Tuesday, July 10, 2018


How to enslave people and become their perpetual would-be master? Such was the question posed by the inner circle of the Democratic National Committee as Tom Perez and his underlings fashioned their 2018 message. Annie Lowrey...an acolyte of tyranny...piped up and said, "Offer UBI...universal basic income."

TOM PEREZ choked on his cud as did Elizabeth Warren. HUH? They both looked surprised. It was as if a BELL had been rung in their domes. "UBI...YES...UBI!" these two freedom-haters simultaneously said and giggled they had said it at the same time.

Instantly...these two freedom-hating Democrats wanted to know how they would use the idea of Universal Basic Income to ensnare voters. "Just tell everyone...there's a free lunch and wagon ride waiting for them outside the voting booth ready to take them to socialist paradise...CANDY LAND...a place where they never have to work...all their wants provided...all their needs satisfied," whispered Annie noting the FREE LUNCH* makes people sheep...deletes their self-esteem...and...turns them into serfs...willing to lick boot with absurd pomp.
*While Milton Friedman might have thought UBI was good...AYN RAND would never have accepted that idea. It's anti-freedom...to be eschewed not accepted.