Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel told neighbors they'd have to reveal who did the killing over the weekend. There were 11 dead and 70 injured in what might be the 1st gang war since the 1930s. The dead were members of several gangs who met their fate when they didn't duck or dodge as quickly as everyone else. One lad was struck by 38 bullets before he ever hit the ground...while another was obliterated by a BROWNING AUTOMATIC RIFLE...a World War II relic of sorts.

At the hurriedly-held press conference...the mayor was asked if he were going to permit the "neighbors" to live with him since their lives would be forfeit when news leaked out about their helping law enforcement identify the shooters. Of course...RAMH...ever the socialist scumbag that he is...replied, "You will live where I tell you...and...do as I say. Yes...some of you will be butchered...and...others will be tortured and tormented...but...this VIOLENCE has to stop."