Tuesday, July 3, 2018

20 mm cannon-rifle?

Using rail-gun and lithium battery technology...a new weapon has appeared on the Middle Eastern battlefield. The information surrounding this new weapon is little to none...except for the remnants of the target. One arms-expert pointed out such a weapon would revolutionize warfare as did the machine gun and the atomic bomb. According to investigators...the projectile strikes and liquefies its target turning an Abrams M-1 battle tank...for instance...into a molten hunk.

President Trump has secretly contracted to field an army of WAR-BOTS(tm) each armed with weaponry similar to what was tested on rag heads in Mosul and Aleppo. Imagine 10,000 WAR-BOTS...similar to big trash cans in appearance...floating around...driving around...walking around...looking for hostile combatants...and...you've just sensed what Big Don has in mind when it comes to WAR.