with a harlot's tale of intrigue and deception...trysts in bungalows...legendary fountain wonders...sex in forests with trees made of prisms that break the light in colors that no one knows the name of.

How LANNY DAVIS got a copy of that tape recording isn't so far known. However...its possession is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE...its divulgence a violation of  the lawyer's CODE OF ETHICS and could be grounds for disbarment. Lanny Davis didn't...and...doesn't...care about "downside" since he is a Democrat and can steal...lie...deceive...or...anything else he wishes to do because he's a Democrat...part of the DEEP STATE.

While you would be condemned for stealing that sequestered tape recording...a tape recording that was in an EVIDENCE LOCKER...LANNY DAVIS and his team of thieves have been commended for their daring and boldness to grab something that could hurt TEAM-TRUMP and help Democrats' chances of retaking the U.S. House of Representatives and stopping America's ascent out of the proverbial socialist toilet.

no image
Fortunately...despite MASS MEDIA propaganda*...a majority of voters know America is slowly climbing out of the socialist toilet into which TEAM-OBAMA had shoved them. They're ignoring the socialist message of MORE NOT LESS BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT...sensing therein lies ENSLAVEMENT and privation. VIVA TRUMP!
*Trump is playing the MASS MEDIA as one would play a violin.
no image
Despite the MASS MEDIA declaring retirees have decided to support socialism and reap whatever entitlement such would-be masters might deliver...the opposite is true. Most retirees see America climbing out of the socialist toilet...and...enjoying a rebirth of enthusiasm and productivity...and...they're delighted..

Sensing the retirement crowd has gone Republican...Democrats are offering more entitlement. Greater social security payments when the system is almost bankrupt has excited some retirees who feel they will grab now...and...whatever is left...those left behind can have. Somehow...these retirees decided their immediate needs supplanted the wants of the young and restless.

From here on out until election day...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA will be stomping and chomping...not anything Trump will say or do will be considered anything but "terrible and treasonous". The MASS MEDIA will tell the gullible* and the unwitting it would be best to be socialist...living in a socialist toilet...waiting in lines...and...licking the masters boot with absurd pomp.
*Watching America slide into the socialist toilet was too much for most retirees...and....when Trump came along and said climb aboard we're escaping this NANNY STATE CAGE...more freedom-lovers than slaves heard his message and voted to remove the grip of the would-be master with envious mob.
Wherever Senator Schumer goes...he's followed by a team of SCHUMER-HATERS...loudly saying "bad stuff" about Schumer...all of it true...all of it embarrassing...and...all of it exquisitely declared. In one grocery store...for instance...the shadow-squad silently stared and glared in ways so disconcerting Schumer departed that store...grabbed a cab...and...disappeared into the night.
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FACEBOOK...has a messaging system called WHATSAPP. In India...jackals used WHATSAPP to spread a rumor about a local brick layer. The mob gathered...grabbed the surprised brick layer...and...hung him from a tree. His death was greeted with cheers since they had killed a serial child rapist. When the vigilantes...however...were told he was not a serial rapist but the town marshal on his day off...they lamented...apologized for their error...and...went on about their business and fear-crammed lives waiting for that next alert.
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Folks...according to the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA...all the Russians had to do to influence the 2016 presidential election outcome was to get 0.03% of the voter-pool to choose Big Don over crooked-Hillary. The Russians did it by skillful use of greed and envy...putting carrots out for Democrats to chase...sending sexual-trap artists to visit Republicans. The outcome was TRUMP won the election. Indeed...the talking heads of the MASS MEDIA have in chorus fashion chirped, "It was not the foulness of Hillary that defeated her...but...the intrigue of the Russians and their mastery* of the FOOL-BURGER."
*A Russian FOOL-BURGER is fed to the target. The Obama-controlled U.S. Injustice Dept. made a deal with TEAM-HILLARY not to attack her over the emails and her "pay-to-play" racket she ran during her tenure as Secretary of State. That deal explains why STRZOK ignored Hillary's misconduct...and...why JAMES COMEY was writing an EXONERATION STATEMENT 3 months before he ever interviewed Hillary and her accomplices,(WSJ A-13;07-21-18).
Salomon Melgen asked U.S. Senator Robert Menendez,(D.NJ) for help in perpetrating...and...then...insulating from prosecution...a massive MEDICADE fraud. MENENDEZ thought he could help MELGEN because Democrats in the FBI and the U.S. Injustice Dept. were ignoring such Congressional assistance. When MENENDEZ did not support OBAMA'S plan...though...he found himself indicted for helping MELGEN...doing for MELGEN what other Democrats did. Instead of turning on the DEEP STATE...though...MENENDEZ relied on the prosecutors to deliver to the jury a "bad case" and thereby receive a HUNG JURY.

