Friday, August 10, 2018

The ClintonPass: Get Yours Today

Truth is a double-edged sword. The side that cuts me has an opposing side that makes it possible that you'll be sliced, too.
And truth has consequences, which, when imposed by the state, should be applied to every citizen equally. Even to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
Decades of documented (but ignored) corruption during her time as Secretary of State remain overlooked by the government and that "watchdog of democracy", the press. While President Trump was magnanimous in preemptively 'pardoning' Hillary Clinton by not pressing for charges against her, why do people continue to issue the ClintonPass and offer cover?  (And remember the time when Congress got all star-struck when it was time to hold William Jefferson Blythe-Clinton
accountable for his use of the truth, misleading the American people?  Yeah, the ClintonPass.  The "Exception to the Rulers".

Why let anyone free of these consequences?  It becomes a slippery slope once you give the first guy a pass, and then jail another for the same or less (Flynn, Manafort, anyone)?  The People start clamoring for a more precise manner of justice instead of the corrupt sloppiness we have now in the Department of Justice and all plus-or-minus 50 Justice Departments of the States.  
Why are the resources of the government focused with laser-precision on some (so-far disproven and foundationless) hypothesis of collusion.  Why bother the innocent citizen when there are so many others with warrants against them, un-chased and unsought, like Hillary Clinton and her associates; real criminals who can hurt a lot of people at one time are the ones that really need to be chased and persecuted.

Equal Justice for All.

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