Wednesday, July 4, 2018


Accused of ignoring sexual attack...U.S.Rep. James Jordan(R.Oh) reacted with anger. How dare anyone make that claim! "Come forward...accuse me to my face."

Of course...a "game-changing" wrestler has seen fit to come forward on TV...during the summer of say not only was he groped by a sexual pervert...but....he also informed assistant Ohio State wrestling coach Jimmy Jordan about the attack only to be told by Jimmy such things are to be expected when men wrestle.

Yes...folks...we're in the 2018 election cycle and the Democrats are once again looking for ways to hurt the Republicans. Rep. Jordan is a freedom-fighter. He wants lower taxes...less regulation...and...a cleansing of the Temple...sweeping away the critters and creeps infesting our blessed halls of government. keep him away from victory...the MASS MEDIA is running the "wrestler's accusation" 24/7 as if it were TRUE...hoping gullible voters in OHIO can be duped into choosing the Democrat.