Thursday, August 2, 2018

WHY THE "canned" STORY

U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY observed black ops teams fomenting unrest and mayhem along the Mexican border and reported such data to his supervisor. Within 72 hours of that report...U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY was assassinated. The assassin was never caught. The gun used...though...was traced to a government cadre under the direct supervision of the Oval Office. It was OBVIOUS the assassin had carried out her orders...but...felt such remorse that she left a way to trace the "killing" bullet all the way into the Oval Office.

Reacting to the "traced bullet"...OBAMA directed a "canned" story be emitted to cover-up his dastardly deed. Hence...OPERATION FAST AND FURIOUS was said to have been afoot and that it was unfortunate that a GUN that was included in that OPERATION had been used to kill U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY. cover it up even more*...they found someone in Mexico...a degenerate with an I.Q. of take the fall as the "shooter".
*If President Trump wished to reveal the TRUTH behind FAST AND FURIOUS the revelation would eviscerate the FBI and the ATF and the U.S. Injustice Dept. as well as be used to indict Eric the Holder and Obama.