Friday, September 14, 2018
When this BLOG ran a poll and discovered Donald J. Trump would defeat Hillary-the-hag...its results were rejected by every major news outlet. The data and conclusion delivered a result they didn't wish to publish. "Had your poll showed Hillary defeating Trump..we would run the POLL and give you credit. However...because your POLL delivers a RESULT we do not like...we're not going to publish it. Our goal is to present Hillary as GOOD...and...Trump as BAD. And...your POLL does just the opposite," quipped CBS CEO Leslie Moonves in October of 2016.'re being PLAYED...and...PLAYED HARD. The socialists know that if you stop and reflect on what they're saying...and...what they intend...they'd be shunned not accepted. Hence...enslavement isn't revealed...their desire to shackle and apply the lash never mentioned...although what they offer does just that,(WSJ A-4;09-14-18).


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