Friday, August 3, 2018


The Trump administration wants to cut the OBAMA-ERA diktat of 50 miles per gallon to 37 miles per gallon thereby undermining Obama's attempt to stop Mother Nature from warming up the planet.

Yes...that diktat was injected big stomp government into the lives* of everyone since there was not any way to get a car to go 50 miles per gallon with all the other stuff government imposed. Obama wanted to reduce the choices consumers had when it came to picking a vehicle to use. Injecting himself into the auto buy-sell was always one of his ghoulish dreams. Fortunately...President Trump is evicting that nasty-idiocy(WSJ A-1;08-03-18).
*The climate change of Earth is a natural phenomena...and...mankind cannot alter that aspect. However...such a MYTH can be used to impose such nonsense as 50 miles per gallon for cars so that climate change does not happen. The same idiotic rubric was used in Hawaii when virgin-toss was the preferred way to halt Mother Nature's rampage.