Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Gwen Graham spam

Running for Governor of Florida are many politicians with big promises and welfare state packages to stir the passion and avarice of their respective constituencies. Take Gwen Graham...for instance. Her idea is to take from producers and redistribute as she sees fit. Instead of you deciding to spend your money...GWEN GRAHAM will have your money and she'll apply the funds as she sees best. The taxes and red tape envisioned by GRAHAM should horrify* voters...leaving only the truly devout socialists by her side.
*In the special primaries...the Democratic socialist message was rebuked. Yet...RASHIDA TLAIB defeated another quite competitive Democrat who said she'd work with President Trump...a statement she obviously regretted...a statement on which TLAIB relied to demonstrate a difference between them. "I will not stop until America is socialist...people are under the rule of a socialist democracy...a place where resources are pooled...when you're done eating...pass the plate to the next hungry soul kind of life style," chirped Rashida Tlaid...her Pakistani accent lilting and accentuating.