Talk about getting pushed off the stage...the BOMB PACKAGE story has taken over as the PUBLIC INTEREST room...and...shoved the CARAVAN tale into back sectional news...tidbit columns and off-colored jokes.

Hearing about this obvious LOSS OF INTEREST...the leaders of the caravan told everyone there had to be sacrifices...and...lots would be drawn to see who would be the proverbial sacrificial lambs...those caravan people beaten senseless for CNN cameras. One unlucky member said she would wear her WILLIAM HOLDEN drinking helmet to protect her head* as she awaited the crushing blows from military clubs.
*In the movie each of the 5 men would walk up to the gate...they'd be struck violently by heavy clubs...breaking bone...slicing head and limb. The ladies would scurry to them...drag them to the first aid stations set up to treat such wounds.
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The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness

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