Friday, August 10, 2018


GUN-CONTROL had worked so well...not anyone had a gun except the bad guys and the "arrived-too-late" police. The Democrats sat smugly on the train as it whisked through the city...blithely they looked out on buildings...streets...people hurrying...and...they in singular fashion as if it were a sign to do as much they all smiled...and...seemed so quiet and contented.

Suddenly...their peace was broken as if shattered glass. Into the train car stepped a dude with an assault rifle and a backpack filled with grenades and rockets. He sprayed the 1st 5 rows blowing holes in the Democrats before they could brag to the assailant that they were instrumental in giving him this "RISK-FREE" occasion. The survivors of that 1st blast ran for the back door with only a few able to clear the door and reach the other car.

As the horrified survivors hunkered down in the next train car...they screamed, "Does anyone here have a gun?"