Friday, August 3, 2018


On a standing-room-only Pennsylvania rally...President Trump said he'd close government should WALL FUNDING be left out of the spending bill now making its way through Congress. From the anger and acrimony the MASS MEDIA unleashed on TEAM-TRUMP on's obvious President Trump lacks a MASS MEDIA contingent underscoring and praising his effort to eliminate the beloved grip of the NANNY STATE.


Yes...there are many losers suffering from the tariffs President Trump imposed...but...his goal is praiseworthy. Take for example the fate of CINDY BROWN...CEO of Chippewa Bean Company. Since the price of her beans "became" 25% higher...the deliveries to Europe and elsewhere disappeared leaving that particular bean company with 2 billion tons of unsold beans...a stockpile so huge it can be seen from the International Space Station...and...a profitable tourist attraction as people pay $1000.00 to see how not to rely on government,(WSJ A-1;08-03-18).


The effort of President Trump should have been to delete all trade barriers everywhere and permit capital to come and go as efficiency and innovation draw such enterprise. That effort would not have fetched anything notable...though...and...would have ended as fruitless as such efforts in times past.

Simply put...producers in other countries are't been...permitted by their own government to trade with anyone unless that "buy-sell" is sanctioned. Indeed... President Trump saw the socialist grip on Europe and ASIA was too great. Too many sheep...too many parasites...and...their collective bloc vote kept the would-be master in power.

Attacking this bastion of slavery*...Big Don pointed out that free trade would show these sheep a better way...a way to riches...a way to prosperity...a way in which they no longer had to lick boot to receive their bounty...and...that kind of CAGE DOOR OPENING was what Big Don escape from the grip of big grab government. VIVA TRUMP!
*Indeed...TOM STEYER...a socialist-billionaire...demanded Big Don administer the federal government as a technocrat...never deleting the grip of the would-be master.