Saturday, July 7, 2018


In the Bronx...Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeated dinosaur Joe Crowley in a Democrat primary. Only 20% of registered voters turned out but a majority of those voting were devout socialists and dedicated to replacing liberty with socialist "freedom-to-obey". Cortez...bragging about her incredible victory over the ESTABLISHMENT candidate...told her tumultuous...cheering...crowd that she raised the socialist flag over the Bronx.

The enthusiasm grew greater as she finished that declaration...about a new born of the common good...fashioned from the labor of the producer...guided by the benevolent hand of the would-be master with envious mob...and...dedicated to the unwashed masses of the world.

In the back of that adoring throng...though...some devotees had heard this SPEECH before. It was in Venezuela....Chavez was telling everyone there was a FREE LUNCH waiting for them should they choose his socialist-team. Of course...the Venezuelans were ignorant and for the most part a stupid people and they grabbed at the FREE LUNCH and became enslaved.

 So..what would the socialist flag in the AMERICA look like? Well...the stripes would be there since socialism requires gulags for those who oppose enslavement. The stars would be there since that would be about all one might have left once socialism has taken whatever could be grabbed. And...the BLUE would be symbolic of the loss of heart and zeal...not any longer the SKY...but...the hurt and misery bubbling from America's soul.