Wednesday, August 8, 2018


When asked why Puerto Ricans residing along the I-4 corridor of Orlando are bloc voting for RICK SCOTT and not socialist BILL NELSON...Kellyanne Conway replied, "In Puerto Rico...that socialist paradise...its people cry out for help. Their socialist utility company hasn't been able to restore power to the outback...the producers who could help refuse because the product of their labor taken as one would take the effort of a slave...and...the Puerto Ricans who didn't depart are sheep-like waiting for their freebies and favors...the things Democrats promise every time their votes are needed. Unlike the parasites who stayed behind...the Puerto Ricans now living in Florida understand that BILL NELSON is not their friend but a person who would see them perpetually dependent on the largesse of big grab government...and...RICK SCOTT as someone who wishes to remove the hinder and hassle so that they might reap riches.