Nowadays...the Democrats hope MENENDEZ can defeat BOB HUGINS...a Republican whose message not so much about liberation as it is about rebuilding New Jersey roads, bridges and tunnels. If HUGINS were to preach freedom from the grip and grab of the MENENEDEZ NANNY STATE...and...invite New Jersey voters to join his march to make salt...to dismantle the NANNY STATE...and...deliver the producer from the shackle of the parasite...he would defeat socialist-BOB,(WSJ A-11;07-21-18).
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The former doctor of BUSH 41 was shot and killed by a bicyclist. Arguing about the Tour de France and its obvious "winner-already-picked" masquerade...DOC as he was known refused to admit the bike race was nonsense. His refusal to concede that simple point drew so much anger and venom from the "green energy" bike rider that the biker...pulled his cannon...and...blew a hole in DOC.
Jeff Greene and Philip Levine...two socialists running for governor of Florida...promise Floridians FREE MEDICAL CARE. The same kind of medical care received by the veterans...that same stuff will be given to Floridians. FREE...not anyone has to pay anything. It'll all be FREE.

When asked "who" would actually pay for such FREE medical care...LEVINE said he had the LEVINE PLAN. "I plan to force all Floridians to pay a LEVINE TAX. I will take that money and pay for the sick and elderly and the disabled. I will create a new bureaucracy...and...what the vets get...so will you," quipped a cocky Levin.

However...cornered about how many vets die waiting...LEVINE declared, "Socialists protect the hive not individuals. The herd is cared for and culled as the would-be master sees fit. It's FREE...so recipients can't ever complain. Not ever. It was FREE. Can't complain when it's FREE."
In dramatic contrast to how the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA in America has cast the meeting between Trump and Putin...in Russia...their MASS MEDIA characterized the TRUMP-PUTIN summit as a great affair...quite beneficial to Russia.

In America...except for this BLOG and HANNITY...all of the MASS MEDIA...for example...is denouncing President Trump.

"How dare he congratulate the Russians for exposing Hillary-the-hag and her nefarious schemes and plots!" shouted JOHN BRENNAN*...as he looked up from his table where he was writing how TRUMP was "treasonous". Climbing on the pile...Senator Chuck Schumer demanded TRUMP resign as president and crawl back into whatever hole from whence he came. Hearing scumbag Schumer acting so "holy"...Senator Marco Rubio handed Schumer a mirror and told him to shut-up.
*How Hillary used $12 million to attack TEAM-TRUMP is slowly being exposed. Brennan was involved in the machinations...and...eventually...he'll suffer the proverbial "perp walk" when he's finally indicted.
Angry Trump-haters ran out of rocks to throw at President Trump's glass house. The worst sinners among those throwing the most and the hardest. The ghouls and creeps at CNN threw the most stones...themselves adulterers or worse. When rock supply ran low...there was a cry for more rocks. And rocks have been forthcoming. The barrage 24/7...the hatred in each tossed stone as vile as the person doing the attack,(JOHN 8:7).
Why the parade? Why have troops marching down Pennsylvania Avenue? The idea is not a very good one since it will only give Trump-haters something to attack. Imagine protestors* throwing dung-bags at the marching troops...reviling them...desecrating Old Glory with flag burnings...and...spitting on the generals...and...you've just imagined exactly what will unfold should Big Don attempt such a parade of PRIDE AND UNITY.
* In GODFATHER part III...Joey ZA-ZA is walking along with a parade. Suddenly...someone yells, "HEY JOEY...HOW ABOUT THIS?" and with that takes out a knife and scratches the NEW CADILLAC that was to be given away at the end of the parade...a CADILLAC JOEY ZA-ZA had bought for the occasion.
A very unusual storm struck Branson, Montana...and...a duck boat packed with 31 sight-seers was caught in that miasma and sank killing 16  passengers and the duck boat driver. Unlike other boats...the duck boat is a military vehicle and as such was not designed to remain afloat but to sink precipitously so as not to block the other duck boats heading towards the beachhead.
Who was it that sparked KAREN McDOUGAL to threaten Donald J. Trump with exposure if he didn't pay her off? Was it Karen...herself somehow a self-starter...who finally go around to unleashing her venom? And...if it were she...why did she wait until Big Don was well on his way to becoming the Republican nominee in the 2016 presidential race against Hillary-the-hag? And...how did a secreted tape recording in a bundle of things seized from Mike Cohen's office pursuant to a Trump-hating search warrant get "leaked" to the MASS MEDIA?

