Friday, July 6, 2018

termite technology

Kellyanne Conway was asked about how powerful was TEAM-TRUMP when it came to pushing radical Islamists off their perch. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied:

"The African termite has a brain that has been mapped and reconstructed such that artificial intelligence(A/I) mimics its complexity. WAR-BOT(tm) is built on this aspect. So terrifying this newest format for warfare that President Trump is using the mere threat to push the rag heads back.

Let me explain more fully...WAR-BOT(tm) is dropped into an area held by ISIS. When ISIS awakens one morning...sitting all about the area are trash-can looking things...sitting silent...waiting for the initial command: EXTERMINATE.

Once that command is given...WAR-BOT(tm)...all 10,000 of them...organized through A/I...directed through A/I...commence to identify...and...plot eradication. The rag heads are forewarned about what is about to happen.

Instead of attempting to confront what would be a MOMENTARY MOSUL...for example...ISIS chose to flee. Such the fear of WAR-BOT(tm). In MOSUL...a 4-block area was cleared in 24 hours by WAR-BOT(tm)...all combatants were terminated with extreme prejudice having chosen not to surrender when surrender was offered. That obliteration by WAR-BOT(tm) went viral. Viewers watched RAG HEADS disappear into bubbling goo. And ISIS learned to heed the warning."