Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Timmy Titler...marched along the crowded sidewalk...FAKE NEWS emblazoned on the back of his t-shirt...a t-shirt he had bought at the Newseum...a Washington DC museum dedicated to "free speech and free press".

Instantly...he was attacked. The Trump-hating pedestrians began to jeer...sneer...and...say nasty things as they passed TITLER. Sensing displeasure...the Newseum removed the t-shirt display from which TITLER had acquired his FAKE NEWS t-shirt. The Newseum didn't wish to offend the freedom-haters or their allies in the mass media who use lies as easily as terrorists use bullets and bombs.

 "How dare you accuse the mass media of LYING!" screamed U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D. Mass) when she saw the offending t-shirt...admitting...however...when she was caught LYING about being an American Indian...the MASS MEDIA ignored her criminal act.