Saturday, August 4, 2018


In Portland, the ICE angry mob camped...defecating where they wished...urinating on the ICE doors...and...throwing dung-bags at ICE employees as they darted to their cars to flee. The food cart that had sold burritos to the ICE agents was burned down...its operator slapped and kicked by masked Democrats who sang Bernie Sanders socialist worker songs as they inflicted their damage.

When asked "why" permit such hooligans and destruction of property...Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said he agreed with the mob and joyfully watched as the HAKE family's food cart business was burned down leaving them without a means to pay their $100,000 property taxes... their $200,000 federal incomes taxes...and...the other taxes and duties heaped on them in socialist Oregon.

"I'd rather lose a million HAKE families than to discourage the outpouring of love these protesters have for illegal immigrants," declared ole Teddy Bear...a name given to him by the admiring protesters.