The "leaked tape" is a piece of evidence of illegality. Whoever did leak that tape to the MASS MEDIA committed a discovery violation punishable by disbarment...or...loss of job if not a lawyer who did it. It's also be a federal crime to invade a "secure evidence locker" and extract a piece of evidence. Whoever took that tape and leaked it to the MASS MEDIA committed a criminal offense.

Will the "leaker" be caught? Will the leaker turn out to be Mueller himself? Or will it be ROSENSTEIN? Or Strzok perhaps?  Whoever did take it....concluded it SAFE to take that tape from the EVIDENCE LOCKER...and...that kind of insulation might very well point to the person(s) who conspired to enter the EVIDENCE LOCKER and purloin that tape.
no image
According to the propaganda...President Trump is destroying wilderness areas and killing off polar bears. Of course...this declaration is a LIE...but...Trump-haters will ignore the preposterous aspect and chow down on that LIE...school children motivated by their freedom-hating teachers will protest the loss of wilderness. They be taught to demand all fossil fuel be deleted and there be a return to a romantic time...a time of tent and mule...a time before fossil fuel.
Depending on who is offering their opinion...President Trump either had a wondrous meeting with President Putin...or...a disastrous summit. Of course...TRUMP-HATERS and the MASS MEDIA cannot say enough about what President Trump did or did not do at that meeting...while TRUMP-SUPPORTERS are pointing to the incredible AGREEMENT Trump forged with Putin...something OBAMA failed to do. Viva Trump!
Before Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy...Melania told him that he would win and be President...but...also...added that all that glitters is not gold...and...that SKELETONS* from ladies from times past would flood the zone...and...the complicit MASS MEDIA and Democrats would push every tweak and twig to sully and besmirch. Melania told Trump he'd be reviled by the socialists...burned in effigy by the Eco-fascists...and...pilloried by every rock thrower who ever passed a glass house.
*Coming forward to tell her tale of ADULTERY...Karen McDougal admitted she was wrong. She was asked about the SIN of AULTERY. Karen said she knew it was wrong to have sex with a married man...but...blew it off as something she did in 2006 for 10 months.
When Hillary-the-hag was informed that her computers were about to be seized...and...thereby expose her racketeering and "pay-to-play" schemes to inspection...she dispatched a SCRUB SQUAD to delete.

What she didn't know was that her emails had been absorbed by hackers curious about how Hillary managed to forge a billion dollar wealth package. The snoopers left behind a FALSE TRAIL so that hapless Russians working for the GRU would be identified as the culprits...if ever such question were raised.

After the SCRUB...she confidently portrayed her DELETED EMAILS as "yoga classes"...and...event-planning...never telling the gullible audience embedded in those "innocent-looking" emails...were encrypted messages. The team she paid to scrub assured her that the data had been purged...and...that guarantee gave her the observed confidence to declare her deleted emails to be "innocent stuff".

Hillary-the-hag didn't want someone such as CHAMPOLION...the dude who deciphered the ROSETTA STONE...examining her email data...ferreting out incriminating messages...and...then...publishing them so the world might behold a scoundrel.


TEAM-OBAMA gave Hillary-the-hag plenty of time to delete. She did not "play" for the COMPUTER-HACK...however...always assuming her private computer server was hidden...and...few Americans would ever consider to look in a closet in a bathroom in Dallas.

