Thursday, August 9, 2018


Elon Musk...leader of beleaguered TESLA MOTORS...said he was proposing to buy back the stock for $420 per share. His proposal for a $70 billion(+) stock-buy caused TESLA MOTORS stock to climb as speculators grabbed shares so they might get in on that bonanza.

Hateful as ever...the Securities and Exchange Commission...the same bunch of clowns who ignored BERNIE MADOFF and his PONZI SCHEME even though the SEC was shown PROOF OF THEFT...dispatched agents to examine MUSK'S proposal for violation of federal law.

MUSK was not law...according to these mention his desire to buy back TESLA MOTORS stock and take the company private once more. "We'll stomp MUSK. We'll terrify MUSK. We'll harass MUSK. We're the same scumbags who overlooked Madoff...and...we can do as much EVIL as can be imagined...including attacking MUSK for speaking aloud what must have been banging about in his DOME," dripped an SEC official speaking on condition of anonymity.