Wednesday, July 11, 2018


It's obvious President Trump is negotiating "open markets" and has found it necessary to use TRADE BARRIERS as a tool in that negotiation effort. While his goal laudable...this approach cannot achieve the result envisioned since socialists are embedded and cannot be ejected through "American-imposed" trade burdens.

The European would-be masters...for instance...are committed socialists and hate free-trade. They love what Big Don is doing since it will drive their people to support the socialists even more in reaction to such TRADE BURDENS.

At a time when BREXIT and similar ideas are bubbling around Europe...TEAM-TRUMP is asking them to open their markets for American entrepreneurs...and...if not...then...America will raise trade barriers and hurt European producers...many of whom are TRUMP-supporters. Indeed...Ludwig von Mises in Human Action (page 316)...notes trade barriers are foolhardy and in the long run always deliver overall "misery" not "prosperity".