Of course...America knows her entire data base was grabbed...ready to be used against her should she have defeated Big Don....an accomplishment the MASS MEDIA and TEAM-HILLARY and TEAM-OBAMA concluded was an assured outcome of the 2016 presidential race.

The other dialogue was between Michael Cohen and Donald J. Trump...a dialogue that Big Don didn't know Mike was recording...a dialogue that was seized in a search warrant...and...then...leaked to CNN...a Trump-hating organization as foul and ghoulish as some offensive tale from the crypt.

In the dialogue: (i) COHEN...tells TRUMP that KAREN McDOUGAL is about to break her silence and "tell all" unless TRUMP pays her money. (ii) Trump listens to Cohen frame the EXTORTION THREAT. (iii) Openly Trump queries how McDougal could threaten exposure and not be arrested. Instead of prosecuting McDOUGAL as an extortionist...and...adding her erstwhile lawyer  as a codefendant...something that would have happened had McDougal threatened Obama or Schumer with as much...here she was blatantly and openly threatening revelation if MONEY were not paid. Cohen notes the potential for hassle and hinder in a close race...something Trump needed to step over not in. Trump then embarks on how to pay her off and not have to expose the payment...something most victims of the BADGER GAME endeavor to do...something McDOUGAL and her crew expected.

Yes...folks...two dialogues...tow discussions...one to hide evidence...the other to stop EXTORTION and perhaps a political campaign loss. The MASS MEDIA would have you focus on dialogue #2 and ask about TRUMP'S moral aspect when he is willing to pay off an EXTORTIONIST...and...IGNORE the crimes of HILLARY.

The election of 2018 will be a defining moment...when...the freedom-lovers defeat the DEEP STATE and its complicit MASS MEDIA.

How can the "content" of a tape recording that is a private matter between a lawyer and client suddenly be known by CNN? What manner of leak has MUELLER suffered this time around? Might this leak have been intentionally executed by MUELLER himself? Might ole "Bobby" Mueller have heard so much "nasty" about his predilection for evil that he finally divulged what should not have been revealed?
How could CNN be declaring Mike Cohen made a secret recording of a telephone call between himself and President Trump? How does CNN know they discussed paying off  McDougal...a clever extortionist?

According to the "leaker"...the telephone dialogue addressed how TRUMP was going to react to this latest extortion effort. According to the tape recording...McDougal threatened to go public with her story of a sexual encounter above Tiffany's after breakfast. As framed by Cohen in that "leaked" telephone dialogue...so overwhelming was the potential destruction* of Donald's chances to defeat Hillary-the-hag...that the PAYMENT TO THE EXTORTIONIST had to be made.

Instead of castigating the EXTORTIONISTS...and their vulture lawyers...though...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA is discussing the legality of paying extortionists....as if payment to keep an extortionist from revealing the THREATENED DATA were somehow illegal.

No...folks...you're being handed a DUNG SANDWICH by the MASS MEDIA and only the most gullible would ever think PRESIDENT TRUMP were trying to "rig" his own election by discussing such quelling of LIES.
*Anywhere else but in America...EXTORTION IS A CRIME. In America...it's still a crime...UNLESS...DONALD J. TRUMP ITS VICTIM. There are two tracks of justice...one for us...one for them. Overlooking the obvious racketeering and criminality of TEAM-CLINTON and TEAM-OBAMA has been accomplished by Robert Mueller and his scurvy crew with aplomb.
"To get everyone on the same page...President Trump should have sat down with all his cabinet and told them what he planned to do," snorted Leon Panetta as if he had something worthwhile to say. When asked about "leaks" in TEAM-TRUMP...Panetta smiled and said, "When Obama assassinated Ambassador Stevens...there was not any leak about it. Everyone discussed a VIDEO...there was not any mention of what OBAMA had really done."
Mike Cohen...ever the enterprising jackal...secretly recorded his client, DONALD J. TRUMP. These recordings were grabbed by the Mueller bunch when they executed search warrants.

And....following along with the "leak-if-hurts" approach of Mueller's team...the existence of such SECRET TAPE RECORDINGS has been revealed along with their content.

