Saturday, August 4, 2018


When Hurricane Harvey struck and breached dikes, dams, ditches and drainage ponds...such calamity was a surprise. Indeed...personnel at a chemical plant were flabbergasted as well by the 6 foot flood wave which struck the generator room and stopped even the emergency generators...thereby permitting organic peroxides to bubble...boil...and...explode.

As one indicted chemical worker noted, "Had my name been Hillary Clinton I would have been commended for my heroic effort to prevent that explosion which killed those 200 million Texans." He was referring to the prosecution in Harris County, Texas wherein the prosecutors claim the personnel didn't do enough to prevent that calamity. "

District Attorney Kim Oggs...trying to get some limelight...said the chemical plant had contributed to climate change and that "help" had caused Hurricane Harvey and the entire team at that chemical plant should be imprisoned for LIFE. "They could have stood at the gate of the chemical plant and told Mother Nature to go elsewhere...but...they did not. They could have performed a "virgin toss"...throwing a young virgin maiden into the whirling maw...but...they did not do such things...and...for that reason...they are GUILTY!" dripped the venomous KIM OGGS.