Thursday, July 5, 2018


While whistle-blower Mike DiSabata said it was common knowledge in the locker room that Doc Strauss was a be be ignored...and...left alone...not anyone else has come forward to corroborate his assessment of general knowledge.

Yet...Di Sabata said he was attacked many times by DOC in that packed locker room...every time he reported the rape...JIMMY JORDAN...assistant Ohio State wrestling coach...would shrug...and...say such contact was normal in the field of wrestling...noting the NAVY RIDE a symbolic aspect of the sport. a locker room of 40(+) wrestlers...if DOC were a known pedophile...he would have been quietly directed to find another locker room. Yes...former students are coming forward with as many stories as possible...some designed to fetch a University settlement similar to what the University of Michigan paid out to those gymnasts whose female parts were violated by their own "DOC"....but...MIKEY'S TALE...told for that 15 minutes of promised-fame...doesn't hold up to critical scrutiny.

When MIKEY was told he could get that kind of FAME...that 15 minutes of grandeur...he looked back and said "YEAH...I'll tell a story that will injure U.S.Rep. James Jones."

So began his story-telling about how he was pals with Rep. Jordan and thought Rep. Jordan would corroborate his story about "common knowledge" Rep. Jordan refused to acknowledge such "common knowledge"...and...admit MIKEY was raped many times by DOC...raped over and over again by DOC. MIKEY was shaking-mad James Jordan was refusing both to acknowledge MIKEY had complained about serial rape and that DOC was a known pedophile permitted to lurk and grab at will.