Attorney-client privilege becomes irrelevant...though...when content* is leaked. Even if the judge rules such recordings are client-lawyer stuff and cannot be revealed to anyone...nonetheless...the content through MUELLER have been made public.

PRESIDENT TRUMP did not have the same advantage afforded to Hillary-the-hag. In 2016...she was notified that a subpoena was going to be issued for her COMPUTERS...and...that ALERT gave her time to DELETE...time that was not granted to COHEN or to his client-TRUMP. Because there was not any time to delete...TRUMP-HATERS...now...have access to SECRET RECORDINGS...the topic of which was how to handle extortion with a vicious pro-Hillary MASS MEDIA looking for more ways** to attack and punch.
*And to say MUELLER'S PROBE is not biased and anti-Trump is to utter nonsense.
**BILLY BUSH and the TRUMP UTTERANCES that were not only recorded but saved for the best time to expose and kick...should TRUMP ever get into the contender spot.
Can a rabid socialist be defeated in the 2018 mid-term? Answering "yes" to this question...this BLOG has dispatched a team to follow this jackal. Indeed...U.S. Senator Blumenthal(D. Conn) has been shadowed by PUBLIC-ADVOCATES. Every time he appears at a town hall...or...makes any public statement...he is candidly asked to tell the audience how he SAVED LIETNEANT DAN. That demand...always forces this laurel's thief to admit he LIED about his combat experience...noting he was in the MAIL ROOM when his pals were being slaughtered. The effectiveness of that shadowing can be gauged by the fact BLUMENTHAL never answers questions any more...and...ignores the CAT-CALL for an explanation.
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Who wants to preserve the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? The Democrats want as much and more. Senator Bill Nelson(D. FL)...for instance...said he envisioned Venezuela coming to Florida...socialist this and that...free food...free clothing...free shelter...free medical care...free transport...and...spending money...all given to Floridians by the enslaved. WOW!
James C. Capretta is wrong when he says Congress should retain the CADILLAC TAX on employer-paid premiums for healthcare packages. Why not champion reduction in income taxes and all other taxes...and...remove the CADILLAC TAX as just another abominable vestige of OBAMA...ever the dung-throwing monkey? Capretta acknowledged removal of tax was best...but...inside the NANNY STATE CAGE...he was willing to put shackle on some...and...remove it for others, (WSJ A-17;07-20-18).
U.S. Senator Schumer(D. NY) was threatened with exposure if he did not pay $130,000.00 to TIFFANY...a stripper who claimed she had been raped by Schumer and gave credible details including a sample of SCHUMER should anyone care to run DNA.

Instantly...the ACCUSER and her lawyer were arrested for EXTORTION. At their bail hearing...the two SCHUMER-extortionists said they were doing the same thing STORMY DANIELS...KAREN McDOUGAL...and...another PLAYBOY playmate had done. Those ladies had threatened candidate Trump with EXPOSURE if he did not pay. Mike Cohen handled the EXTROTIONIST THREATS including payment and never have these EXTORTIONISTS been charged with that CRIME.

