Thursday, July 5, 2018


When someone walks on your simply ask the intruder to step off. In a city environment...such borders are important. President Trump said we need a fast way to take these border-jumpers...and...bus them back across the border without anything other than "HEY-YOU-WHERE WERE YOU BORN?"

Quickly returning the intruder to the other side of the BORDER will stop the flood of illegal immigrants...most of whom are locusts who have left their own empty-cupboard socialist way of come to America with its "full pantries" and...take in the socialist to enslave the producer...enslaved just as they were...and...unfortunately...still are in the socialist south,(think Venezuela). The beleaguered 2016...observed the flood of illegal immigrants being given Democrat vote cards and social security numbers...and...asked Donald J. Trump to help. VIVA TRUMP!