Wednesday, July 11, 2018


President Trump has compelled the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA to carry coverage on his every move...criticize every utterance...and...defame him every way possible...such that the NATO CONFERENCE will be one of those meetings* that historians will say changed the face of the global war-zone politic. Russia would be foolhardy ever to conduct protracted warfare hence NATO is a silly organization...expensive and unneeded.

As German Chancellor Merkel opined, "The Europeans will never jettison socialism and will eventually be consumed by it such as has Italy and Greece...once proud and sheep-like and squalid. NATO is a luxury the sheep don't need...and...the would-be masters are tired of fighting over whose pays the tab."
*Once the Middle East has been sterilized of rebels...and...Hindu and Muslim finally learn to get along...the ingredients of peace in that part of the world will bubble forth.