When the judge heard such TWO TRACK JUSTICE...he released them...saying to the prosecution that the real criminal was still seated in the U.S. Senate.
From the investigation of the FLINT MICHIGAN WATER POISONING...it was discovered that Gina McCarthy...an OBAMA stooge...directed the Environmental Destruction Agency not to react to the reports of the FLINT WATER POISONING issue since the Democrats were the ones who caused the problem. When GINA was informed children were being hurt with LEAD-IN-WATER...she chuckled and said, "We will simply blame the Republicans and our MASS MEDIA will push the LIE as far as we wish."(WSJ A-3;07-20-18).
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The 60 vote rule in the U.S. Senate must be deleted so that the 20th Century NANNY STATE can be dismantled. The would-be masters with their envious mobs are opposing such liberation using the 60 vote rule. If the Republicans cannot get 60 votes in the U.S. Senate...they are prevented from dismantling oppressive government and ushering in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market. The freedom-hating Democrats...Democrats such as CLAIRE McCASKILL(D. Missouri)..and...Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh)...declared they'd fight to stop the elimination of their beloved NANNY STATE,(WSJ A-2;07-20-18).
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Disloyal helpers are slowly being deleted...leaving a streamlined team dedicated to eliminating the grip of the 20th century NANNY STATE. Instead of congratulating TEAM-TRUMP for ferreting out the "moles and spies"...however...the MASS MEDIA is excoriating President Trump for making it so hard on staff that many can't meet his stringent requirements and have chosen to step down. VIVA TRUMP!
Standing next to his statue...the newest leader of Ethiopia...told the world his team would delete the grip of socialism...and...usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. So dynamic was ABIY AHMED in his description of this new world...it attracted the attention of President Trump who called ABIY and asked if he wished to open unhampered trade with America. As they chatted...Big Don asked, "By the way...what product* could your people make that might be bought by Americans?"
*Ethiopian costume jewelry is known everywhere as the choice of the 10 to 13 year old female crowd. The lizard-tooth locket and necklace set are big sellers in Tibet as well as in such bustling markets as Tehran and Addis Ababa.
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The Republicans want to reduce taxes...delete stifling regulations...and...deliver prosperity to everyone. The Democrats want to create more government this and that...add layer upon layer of crushing red tape...and...return America to "molasses in January" slow...unprofitable...and...forlorn. While the MASS MEDIA is telling the voters they want to be sheep inside a NANNY STATE CAGE environment...the would-be sheep are asking themselves if they might prefer prosperity and liberty instead.
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Mack-mood...the Iranian rug maker...looked at his monthly profit-loss sheet...scratched his head at the huge loss...and...asked his friend BEN GUR-AND if he were also suffering from President Trump's rebuke of the rag heads in Tehran. Revealing similar losses...both of them commiserated over the trouble the mullahs had brought on their country. In times past...PERSIA was respected. Nowadays...they're not called PERSIANS but "rag-head Iranians"...a moniker most of them resent...but...which descriptively frames their plight,(WSJ A-7;07-19-18).
Just because Special Counsel Robert Mueller has indicted 12 hapless Russians and demands their presence in federal court to answer those charges of hacking the computers of the Democratic National Committee...does not mean President Trump must grant access of Mike McFaul...the Obama-era ambassador to Russia. "If Mike is indicted in Russia...he should answer that indictment," quipped Senator Bill Nelson, (D.FL)...pointing out he had heard rumors that McFaul was involved in an assassination plot the penalty for which...if found guilty...is death by hanging.
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Instant conversion of crypto-currency into U.S. dollars is about to occur. In Vero Beach, Florida...CRYPTO-KRYPTON...a clearinghouse will open its door with a backing of $2.9 billion enabling CRYPTO-KRYPTON(C/K) to handle global crypto-currency transactions at the speed of light. The security for C/K was provided by the RUSSIANS...the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE machinery provided by the Chinese...and...the unfettered platform to bring this 21st Century marketplace into being provided by TEAM-TRUMP!
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The hatred of Trump evinced by the MASS MEDIA has not been contagious. Few voters have changed their mind about Big Don. Indeed...the Republicans will defeat the Democrats in the 2018 election cycle such that Trump will have a 51% majority in both houses of Congress. Once President Trump has such a working majority...he will insist on eliminating that idiotic 60 vote rule in the U.S. Senate and finish the job of dismantling the 20th Century NANNY STATE ushering a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market. And it's that likelihood that has drawn MEDIA VENOM.
U.S. Senator Bill Nelson fell behind Governor RICK SCOTT in the Florida U.S. Senate race in the latest poll. Even though the pollsters were Democrat-funded...and...skewed the polling data...nonetheless...SCOTT edged out Nelson. Even the 10 billion Puerto Ricans now residing in Orlando hate BILL NELSON. They sense NELSON is a socialist who will ruin Florida the same way the socialists ruined Puerto Rico. Agreeing with them are most freedom-loving Floridians. Yes...some Floridians want to be sheep...directed and controlled from cradle to grave...but....a majority wish to breathe free and hence will choose RICK SCOTT.
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What is to be done with Islamic State prisoners? When ISIS troops were caught...or...surrendered...they were imprisoned in huge compounds. The number of prisoners could be as high as 20 million...housed in underground bunkers throughout the Sahara Desert...and...guarded by gurkha warriors whose mission to keep watch but if attacked kill all prisoners by pushing the POISON GAS BUTTON. What's to be done with all these nasty critters is a question few wish to answer...since the obvious answer is too horrific to discuss.
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The newest Russian submarine can travel 600 miles per hour beneath the waves using cavitation physics. In the front of the sub as it travels is a bubble of air...no friction...no impediment enabling the entire sub to slip though without resistance. Such weaponry was known to President Trump when he discussed trouble spots with President Putin in Helsinki. Might America have similar platforms?
As fast as they can...producers are departing socialist states. In New Jersey...for example..residents will be FINED if they do not have health insurance. That FINE was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. People are fleeing as fast as they can from such socialist goo. San Francisco passed a BUSINESS TAX to pay for homeless people and to pay for administrators to handle the homeless people...a TAX so onerous that even producers in that socialist miasma are looking for suckers to buy them out so they might flee to Florida...the Sunshine State. VIVA RICK SCOTT!
Although wondering why the coach was wanting them to enter that cave during rainy season...the 12 children of the WILD BOAR soccer club followed along anyway. As they made their way into the cave...outside the rain began to fall. Because the team was deep in the cave they did not see the water coming into the tunnel system.

