Tuesday, July 24, 2018


What if the DEPT. OF INTERIOR intentionally permitted revelation of what otherwise was supposed to be redacted (blacked-out)? What if the reaction of the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA were so predictable...a gambit of sorts was unleashed?

 Suddenly...the INTERIOR ASPECT of TEAM TRUMP "accidentally" revealed the entire debate over what to do about the idiotic OBAMA monument-imposition nonsense...nothing redacted...all revealed...and...the MASS MEDIA is dripping with venom...telling the world how despicable TEAM TRUMP for their desire to delete federal monument designation for a host of OBAMA-ERA regions.

Now...comes the proverbial TRUMP-DUMP. What if the INTERIOR REVELATION was smply a trial-balloon so to speak? What if President Trump elects to drop all classification and reveal to America...and...indirectly...to the world the EVIL lurking inside the DEEP STATE...and...the complicit DEMOCRAT PARTY?

HMMMM?  What if?