Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Even His Hair

Early this morning, I'm 'surfin' the web (as people from the 90s used to say) and ran across this ad.

Of course, I knew exactly whose hair that is.  It's an American Icon.  Hair we laugh at.

For how long have we had The Mainstream Media and the buttsore Hillary supporters on the left trying to indoctrinate us into the belief that Donald Trump is an idiot?

Let me show you how smart Donald Trump is:

If you think for even a minute that The Donald Hair is an accident, you'd better think again.  This is marketing, and we have all fallen right into its trap.

Even Donald Trump's hair provokes an emotional reaction  (Shhhh.  A little secret:  that's kinda what we're trying to do in advertising, and The Donald probably knows what he's doing with the hair thing.)

For years (since 2008) we've been telling you on this blog about The Gilded Nanny State Cage from which you must extricate yourself (that means 'to get out of', for you Rush Limbaugh listeners*).  Every time you look at even this President's hair, you ought to look at it with awe and respect.

Respect for the man with the balls enough to take steps to deploy the O.R.B., causing it to burrow through the rock.  The rock of identity politics and socialist indoctrination and infiltration.  He Alone seems to be the only one able and willing to give all Americans of any skin color, political party, and religious creed a means to escape The Cage.

Quit f**king with The Hair, dude.


*Rush, we love you and your listeners.  I just wanted to parody the Rio Linda gag.