When the coach realized it was too late to depart the cave...he instructed WILD BOARS to flee to higher ground and that meant fleeing deeper and deeper into the cave...looking for that island. Somehow...they were able to find that spot...and...on to it they climbed...and...as total darkness entered their domain...they began to pray...never knowing night and day...just black pitch dark...no light...only sound...touch...smell...and...taste found.

Nowadays...cave hiking is known to be dangerous* and only in dry season will cave entry be permitted. The ordeal those 13 people went through was harrowing to everyone who cares about children.
*One of the rescuers died because he ran out of air coming out of the cave after delivering supplies.
When Kellyanne Conway was asked about the mal-treatment of ALAN DERSHOWITZ for his intrepid defense of Big Don in Martha's Vineyard...she looked at the venom dripping crowd and said, "In one of the episodes of STAR TREK: THE LIBRARY ... Kirk goes through a portal and ends up in a time in that planet's past where they not only believe in witches but burn them at the stake. Kirk threatens to denounce a "traveler such as he" ...a dude who has used the portal to go to that era to live. Kirk threatens to expose him if that dude won't help him get back into the LIBRARY. At one point...the dude proclaims aloud: THERE ARE WITCHES...THERE ARE WITCHES.  Likewise...might Alan Derschowitz have proclaimed his hatred of Trump outside the mansions of Martha's Vineyard and found acceptance therein?"
While most voters are left ignorant of such things...let it be known the defendants...all 12 Russian defendants...all indicted for hacking the computers of the Democratic National Committee...have the RIGHT TO INSPECT the DNC computers...and...thereby exercise their right to confront their accuser...in this instance...a computer system owned by the DNC.

Of course...the DNC will never permit such inspection...and...hence...the PROSECUTION will end based on due process grounds. And...at that time...all those smug intelligence agencies will have to admit their CONCLUSIONS were based on what they were told by the DNC...if they're ever cornered and required to retract their idiotic conclusions about RUSSIAN MEDDLING.

But...the damage to TEAM-TRUMP by the fearful DEEP STATE led by such miscreants as ROD ROSENSTEIN will have already been inflicted...damage unleashed* to topple TEAM-TRUMP.
*An obligatory mention of the dismissal will appear in some backwater page of most rags...rags that heretofore were crammed with hate-Trump drivel and tripe.
At the meeting in Helsinki...an interpreter was used by President Trump to translate for him so that he might face-to-face converse with President Putin. Nowadays...some fame-seeking Democrats are demanding to interrogate* the interpreter so they might eavesdrop on that executive meeting. Their basis for such demand: TRUMP BETRAYED AMERICA. Their proof? NONE! Yet...the MASS MEDIA is treating their demand as if it were something from God...some edict with the force of temporal power wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings.
*Ah...yes...secrecy molts no feather.
U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, (D. Ca) unleashed a strain of "nasty"...a new "venom"...that was so powerful...PUSSY RIOT bottled it...and...splashed a bunch around a Moscow church. When asked about her power to influence Russian misfits and ghouls...MAXINE...pulled up her skirt...flashed her "v" and said her influence would birth history.

