Saturday, August 4, 2018


Recently...outside a Trump rally in Tampa, Florida...masked hoodlums...following the German Brown Shirt template...tried to throw dung-bags at people waiting in line...some there since 10:00 PM the night before...encamped...and...waiting to be FIRST into the auditorium...getting those preferred seats.

When undercover police spotted the would-be attackers...they moved in quickly grabbing their arms and smashing the dung-bags into the thrower's head...a pathetic sight, no doubt.

Miffed that their tactic had been foreseen...the masked hooligans retreated...only to return with slingshots designed to propel dung-bags...another well-known German Brown Shirt tactic. The police were prepared for that aspect...however...and erected a fishing net around the people waiting in line thereby preventing the nasty-barrage from striking intended targets.

Floridians were surprised by such anger and terrible tactic. Why had not these same people rallied outside the Cincinnati IRS office and protested the illegal attack Lois Lerner and her IRS helpers unleashed against freedom-fighters and their organizations? Why had they not attacked Lois Lerner or Andrew McCabe with dung-bag barrages...both of them scoundrels deserving of public condemnation and acrimony? Why deploy such an attack on Floridians who arrived to support freedom-lovers support elimination of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE and its YOKE AND CHOKE agenda?