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The seething hatred for President Trump was most evident on CNN...the fake news channel...as was to be expected after President Trump clarified what he meant to say in Helsinki about meddling in the 2016 election pointing out at a news conference today that there "were a lot of people meddling in the 2016 election...including the Russian government, maybe."
Maria Butina...the latest Russian spy to be caught...told a cub reporter she had a list of American traitors...turncoats...so to speak...and...they were all in the Democrat Party.

If she were not granted BAIL...she'd reveal those names...expose the ENTIRE NETWORK...telling American voters...just before the 2018 election...that most of the Democrats running for re-election are part of this overall RUSSIAN DISRUPTION TEAM.

Adding cement to her story...Maria Butina declared, "They were highly paid...and...they were video-taped accepting the money in exchange for their hatred of liberty...and...they'll be exposed by me before VOTERS can be duped."
Anna Chapman and Maria Butina...two Russian soldiers dispatched to infiltrate America...Chapman...then Butina...both red-headed sexually-active ladies...each one sent to perform* specific feats. Chapman: to infiltrate TEAM OBAMA and exploit their hatred of America. Butina: to conduct compromising trysts with Democrats in the back of a pizza parlor in Georgetown...a task she accomplished with aplomb.
*While Anna Chapman was landing in Russia...Sergei Skripal...a Russian traitor...was landing in Oxfordshire at the Brize Norton air base. When Skripal was not any longer of any use to the British Intelligence community...though...they engineered an attack using a NERVE AGENT that was developed in Russia during the cold war; and then had the MASS MEDIA blame Russia. Sergei and his daughter were found in Salisbury seated on a park bench unconscious due to the affect of that horrific nerve agent...a nerve agent administered by BRITISH secret agents...one of whom...according to an eye-witness...used the number: 007...and...liked things shaken...not stirred.
President Trump left his glove in the face of an impertinent knave. When asked about the affair...Kellyanne Conway said,
"Method, let us say.
It is his pleasure to displease. He loves
Hatred. Imagine how it feels to face
The volley of a thousand angry eyes-
The bile of envy and the froth of fear
Spattering little drops...as if gentle rain from heaven to this place beneath."

U.S. Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) was told Florida vets had died waiting for Veteran Administration healthcare. Instead of making noise about it...NELSON kept his mouth shut. He dared not offend OBAMA...his fearless leader. Sure...NELSON knew VETS were dying...but...NELSON kept quiet. BILL NELSON...Vet-killer...Bill Nelson...the maggot who knew Florida vets were dying...dying while waiting for medical care...waiting in line...waiting for BILL NELSON kind of healthcare...and...he wants to be re-elected?
*As Rick Scott asked, "Who but the most base among us would choose such jackal?"
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told the voters she was a dedicated socialist. She pointed out that capitalism was not always around...and...socialism was there long before capitalism...and...such harmony...such Utopia was what people wish to enjoy once more. When asked if she were thinking about the Dark Ages or the times of Rome...she smirked and said, "No...I was thinking about the Soviet Union before capitalism arrived and began to make the place better."
As she was making her way along a manicured path through a mysterious forest od Monhegan Island...Clare Durst dared to stomp out a little 3 foot "fairy house" someone had built.

Whoever built that house had spent years erecting it...probably spending entire summers slowly building that 3 foot high intricate in every detail "fairy" house.

Envious...hateful...dripping with anger and disgust...CLARE DURST unleashed her fury...ripping away at the doors and windows of that 3 foot high "fairy" house...a place where children had played with their imaginations...a place artfully adorned...arrayed with carved aspects only a grand master might undertake.

"How dare someone build such a "fairy" house on an island I inspect and police," shouted DURST daring anyone to arrive and build another "fairy" house.

Revealing her angst and fear...DURST described how dedicated she was to ruining people's dreams. "I'll rip down all such buildings. If fairies wish to spend time on this island...they have to get my permission and the site where they'll stay one that I designate as proper," dripped DURST as she dared stomp down the little fake trees around that 3 foot high "fairy" house,(WSJ A-1;07-18-18).